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A Barbershop Job!? #5 (Mad Dad) by Jonathan

Hi, I'm Caleb and I work in the Port Barbershop. I am 16 and shave my head bald. I'm called Cue Ball Caleb. This week at the shop a super mad dad dragged his 14 year old son into the shop for a haircut.

"Ricky get over there!" says Ricky's dad.

"No, no I don't want a haircut!" yells Ricky.

"You've been skipping school and your grades are terrible, that long hair is coming off your head!" yells Ricky's dad.

"No dad please. I'll do better. I don't want a haircut!" begs Ricky.

I can't help but notice this all going on as I sit doing my homework on a quiet Tuesday evening in the barbershop. The kid must be fourteen or so. He is white and has long emo hair. It's a redish brown color. The kid's thin and good looking. He's done some bad deeds at school and this appears to be part of his punishment. His dad is big and forceful looking.

I bet this poor kid is terrified about now.
There's only about three customers in here now and four barbers tonight. Mario my boss is taking the night off. Carlos just finished up a haircut. It looks like the kid will wind up in his chair.

"Come on Ricky go over and sit in that barber chair!" yells Ricky's dad.

"I don't want it too short," says Ricky.

Ricky complies at least a little by sitting in Carlos' barber chair. Carlos has the cape and tissue clipped on this kid. His long emo hair sits nicely on his head for the moment.

"What are we going to do here?" asks Carlos.

"Cut it really short," says Ricky's dad.

"No dad please, I don't want that," begs Ricky.

"You had your chance to improve in school, this and being grounded are your
punishment Ricky," his dad says.

"Did you want it buzzed or just a regular haircut?" asks Carlos.

"What about cutting it like that kid over there?" asks Ricky's dad.

"Oh that is the Cue Ball Caleb special," Carlos said.

"Dad no, no please I don't want a shaved head!" yells Ricky.

"No this will teach you a lesson like nothing else can, too bad Ricky," says his dad.

Now I decided to walk over and show them my cue ball head. I got another chance to see someone else sport my Cue Ball Caleb special! Poor Ricky is really crying and carrying on now. It's going to be fun watching all that pretty emo hair get shaved off. Carlos prepares the hot towels for the head shave. Ricky is crying and his dad stands ready if he attempts an escape.

"Alrighty one Cue Ball Caleb special coming right up," says Carlos.

"No, no, no dad," says Ricky.

It's all in vain as I watch those power Oster 76 clippers shear a huge piece out of Ricky's emo bangs. This reveals his forehead and eyes more. The shearing continues as is bangs are completely removed. Carlos fingers off the redish brown hair onto the shop floor fast. Ricky is still crying and saying no, no! It is so fun to watch this all and I try not to laugh.

Carlos continues to shear off the hair on top off Ricky's head. The scalp is white and pink. You can see the complete forehead of this kid now. Carlos runs the clippers across the right side of Ricky's head. The pretty hair is no match for those strong Oster 76 clippers. In seconds the right ear once completely hidden is now revealed. It's a medium sized semi pointy ear. Ricky has now stopped crying, but is still wimpering. He knows his efforts to fight off his head shave are in vain and too late now.

It isn't long until Carlos moves the clippers to the remaining hair on Ricky's left side now. Zip, buzz, zip, buzz it's gone too. His head is nearly bald and revealed now. He looks harder and tougher. He is still nice looking, but that pretty boy who walked in here is different now. His scalp looks raw and pink. Both medium sized pointy ears are now exposed. There's no emo hair covering them or his eyes any longer!

"Are you fixing to shave him with a razor?" asks Ricky's dad.

"That's what you wanted, right?" asks Carlos.

"Cue ball special sounds perfect for him," dad says.

"Oh, why this?" whimpers Ricky.

Warm white towels are applied to Ricky's shorn head. He sits silent and angry looking for about five minutes. His dad is now reading a newspaper in a chair.
His head is then nicely lathered up with that warm shaving cream. I love the sound of the dispenser as it buzzes and releases the white warm cream. Ricky sits still and sad as Carlos starts to take the first slices it the sharp blade across Ricky's raw head. He wipes some cream on a towel as he shaves. Finally it shaved, shiny and then wiped off. Ricky is uncapped and given a mirror. He angrily glances at his bald head. He quickly walks to the door anxious to leave. I see his shorn head shine in the shop's bright flouresant lights. His dad pays and they walk out into the dark evening. I then walk over and sweep up all his redish brown emo hair.

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