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Experiment 1284 Part 1.5 Antels by Bob

Note: This story is meant to reflect what happened in "Experiment 1284". You don't need to have read that, but it would clear up the end. You also don't need to read this to understand the next part.

Deep in the forest, in my little village, an ancient myth is whispered about among the people. Long ago, strange creatures called Antels used to roam the woods, turning all men who confronted it into one of them. They had all the feautures of men, yet they had the short tail and long antlers of a deer. They have short, shiny hair and wear the clothes of the ancient humans called "suits". The myth states that the Antels were once a group of "soldiers" (whatever that means) who got lost in this forest. A magic being found them and turned them into vampiric creatures of the forest by placing some kind of poison or something in a product they used daily.

Most of us don't believe that story. Whenever people left the forest, we have always assumed they made it out alright, and our long-haired people remained blissful and ignorant. Most people don't like to leave the village because although there are other settlements outside, no one knows how far or where. Additionally, one never knows when he or she might run into an ancient human village, which sounds interesting, but it's best not to disturb those cities that have been there for almost a thousand years. Everything about the advanced ancient humans has been forgotten, but we have found remnants of the Great Demise, so it did, in fact happen. However, I'm rambling about worlds far gone.

I lived in Proud Oak Village, named after the tall oak tree in the center of our town. Just like everyone in the village, my hair touched my shoulders. I had brown hair, and pale eyes. I only knew that through looking in the clear lake that acts as a moat around the Proud Oak tree. Every year, the village sent out one of the male townsfolk, chosen at random, into the wild to appease the deities. By chance or by the deities, women were being born less frequently, so we could only send out men. This year, I was chosen. Although I was only 14, it was quite an honor to be chosen. They threw me a feast, and I got to eat meat. Actual meat is hard to come by in my village. Our diet comprised of fruits and nuts. I heard once that they used to tame wild animals called "chickens" that could give them an infinite food called "eggs". I loved legends, but just like the Antels, these chickens were probably just mythical creatures meant to spread wonder, fear, or entertaining stories.

I was equipped with a sword that had been in the making for a year. It was made of iron, the rarest and hardest metal one could find. They sent me far in the woods never to come back. I had learned how to make a fire, so I did so. This wouldn't be so hard. I leaned back and fell asleep. I was dreaming of chickens when I was woken up by a raccoon (one of the few animals that lived in the forest) eating my food supply. I. It was pitch black. I unsheathed my sword and grabbed a piece of bark to defend myself with. What an amazing concept! I can't believe no one had thought of using something to shield oneself. I knew just what to call it, A DEFENDER! I slashed the raccoon with my shield I took my defender and sword and ran away.

I set up camp in a different area this time and decided to sleep during the day. I spent the night carving my defender into the right shape and reinforcing it with things that would act as protection. I heard rustling from two places at once but thought nothing of it. It must have been the wind. My plan to sleep during the day was interrupted when I was grabbed by strong hands. I gasped for air but couldn't get any. I passed out.

I woke up bound to a chair by some unknown material that twisted with a flickering yellow flame in a peculiar bulb shaped container. This looked like ancient human technology. I'd never actually seen it work.
I said, "What is this some kind of witchcraft? COME OUT FOUL BEAST AND FACE ME WITH HONOR!"
The voice of a boy no older than 16 voice replied, "That won't be necessary. Just sit tight."
He came into the light. His short antlers began just above his ears. Around the sides and backs of his head only had a shadow of hair. His blonde hair was no longer than my shortest finger. It glistened in the light and came up in spikes all around the top of his head. He wore just what a "suit" was described to look like.
"Y-you're an Antel. Please let me go, I beg of you. I will do anything."
"There is nothing you can do, boy. You will be my first."

He got out ancient human materials. One was a smooth, shiny, silver, and curvy contraption that looked similar to iron. It had a string going to the wall. He was about to turn me into a monster and there was nothing I could do. I wanted to scream but there was no voice. Tears rolled down my cheeks. He activates them perhaps with a spell and touches them to my head. It had begun and could not be stopped. He moved it around the sides and back of my head. As he moved around, I noticed his tail bouncing in excitement. It would have been kind of funny if I was not undergoing an evil, magic ritual that would transform me into another being. He used his hands to rub some type of cream at the parts of my hair that was just cut. He then used a sharp blade, perhaps a miniature sword, to get the sides and back of my head smooth. He finally used a tool that I recognized after that: scissors. However, these particular scissors looked like ancient human technology. He used them to cut the top of my head to a short level.

The Antel said, "This next thing is the final part of your crew cut. Prepare to become an Antel, and enjoy your crewcut." I didn't even know what a crew cut was.

I was petrified in fear as he took a container made of a shiny material with some type of clear gel in it. He scooped out a glob of it and dipped it in one of his short antlers. It turned purple and excreted an ominous mist. He rubbed it in his hands and brought it to my head. In that instant, I felt the desire to transform people in my heart. I felt little nubs coming out of my skull and a tail formed. He handed me some type of reflecting device. I had shiny hair formed into spikes.

"Wh-what did you do to me, foul beast?" I said astonished at my transformation.
"I gave you a crewcut and turned you into an Antel. You are quite a handsome one too. When your antlers grow out, you will become one of the most majestic Antels in the city"
"What's a 'crewcut' and a 'city'?"
His face turned into something different. It became chiseled and his hairline shifted. His hair turned dark and flat. His antlers disappeared. "You have a lot to learn, young Antel, but first, welcome to Williams Reforming Academy."

I woke up in a cold sweat. It's funny what the mind can come up with. Antels?? I had to tell Drew about this crazy dream.
"Drew, wake up. DREW!"
"Michael! It's three in the morning! What do you want?" a tired Drew asked.
"I don't remember..."
"I'm going to forget this ever happened, alright Michael?"

I wonder what I needed to tell Drew. Whatever. If it had been important, I would have remembered. I felt my short hairand remembered everything that had happened. I was in Williams Reforming Academy and Institute on Taurus Island. The next day would be my first day of classes.

Author's Note: The story of Antels was, in fact, Michael's dream. However, that doesn't mean there won't be another Antel story later on. This kind of replaces "The Vampire". This was really what I was trying to accomplish in that story. I'm sorry if you don't like the way the story ended.

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