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First unwanted Haircut by Franko

My mother found it easy to grow my hair out as a child, and trim my hair from time to time. So it turned out that as a boy I was allowed to wear my hair long. My hair was chestnut brown and thick heavily wavy. Since my parents were very wealthy, I had a tutor by the age of 11 and did not need to go to school. My hair finally touched my butt and covered my thighs while I was sitting. When I wore my hair open, some neigbours mistook me for a girl but it didn't bother me. Since I had no fringe, I usually wore my mane in a ponytail, so that my hair could cover my eyes not. During summertime my mother made me a thick brown braid that hung down over my belt.
Because of the comments of our neigbours and some friends, my parents wanted to give me a proper haircut at the age of six. I cried and refused sucessfully from year to year.

Again and again my parents urged me to cut my hair. But all attempts whether with money or other bonuses did not lure me, my hair remained as it was. I was so proud of my hair and I was finally the star amongst my friends as we were all Kelly family and Pirate of carribean fans. When I and my friends played pirates, I was always played the role of the longhaired captain, because I didn't need a wig thanks to my flowing mane.

One day, it was before my 12th birthday, my father informed me that he wanted to send me to a boarding school in Switzerland so that I could get a higher education. There, they would put value on etiquette, and prepare me for life: I did not understand what he meant in my naivety.

One day later, my mother asked me to accompany her to the hairdresser, since I should not be bored alone at home.She said that in the barber shop is a great moving pirate ship made of wood with steering wheel inside. I could also watch the newest pirate and Kelly family videos while she was getting styled.
Wow-a pirate ship and videos !I really wanted to see this and agreed to follow her to the barber shop.

I got dressed with my pirate costume and put on my pirate hat. My mother opened my braid and combed my longhair with a sad face. With my waving mane under my pirate hat we went to a hairdressing salon nearby our house.

A young barberette with extremely short hair welcomed us and presented herself as Tina. She looked at me with a smile, took my hat away and said that she had never seen before a young man like me with such a long, gorgeous hair. She would be happy to see me here and took me away from the three styling chairs to a red painted wooden pirate ship at the end of the room with a steering wheel. She helped me to climb into the seat of the boat and I could see myself in a big mirror in front of the pirate ship. On the board nearby there were a hair dryer, a roll of paper, a clipper, comb, brush and scissors, and beside hung a light blue plastic cape.

I immediately jumped into the seat and bobbed cheerfully back and forth and turning the wheel while my hair flew wildly around.

Meanwhile my mother's hair was washed and styled by Tina. When Tina was finished with her, she came up to me, grabbed the plastic cape and paper roll and locked the rocking pirate ship.

"Now it's your turn," she said. I was puzzled, lifted my head and looked at her under my tangled hair curtain. She stroked my hair out of my face and grabbed my mane in my neck. Then she asked her trainee for help her to wrap the paper around my neck and fix the cape. She took a brush and started to coumb my hair. I was shocked and looked horrified to my mother. She took her camera out of her handbag and made a couple before- photos of me.

"It is long overdued to get rid of this super mane!" she said "..otherwise we have to send your to a girl boarding. In your new school long hair is not allowed for boys. Nevertheless long hair like this is not normal and must be all off! Tina , go ahead and give him a crew cut!"- " No !!! " I yelled but I was paralyzed and could not move or resist by those shocking words. Tina did not hesitate, took the scissors and cut off a first 80 cm long strand from my the top of my head and began to cut my hair step by step on the top and then around my neck and sides.I could see masses of brown hair gliding along the cape and piling on the floor. What a horrible moment! I hated my mother and this short haired barberette!!

I had tears in my eyes and cried but it was too late and I could not escape anymore.

"A pirate captain doesn't know any no pain and does not cry", Tina said and was cutting mercilessly through my mane. When she finished the first cut, she sprayed my remaining hair with water and started with the final cut to leave 3 cm and the top. With red eyes I looked into the mirror and did not recognize me anymore. Finally this was my first real haircut of my life, but what a terrible expereince! Shorn like a sheep and cheated by my beloved mother. Tina took her clippers, pushed my head forward and shave my neck and sides . Now I saw her colleague sweeping a huge haystack of hair and putting it in a trash box.

Tina blow dried me and took the cape off while my mother took some after-photos .

"So now we can send you to the new school and you won't be a shame for us anymore," said my mother, put my pirate hat on my head, which was slipping into my face because it did not fit anymore, gave Tina a big tip and we left the barbershop.
Since that memorable day I didn't play pirate anymore, developped a hair fetish and became a hairdresser specialized on longhair cutting.
I was successfully building up a whole barbershop chain, which can be found in almost every city. Recently I have bought Tina's Salon and I looked for the pirate ship which is still in use for children. Then I looked at my favorite Photo: me on the pirate ship with super long wavy hair cascading over the backboard of the wooden ship before the massacre.

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