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A Barbershop Job!? #6 (You Shave It Now) by Jonathan

"Mario, will you shave my head?" I ask.

"Hey Caleb you work here too, you can shave your own head," says Mario.

"Oh yeah, really?" I ask.

"Just use these Oster 76 clippers on 00000 setting here like this. Do it in the bath room and feel up the back of your head with your fingers," he says.

"Ok, sure let me look at those things closer Mario," I say.

"They're expensive so don't drop them Caleb!" Mario warns.

"Can I use them right now before the shop opens?" I ask.

"Yeah you need to maintain that Cue Ball Caleb look on your own now," he tells me.

I take the heavy Oster 76 clippers now with the super zero 00000 setting to the barbershop bathroom on this Saturday morning. I guess the barbers are kinda tired of shaving my head for free. I get it and all. They're busy and I can handle this myself. I've watched enough haircuts by now. I bet with a little practice I could be a great barber. Maybe that's my calling!

Eagerly I get the clippers into the bathroom and plug them in. I flick on the switch and that little motor whirrrs on so nicely. Oster clippers have that nice spinning electric motor in them. Other hair clippers like Andis and Whal have the vibrating magnetic motor in them usually. I'm not the least bit nervous. I mean how can I mess up shaving my dome bald?

I decide to run these things up the right temple first. I've got a week and a half of growth on my head. Kkkkkk there goes my sideburn and I realize these things are taking it just about down to the nub!

Next I run them up and around my right ear. I fold it down carefully with my left hand as I shave around it kkkkkkkk the hair is erased around my right ear. These things are so smooth and sharp. They look a bit worn, but that blade really feels sharp on my bare scalp.

Now I run the clippers upwards over and over on the rest of my right side of my head. I can see the head's looking bald compared to the rest of my stubblely skull.
I decide to run them up across what used to be my front hairline. Then I run them sideways across the top of my skull. Kkkkkk I hear as the stubble disappears off my head. This is easy!

Next I take the clippers and position them towards my left sideburn Kkkkkk again the hair comes off. I can feel the little motor heating up slightly and warm air blow out of it. I zip the clippers back and forth around my left ear. Then I run them up and down the left side of my head. Now I turn them off. I look and realize all I've got left is the back!

I'm looking like myself again, bald. I instinctively decide to take the clippers up from the base of my neck and run them straight up the back of my head. Kkkkkk I hear, and I know it's taking off something even though I can't see back there. I decide to run them up the back of my head with my index finger leading in front of the clipper's sharp metal blades. This allows me to feel as I go. The back of the head is tricky, but I've got this now!

I notice there is a little bit of dark stubble in the sink and on the clippers themselves. I run my hand across my freshly shaved head. I've missed a few places. I flick the switch on the clippers and they whirrr back on. I randomly run them over places I feel stubble left. I hear a few more kkkkkkkk sounds, then the next times it's mostly silent. I've got it all! Cue Ball Caleb can now handle shaving his own head! I double check around the front of the ears and notice a few stray hairs near them. One last time I flick the switch on the clippers and carefully cut of the last remaining bit of hair on my head.

I decide to wipe off the clippers with a dry paper towel before I give them back to Mario. It's likely not the last time I'm going to need to borrow these things. I want to keep Mario happy! I run out into the shop with the clippers in my hand.

"Look, I did it, piece of cake!" I say.

"Looks like you shaved it all off Caleb. Come closer and let me see," Mario says.

He takes his hand and rubs my head feeling for leftover stubble.

"Right here Caleb. You missed a spot!" he yells.

"Oh yeah I feel it," I say.

"Get back in there and fix that spot," Mario says.

"Oh alright," I say.

I shave quick over that one little patch and hear one last kkkkkkk. Then I take the clippers to Mario and get ready to make a second pot of coffee before the shop opens.

As I watch haircut after haircut that busy day I can't stop thinking about how nice it felt to shave my own head. Yeah sure I knew I wasn't ready for any shaving cream or a straight blade yet. I did know I could surely handle those Oster 76 clippers no problem. What I wanted more than anything now was to find someone else's head to shave! That had to feel awesome. Transforming someone right there with my own hands. Watching the hair come off and feeling a bare scalp. Seeing someone's ears suddenly become exposed. Who could I find. As soon as work was over I was going to search for my first victim! Maybe down at the beach. Perhaps one of my friends?

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