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A Barbershop Job!? #7 (Poor Charley) by Jonathan

"Caleb, make sure you turn every thing off tonight," Mario the boss said.

"Yeah, no problem I will," I say.

"Can I leave around seven o'clock tonight Mario?" I ask.

"As long as you clean up and finish your work early, fine," he says.

Today was the first day I got to shave my own head. Mario the barber let me use his big Oster clippers. I promised to be careful. I got this crazy, cool idea that I'd find someone's head to shave! It never really crossed my mind before today. I thought I'd hit the beach area in search of a friend or a friend of a friend who wants their head shaved bald.

I bet I could easily talk my friend Richie into another head shave. We had twisted Richie into shaving his head a couple weeks ago. He got the Cue Ball Caleb special! He has these little Mickey Mouse ears that stick out. He almost said no because of those ears. Once we shaved his head everyone thought he looked so cute. I bet he'd do it again. I saw him a couple days ago. He's got almost half an inch of hair on his head now!

I want to leave the barbershop early tonight so I can head to the pier at the beach. I've got to clean the bathroom, barber stations, and mop the linoleum floor before I can leave.

Just before 7 o'clock I'm finally done with all my work! I walk the 5 or 6 blocks to the beach in search of a head to shave. I figured I could talk them into coming into the shop tomorrow and idea do it in the bathroom or storage room. Someone I know must want their head shaved. The longer their hair the better!

I run across a few friends at the pier. Dang, no one's seen Richie anywhere today at the beach. I kinda now where he lives, but I forgot the name of the street. I'd easily be able to talk him into going for another head shave.

I see my friend Will by the pier and head to talk to him. He's got long surfer hair. It's a little curly and blond. Oh, he'd be perfect!

"What's up Will!?" I yell.

"Nothin," he says.

"Look dude I just shaved my head today all by myself. Feel it Will," I say.

Will takes his fingers and quickly zips a few of them across my bald head. It kinda tingles!

"Yeah, it's cool Caleb," Will says.

"If you want I could shave your head Will," I say.

"No, I like my hair Caleb, bald is good for you though, no thanks man," Will says.

"Alrighty, see ya," I say.

This may not be as easy as I thought to find someone to give a haircut to. It would be free and I really only knew one type of haircut, shaved bald! If I ever became a barber I'd have to learn more for sure!

I walk in the foggy evening at the beach. I come to realize it may be a long while until I talk someone into letting me shave their head. I'm hungry and tired and decide to walk home. Just as I head towards the parking lot I spot someone I know.

"Hey, Charley!" I yell.

"What's up Cue Ball Caleb?" Charley asks.

"Nothing, I'm just heading home," I say.

"Oh cool, you busy tomorrow Caleb?" asks Charley.

"Oh, I gotta work at the barbershop tomorrow," I answer.

"Oh, by the way, do you need a haircut Charley?" I ask.

"Yeah actually this mop's getting kinda long," he says.

"Well it's free I know how to cut hair now. Stop by the Port Barbershop anytime tomorrow and I'll fix you up free Charlie," I say.

"Ok, man I will," I say.

I walk off into the night feeling good about the chance of shaving Charley's head tomorrow. He's got this straight thin blond hair. It's kinda in his eyes and just touching the tips of his shoulders. I kinda doubt he'd want to part with it, but you never know!

That next Sunday at work is super busy. The nice thing about my job is I get small breaks all through the day. I keep an eye out for Charley to stop in. I kinda have little hope that he really ment he wants a haircut from me. Then to my shock around 2 o'clock in he walks!

"Hey, what's up Cue Ball Caleb?" asks Charley.

"Not much, just working. I can take a break and give you a haircut if you want," I say.

"Yeah, maybe just a trim Caleb," he says.

"Mario, can I borrow some scissors and clippers quick to cut my friend's hair?" I ask.

"Yeah, get some outta the end station and do it in the storage room Caleb," Mario says.

Oh boy, here is the moment I've been waiting for! I get the barber stuff and head with Charley to the storage room. I really have no idea what's gonna happen to his hair.

"What's those things for?" asks Chaarley.

"Oh these are just to finish up the neck and stuff," I say.

"Oh, ok," he says.

Soon I've got this tall skinny good looking kid in the chair I brought into the storage room. He must be 17 or so. I just kinda know Charley from seeing him around.

I honestly have no idea what I'm doing with these scissors. I decided to snip off about two inches of Charley's bangs first. I quickly snip away at them. It's too much the hair is now to the center of the forehead. Next I take off three or four inches off the back. Snip, snip, snip I cut. Then I cut about half the hair off the ears. The whole thing is not looking right at all. It's just way awful looking!

"Let me see Caleb," he says.

He gets up quickly to look in the mirror.

"What the f#%! Caleb! It's not looking right!" shouts Charley.

"Don't worry I can fix it dude," I say.

He sits back down for more cutting. The more I try to fix it the worse it looks. The sides are off the ears, but the back is too long! After ten more minutes I admit I don't know what I'm doing.

"Sh#% Caleb, just shave it dude," he says.

"Oh yeah now we're talking!" I say to myself.

I ready those big heavy clippers and plug them in. I wanted so bad to shave off all this guy's hair. The cut is a mess. Poor Charley, but oh well. He looks pissed.

I run the clippers across the front first. Charley's thin blond hair shaves off easily. He sits quiet. But angry looking. The tops done. Now around the left side. An ear is revealed. It's small and nicely shaped. Then the back and other side.

"This kinda sucks Caleb, but oh well dude. I didn't want 5be bald!" he says.

He looks fine bald. Now I run the clippers on last time all over his head. It's done. That was so fun!

"See ya Charley, looks good dude no worries," I tell him.

He leaves mad out the back door and I clean up the hair.

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