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Flattop in England by Bald K

William had a fascination about really short haircuts since he turned thirteen. William longed to go to a traditional barber and ask for a super short haircut but always backed down and went to the same stylist as his mates and got the top trimmed which when brushed forward was down to his nosewith the back and sides undercut to half an inch.

Just before William hit his sixteenth birthday his father came in from work and informed him that the company he worked for had secured a contract but they would have to move to another town and that they would be moving the week after he finished the summer term. William was a bit disappointed that he was being forced to move but he could start a new life with perhaps the haircut that he had longed for and had watched being done to different people on YouTube and started to fantasize about sitting in a proper barber’s chair getting his haircut really short how he wanted it.

William said his goodbyes to his school mates and climbed in the passenger seat of the car and waved as his dad pulled onto the road.
"I am sure you will make new friends quickly enough Will." Roger said as he pulled onto the dual carriageway. "And I did offer the chance of staying with your grandparents."
"I know dad but in a way a new start could be just what I need with a new college." William replied. "And you know me and granddad do not really hit it off."
"That’s the way to look at it, a new start in your life." Roger said grinning.
"I may even try a new haircut if that’s ok with you." Will told his dad.
"That is entirely up to you Will." Roger told William.
"Yeah I know but the next few weeks are supposed to be really hot and I am fed up with gelling it all the time." William replied as he ran his hand through his hair.

"Looks a nice apartment that they have rented us Will." Roger said as he pulled into his parking place.
"Handy that it is already furnished as well and that you can rent out our place for the time we are here." Will replied as he got out of the car.
"Mr Southland nice to meet you." A young man said as he walked over to the car. "I am Paul from the letting agency.
"Nice to meet you." Roger said as he shook Paul’s hand.
"Let me show you round your apartment." Paul said as he led them to a door. "This is the key to the main door and you are apartment 15 on the second floor."
Paul led Roger and William up to the second floor and unlocked the door before showing them round the apartment and leaving.
William got his bags from the car and set up his games console in his bedroom before going into the lounge and flopping on a sofa and putting the TV on.
"Hey dad we got the sport channels!" William shouted to his dad.
"Great news Will, do you fancy trying the pub for some food tonight then do a shop in the morning?" Roger inquired.
"Sounds good to me let me put my shoes on." William replied.
William and Roger walked round to the pub they saw opposite a small parade of shops and walked in and ordered some drinks before sitting at a table by the window.
"Decent pub for you dad as they have five real ales on." William said as he sipped his coke.
"Yeah and a decent menu for food Will." Roger replied.
William grinned as he looked over at the small parade of shops and saw a sign in a window saying Al’s traditional barber shop and thought it may be worthy of a visit in the week.

Will woke the next morning and showered. Will dried himself and combed his hair down past his nose. "S**t I need this haircut off." Will thought to himself as he gelled it and combed it back over his head. Will walked into the kitchen where he saw his dad with a mug of coffee.
"Will could you go to the shops and get some bacon and other stuff for breakfast please." Roger said.
"Yeah sure dad are we going full on fry up?" Will replied.
"Why not?" Roger said as he handed Will a twenty pound note.
Will put his shoes on and made his way to the shops and stopped when he got outside the barbers shop and looked in to see two old style barbers chairs and a few waiting chairs inside. "Tomorrow morning I am going to visit this place and get a decent haircut." Will thought to himself as he made his way to the supermarket for the food. Will put the food in the basket and went to the checkout where he saw a young guy with short spiked hair.
"HI not seen you here before." The young guy said to Will as he started to scan the items.
"Moved into Mortimer Court Apartments yesterday mate." Will replied as he put the food in the bag.
"Ah I see man." The young guy said as he took the money off Will and gave him the change. "See you about."
"Yeah mate catch you soon." Will replied as he picked up the bag and walked out of the supermarket and looked in the barbers shop again. "S**t that haircut looked real cool on that guy." Will thought to himself as he made his way home.
"Dad can I keep the change so I can get a haircut in the morning please?" Will inquired as he walked into the kitchen.
"You get a haircut?" Roger replied with a shocked look on his face.
"Yeah dad I said yesterday I was thinking of a change." Will reminded him.
"Sure you can keep the change then." Roger said as he put the sausages in a frying pan.

Will woke as he heard his dad leave for work the next morning and showered. Will dried his hair and looked in the mirror and thought that would be the last time he would be drying so much hair. Making his way to the kitchen Will made himself some breakfast before catching up with the sports news on the TV. Finishing his breakfast Will looked at his watch and saw the time was just after nine. "May as well get the mop chopped off." Will thought to himself as he put his shoes on and made his way to the barbers shop. Will paused as he got to the barbers shop and saw the young guy from the supermarket just getting caped up by the barber. Will pushed open the door and walked in.
"Take a seat young man while I just do Cody’s haircut." The barber said in an American accent.
"Hey man you come to lose the mop?" Cody said as he turned to look at Will.
"Yeah I have mate." Will replied as the barber picked up a pair of clippers.
"High and tight flat with the strip then son?" The barber said to Cody.
"Yeah please dad." Cody replied.
"Coming right up." Cody’s dad said as he ran the clippers up the back of Cody’s head leaving a strip of light brown stubble.
Will watched in awe as the barber made light work of clipping the hair off the back and sides of Cody’s head before placing the clippers down and working some wax into the hair that was left on the top before reducing it down to a quarter of an inch before creating the landing strip.
"This is one hell of a haircut." Will thought to himself as the barber covered the back and sides of Cody’s head before putting some more on the landing strip and carefully shaving the back and sides smooth before shaving the landing strip.
"There you go Cody." The barber said as he removed the cape and showed Cody the back in the mirror.
"Bloody awesome! Thanks dad." Cody said as he stood up rubbing the smooth skin on the back of his head.
"Ok son you are next." The barber said looking at Will.
"Nice haircut mate." Will said as he made his way to the chair.
"Go for it yourself dude have a feel of the skin." Cody grinned.
"Wow it feels weird mate." Will replied as he felt the back of Cody’s head.
"So what will it be son?" The barber asked Will as Will sat down in the chair.
Will paused as he looked in the mirror at his long brushed back hair and feeling the urge to go for it.
"Go on mate you know you want to lose the mop." Cody told Will.
"Well son?" The barber asked Will as he caped him up. "You going for the same as my son and lose this mop?"
"Yeah man we can both have flattops dude you know you want it." Cody told Will.
Will looked in the mirror and looked at Cody’s haircut and felt his stomach knot up knowing he wanted to lose the hair. "Go for it I will have the same as Cody." Will replied as he looked in the mirror.
"Yay another flattie!" Cody shouted as he sat down in a waiting chair.
Will looked in the mirror as the barber picked up the clippers and placed the grade four attachment comb on it and flicked the switch.
"Let’s get rid of most of this long hair first then son." The barber said as he placed the clippers at the base of Will’s neck and pushed them through his long black hair. Will watched as the first clump of hair fell into the cape. The barber worked his way round the back and sides before combing Will’s long fringe over his eyes and raised it with the comb before running the clippers over the top of Will’s head leaving his hair a uniform half inch all over.
"Ready to go like Cody or you changed your mind?" The barber asked Will.
Will looked at his now buzzed hair in the mirror and paused. "Go for it I want it just like Cody." Will told the barber.
The barber picked up the clippers and removed the guard and pushed Will’s head down. "S**t that is a lot of hair in that cape." Will thought to himself as he felt the cold steel blades start running up the back of his head depositing more of his hair into the cape. The barber continued with the clippers removing the hair from the back and sides before switching them off and placing them down. The barber then rubbed butch wax into the remaining hair on top of Will’s head before picking up the hairdryer and a brush and working it so it stood upright.
"I look like a hedgehog." Will laughed as the barber picked up the clippers and the flat comb.
Will watched as the barber reduced the hair on top of his head down to a quarter of an inch before creating an inch wide landing strip down the centre.
"Wow this feels weird." Will thought to himself as the barber spread the shaving cream on the back and sides of Will’s head before rubbing some on the landing strip. The barber placed a new blade in the razor and started to carefully shave the back and sides of Will’s head before removing the strip of hair on top to create the landing strip.
"Like it then son?" The barber asked Will as he showed Will the back of his freshly shaved head in the mirror.
"It is awesome sir!" Will exclaimed as the barber removed the cape depositing Will’s long black hair onto the floor.
Will stood up and rubbed the back of his shaved head and grinned at Cody.
"Thanks for getting me to lose the mop mate." Will said to Cody.
"You look great man." Cody told Will. "You keeping it?"
"Yeah I reckon I will if you will." Will replied smiling.
Will paid for his haircut and a jar of the butch wax before leaving with Cody.
"SO how old are you mate?" Will asked Cody.
"Sixteen, how about you?" Cody replied.
"Same age mate fancy hanging out if you are not working?" Will inquired.
"Sounds good to me mate." Cody replied. "I could show you round town if you like."

"What the?" Roger said as he walked in from work and saw Will with his new haircut.
"Hey dad like the new look?" Will inquired.
"Well it is certainly different to that mop you had." Roger laughed.
"Yeah dad meet Cody his dad runs the barbers up the road and he was about to get his done as I walked in." Will said as Cody walked in.
"Nice to meet you Cody." Roger said.
"You to sir." Cody replied. "You like the haircut on Will?"
"Yeah I guess I do." Roger replied.
"That’s good as I am getting it done again in six weeks and I have an interview to work at the supermarket tomorrow." Will told his dad.
"Earn your own money for a change." Roger laughed.
"Thanks for persuading me to get this haircut mate." Will said to Cody as Cody put his shoes on.
"You did not need much persuading." Cody grinned as he walked down the path. "See you tomorrow mate."

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