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A Barbershop Job!? #9 (More Baldies!) by Jonathan

I was at the beach by the pier and I saw David on a skateboard. The first thing I realized was his long hair is now completely gone! I'd shaved his head three days ago and hadn't seen him since. His tall filled out body effortlessly gliding along on his skateboard. His bald head shinny in the sun. He looked good. This guy was ment to be bald!

"Hey bro what's up?" asks David.

"I don't know not much just chillin," I say.

"Whoa man I am so happy you shaved my head bro I have to admit bald is better. I just go for a swim in the sea and I'm clean. No hair hassles!" David tells me.

"See dude, I told you that it's awesome," I say.

"You can shave it again soon. And I got two more friends I think want you to shave their heads. I'll come by the barbershop with them soon," David says.

"Yeah, that'd be cool, bring them by anytime!" I say.

"Remember bro what I told you. All have sinned. The wages of sin is death. Christ died for our sins. The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ," David says.

"Yes David I remember when you told me last week, I won't forget," I say.

"I see ya bro," David says.

David rides off on his skateboard. Then I noticed Richie and Charley on the pier. Both of them have shaved heads now. There's more and more bald headed kids at the beach. I remembered what David had said about two more guys he was going to bring by to get their heads shaved. I kinda feel a little responsible for this new trend. It's weird since I shaved my head and started working at the Port Barbershop kids around here wanna get shaved too! Cue Ball Caleb is a hit.

It was a hot summer morning and I'd taken the whole day off. I decided to go for a swimm. The water felt good and warm. They're saying a bunch of stuff about sharks having been in the water last week. I look around a bit more now. There's a couple of surfers I know in the water.

"Hey what's up Caleb. You're never growing your hair out again are you?" asks Randy.

"No man, I like it bald," I say.

"Can you shave my head? Charley says you shaved his head," asks Randy.

"Yeah, sure if you want me to shave it," I say.

"How about later today. This mop is getting really long. Look, it's to my mouth," Randy says.

"Sure meet me at the pier around 5 o'clock and we can head to the shop. I took today off, but I'll shave it in the back room," I say.

"I'm heading home for a bit, I'll see you this evening unless I chicken out on shaving my head.Just kidding, no I won't," says Randy.

Randy leaves the water. Now here's another baldy in the making I think! Randy has a mop of super thick wavy dark brown hair. It was once a bowl cut real long on top. Now the bangs are down to his mouth and the sides over the ears. The back is not so long. I wonder if Randy will really shave his head?

I swim a while longer and head home for some lunch. My parents are both at work and it's nice to be alone for a change. I've got about another month of summer left. I'm heading to eleventh grade next year. I want to start to take some barber classes too. I don't know where I'd be able to get those classes at my age? I decided I'm definitely gonna be a barber!

It's late afternoon and I take a nap. The warm summer sun still feels like it is on my back. I drift off into a dream. I wake around 4 o'clock and head to the pier. I'm not really certain Randy will want his head shaved. If he doesn't no big deal.

I walk the 10 minute walk to the beach from my house. It's early and I see no sign of Randy. I hang out and watch the people.

"Hey Caleb what's up?" asks Ricardo.

"Notta mucho," I say.

"Let me rub your cue ball, ok?" asks Ricardo.

Ricardo takes his right hand and rubs up the back of my bald head that now has a hint of stubble on it. He does it a couple more times. I feel his thumb flip down my right ear as he rubs my head. I'm not so sure it was an accident. I seem to notice people like to touch my ears when they rub my head. I then notice Randy coming!

"Caleb, Caleb I am ready for the barbershop!" yells Randy.

"What are you talking about man?" asks Ricardo.

"I'm shaving Randy's head," I say.

"No, another baldy around here. I can't believe it!" Ricardo says.

"You are really shaving your head like Caleb's?" Ricardo asks.

"Yep, I'm going for the bald head thing now too," Randy says.

"See ya guys later," says Ricardo.

"You're next, Ricardo," I say.

Randy and I walk the four blocks of semi sandy sidewalk to the Port Barbershop. I guess he's going through with shaving his head. He probably wouldn't have shown up at the pier and met me. This guy is a 100% willing victim. I hadn't even mentioned shaving his head. He brought it up and asked me first. He was fair game!

I didn't really want to go to work today. I needed some space from the barbers and all. However a chance to shave Randy's head couldn't be turned down! I took Randy in through the back door. I had tucked away an old beat set of Oster clippers and some scissors there.

"Ok go in there dude and take your shirt off," I said.

"Ok, no problem," Randy replies.

"Shhh...I took today off and I don't want to get noticed if possible," I say.

I closed the door to the storage room and have Randy sit on an old ripped black vinyl waiting chair. His hair is still wet from him surfing just minutes before I met him.
I decided to cut the bulk of the hair off with the scissors since it's wet. Shaving clippers through wet hair isn't always so easy!

I take an old comb I found and run it through his wet hair. I think to ask him once more if he's sure he wants me to shave his head. Then I stopped myself. That's a crazy question to ask him now since he came so willingly. This guy was the quickest easiest one yet!

"Whoa dude, I can't believe I'm going to do this!" exclaims Randy.

"Shh... remember I don't want them to know we're here," I whisper.

"Oh yeah," whispers Randy.

I start to take the scissors to that luscious thick head of hair. It's so wavy and thick. It's the thickest hair I've ever seen. I know in minutes it'll be gone!

I hack away at the massive front bangs first. I am shocked at how much hair I snip off. It takes effort to cut it because of the thickness. Snip, snip, snip then plop, plop, plop go wet hunks of Randy's wet hair to the floor.

I move the rusty pair of old scissors around to the side of Randy's head next. I cut the hair off his left ear. It revealed a nice small ear. Then I snip away randomly at the top of his head. I go the the right side next. I use Mt fingers on my left hand to cut it all down finger length. I know precise cutting doesn't really matter since the clippers will soon take everything off on his head.

I snip, snip, snip away at that massive hair he has. I'm shocked at how long it took to even start making a dent. He sits silent and eager to get shorn. I start to realize the pretty boy hair is nearly gone off my friend's head now. It's basically a finger length all around the head now!

I ready the old Oster clippers that the barbers stuck away due to age and wear. I hope they still cut ok. I oiled them and briefly tested them out. Randy sits poised and ready for them.

I flick on the clippers and they clack to life. I notice a small twitching in Randy's body as he realizes they're ready for him. I dig the old metal blades of the Osters in at his hairline first. I run them across the top of his head. Sure enough the old things still cut fine. I run them on top and next to the left side of the head. At this point Randy is basically half bald. It's gonna look fine. He's slowly being transformed from a pretty boy to a harder stronger looking kid. I think Randy is 17 now.

I run the beat old clippers up the back of the head. I notice a few slight scars on this guy's head as his bald scalp is revealed. I say nothing and continue shaving his head. I finish and then feel it for any spots I missed. I decide to run the clippers off his head once more. I do see about four slightly noticeable scars, maybe old surfboard accident? He still looks good though. I soon finish and we walk out of the shop unnoticed. He rubs his head over and over as we walk back to the beach. I think he likes it!

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