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Matthew's Unwanted Haircut part 2 by Jonathan

Matthew walked along the sidewalk looking into the store windows at his reflection. He cringed each time he caught a glimpse of his hairless head. The four bullies that had taunted him about his hair had finally gotten him alone and cut his once beautiful black hair off. He'd been ambushed by the river at the flood control.

Matthew kept rubbing the uneven stubble on his head to assess the damage. He knew by the patches how bad it was. He'd gotten a few strange looks from passers-by. The scalp was even exposed in some places. He could see his ears sticking out also as he looked into the store front windows. Why hadn't he worn his hoody on this day of all days?

His plan was to sneak in his house without being seen. He decided to get his older brother's clippers out of the bathroom drawer and finish off what the bullies had started. If his sisters and mom didn't see him until he got into the bathroom he'd be fine. He'd just tell them it was getting hot and he decided to shave his head on his own. If they saw the awful hack job he'd have to give them some kind of a story. Matthew knew his dad would be ferocious that he didn't stand up to the bullies!

He thought about stopping at a barbershop on the way home. That idea was scrapped when he realized he only had 72 cents in his backpack. That would have been the perfect solution. He hated those four kids. It had crossed his mind that it could have been worse. They hadn't beat him up or taken his backpack or skateboard.

Once Matthew had walked past the stores on his way home he rode his skateboard the rest of the way. He wanted this whole nightmare finished. Shave my head and it'd done he thought. Those four bullies couldn't possibly bother him now. After all it's what they wanted. He'd show up tomorrow to school bald.

Matthew approached his street and got off his skateboard. He wanted to quietly sneak into his house. He approached his family's small one bedroom house and went to the side planning to crawl in the window. As he reached to open the window his heart was beating. It was unlocked! He lifted it up slowly and hopped into the bedroom he shared with his older brother.

Once inside the house he listened carefully to hear what was going on. His mom and two younger sisters were in the kitchen doing something. Matthew knew this was perfect. All he had to do was slip into the bathroom and shave his head.

He opened the bedroom door and then snuck quietly into the bathroom. Very carefully he opened the bathroom drawer and snuck his brother's clippers out. He looked into the mirror and was shocked. He looked like he had some horrible illness. The hair was in weird patches and badly hacked!

Next he sat up on the bathroom counter and plugged in the clippers. He flipped on the small red switch then claacckk buzzz. It was too loud. His mom and his sisters would hear it. He decided to turn on the sink and try to drown out the clipper noise. He'd have to chance it. The worst thing would be they'd catch him in the act of shaving his head. They'd never find out about the bullies now!

Claacckk buzzz went the clippers when he flicked on the little red switch again. His heart was pounding in his chest and his palms were sweaty. Matthew had never had his head shaved like this before. He ran the battered old set of home clippers across the sideburn on the right side of his head. There was now a very bald spot right in front of his ear. He felt it with his had, just slight stubble remained there. Then he continued around his right ear holding it down as he cut around it. Matthew's heart was beating fast.

He then started to shave off the hair on the top of his head. Little bits of hair fell onto the counter. He turned off the clippers to listen if anyone was coming. No one, they were still amazingly in the kitchen. He continued to shave his head with the clippers. He wanted this over now. He felt with his hands as he ran the clippers bare metal blades up the back of his head. He felt it over and over to remove any leftover patches of hair. Finally he was done.

Matthew turned on the shower and let the water run over his bald head. It felt so weird and foreign to have no hair. He took globs of shampoo and got any traces of hair left off. He rubbed both exposed ears clean inside and out. He knew people would see them now.

His shower was now done. He had to show the changed look to his mom and sisters. He knew his mom loved his beautiful hair. She let his older brother shave his head sometimes so she couldn't get that made, could she?

He dressed and walked into the kitchen bald. His mom screamed and his sisters giggled.

"Oh mi hijo su pelo!" said his mom.

"It got hot mama, I wanted it shaved," Matthew said.

"Why, why Matthew?" she asked.

"Oh mama," he said.

That night when his dad and brother saw it they were shocked too. He'd gotten used to it a little. He couldn't stop rubbing it. A few times he almost forgot it was gone. His family had finally left him alone about the shaved head by morning. At least none of them knew what really happened to his hair!

The next day at school was hard. Kids rubbed Matthew's head and said it looked like a little brown ball. The bullies laughed, rubbed it a couple times then told Matthew he looked better and to keep it shaved now. By the end of the day Matthew felt relief and was glad the entire nightmare seemed over!

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