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Matthew's Unwanted Haircut part 3 by Jonathan

It had been three days since the bullies had hacked off Matthew's black emo type hair by the river. Matthew had never been so humiliated or bullied in his entire life! Now three days later he was no longer picked on by the bullies. His head now had a 1/8 inch of stubble grown on it.

"Hey Ricardo, you need a haircut. You should shave it like mine," said Matthew.

"No, that's ok I don't think so," said Ricardo.

"Oh come on don't be a wimp. I'm shaving my head again next week Ricardo. Let's shave yours too," said Matthew.

"Well maybe next week," said Ricardo.

"Yeah then next week for sure, deal let's shake on it," said Matthew.

"Ok, deal," said Ricardo.

Ricardo shook Matthew's hand just to get him off his back about shaving his head. His hair was very thick and wavy on top. The fringe came to his chin if he pulled it down. The ears where covered just at the tips. If he styled it with some product as he often did he looked like a rockabilly. Ricardo loved his hair and had no desire to part with it. He figured Matthew wanted him to be bald like he now was forced to be.

Matthew didn't really care for his bald head, but had grown used to it. It was easy maintenance and the bullies left him alone!
He feared letting it get to long for a number of reasons. First, the bullies might start in after him again. Second, he didn't want to get to used to having hair and then have to shave it all off again. Finally, he could just cut his hair for free with his brother's clippers.

Matthew had adjusted to being bald. He had a tanned brown had with a nice shape. His ears stuck out just slighty, no big deal. Girls liked to rub it and he was cute they said. Besides only Ricardo and the bullies were pretty much the only ones who knew why he shaved his head in the first place.

That next week came real fast! Soon Matthew was pestering Ricardo about the deal. Matthew had planned to shave his own head after school on this hot Monday afternoon. Even in the morning before school it felt hot.

"Ricardo, after school today at my house, remember the little deal we made," Matthew said.

"How about later this week?" asked Ricardo.

"Come on don't back out now a deal's a deal man," Matthew said.

"Well ok I guess," replied Ricardo.

It was hot and Ricardo did need some type of a haircut. The fringe was always getting into his eyes. He had always had a secret curiosity about shaving his head. He never had the guts to go through with it though. If his best friend had done it, so could he. His parents might be angry, but he'd done worse than this. He also remembered that he'd shook on the deal with Matthew last week.

That afternoon Ricardo and Matthew walked home together to Matthew's house. Matthew's mom was in the kitchen when the arrived. They made some quick small talk with her then headed for the bathroom. Ricardo saw the hair clippers as Matthew pulled them out of the drawer. He knew it was too late to back out now. Matthew was about to shave him bald. This moment came much faster than Ricardo had realized.

Ricardo pulled off his shirt. He starred one last time at his amazing dark brown head of hair in the mirror. Was he crazy to do this? He already regretted it and the clippers hadn't even been plugged in yet.
Before he knew it Matthew had plugged them into the wall outlet next to the mirror. Anxiety filled every bone in his body!

Ricardo stood close to the bathroom counter with just a second or two before those clippers took off that first slice of his rockabilly hair. Claacckk on they came. Matthew grabbed those massive bangs and lifted them off his face. Here it came. Zzzitt, the first big piece of hair was now cut. Ricardo's heart skipped two beats! It was too late to say no. He gave in and stood there ready to get fully shorn.

Wavy dark brown hair was falling all over the bathroom floor and counter. Ricardo could see his hair rapidly fall around him. He felt the tingling of the clippers as his best friend ran them over and over across his head. He starred in the mirror as his new bald look was emerging. He could see one side of his head looked the same. The other nearly bald, only slight stubble remained. He'd never seen himself without hair. Somehow he thought he looked like a rat now. The shaving continued. Matthew had he hand on top of Ricardo's bald head. He tilted it from side to side. There was just a bit of hair left on the left side now.

Matthew ran the clippers around Ricardo's left ear while holding it down. Zzzitt the last long chunk of hair fell. The transformation was completed. Ricardo was surprised as he starred into the mirror he still thought he looked like a bald rat. Matthew rubbed his head carefully. He then started the clippers up again and fixed any spots he'd missed. Ricardo was curious now what people would think. Had he made a mistake? Would people say he looked like a bald rat?

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