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A Barbershop Job!?#10 (The Brothers) by Jonathan

It was a normal Tuesday evening around 5:00. I was free of school for the summer and enjoying my job at the barbershop more then ever. I had no more homework to do at the barbershop. I was free! All the sudden I see these two young teens walk into the barbershop with their dad. Both teens had long sun bleached sandy blond locks down to their shoulders. They must have been brothers.

I'm intrigued right away. The hair on them reminded me of my hair before I took that brave step becoming Cue Ball Caleb. I tried to look busy sweeping the floor around the chairs the boys were waiting in. At closer examination I figured them to be 14 and 15. It was a little difficult to tell which was older or younger. They seemed like surfer types, yet I'd never seen them around here.

The shop was quiet tonight and these two kids were next for haircuts. As I walked near them I noticed that they both had sullen looks on their faces. It was as if they wanted outta here. One of them gave me eye contact and I could tell he was eying my bald head. After months and months of being bald you can tell when someone is trying to stare at your bald head and not be rude. Their eyes follow the shape of your head and exposed ears. They don't look at your face much.

"Hey Caleb, get some more towels from the back please," said Mario.

"Sure, no problem," I said.

Both dad and sons turned to look at what I was doing and suddenly became interested in me. Their eyes followed me as I walked to the back room to get Mario some more clean towels. I got three towels from the back then put them on the counter by Mario's station. I could see all four barbers in tonight were nearly done with the haircuts. I decided to clean out the coffee pots and look busy. I couldn't wait to see what the fate of those two boys hair would be!

Finally Carlos was done cutting the middle aged man's hair. One of these two long haired kids would soon be in that chair.

"Whose next?" asked Carlos.

"You go," one of the boys said.

"No you first," said the other.

"Jeff, you go first I don't have all night," said their dad.

The slightly taller of the two, Jeff walked over to the chair and reluctantly sat down. I watched intently waiting for the verdict. This was some nice long sunstreaked hair. Slightly feathered in the front and well over the ears. The back just touching the shoulders. I kind of thought these kids might be getting trims. The looks on their faces as they entered the shop said otherwise though.

Then Jeff sat there in the chair and Carlos applied the cape, tissue, and clip. This kid did not look happy!

"So what are we doing here?" asked Carlos.

Jeff said nothing and looked toward his dad as if Carlos could find the answer there.

"Give him a flatttop," the dad said.

"Oh really dad, no not that short!" said Jeff.

"Give him a flatttop barber, please," said dad.

"No, no please not that short," said Jeff.

"These two boys keep sneaking outta the house at night, this is their punishment!" said their dad.

Both boys just cringed as if they hated their fate now. There was nothing that could be done about it now. Those two fine looking mops of theirs were coming off.

"If you boys sneak out at night again we're coming back and shaving you bald like that kid," the dad said.

"We call that the Cue Ball Caleb special," said Carlos.

"I'll definitely keep that in mind next time," the dad said.

Vroom, the Oster 76 clippers were starting up. Jeff sat perched waiting his moment of doom. I decided to just sit in one of the waiting chairs and watch along with the dad and the other brother. Quickly the clippers moved in as Carlos held a black comb and lifted the hair off Jeff's right ear. The first slice was the best. I huge chunk of his sandy blond hair went cascading down to the floor. It landed and was soon joined by another chunk. Jeff sat with a bitter look on his face. Another chunk cascaded to the floor as Carlos set the comb down.

I watched as the bare blades of the clippers sliced out a wedge around Jeff's little right ear. There was skin showing and he was getting a real flattop. Skin tight on the back and sides. The blond hair feel so fast. It was amazing at how the clippers were doing away with it. The back and right side was bald! The kid sat angry avoiding eye contact with anyone.

"Alrighty are you up?" asked Mario.

The other boy slowly walked over to Mario's barber chair and sat down. He didn't look as angry. This kid looked like he was about to cry.

"The same, a flatttop?" asked Mario.

"Yep," said their dad.

Vroom, the Oster 76 clippers start in on this kid too. Jeff's head was to the skin around the back and sides now. Carlos then took the black comb and rapidly ran the clippers across the top of Jeff's head. The lengthy sandy blond hair came down in sheets now. Flap, flap you could even hear it slightly as it hit the floor. Soon it was evident how different Jeff was going to look. He had a nice head and little ears. But the proud mane on his head was no longer. He seemed younger and smaller. He was no longer the pretty boy that walked in. He sat miserable as Carlos shaped and sculpted the super short horseshoe flattop on the top of his head. No one said it had to be that short!

The other brother sat still and slightly tearful as his even longer sandy blond hair hit the floor. It was evident that they were brothers, but they looked uniquely different. The other brother's face was much more handsome. He had one ear that stuck out more than the other. However he seemed to pull off his flattop better looking then his brother. Mario was giving this one a break. His top was longer that the brother's short horseshoe flattop.

The clippers went on and on buzzing around the ears and neck. Jeff's was basically done. Boy did he look mad! He sat sullen and furious. Carlos showed him his new flattop in the mirror and he pushed the mirror away! He then bolted from the chair and sat a couple waiting chairs away from his dad. They both waited as Mario finished up the other brother.

"Now those are nice looking haircuts," said their dad.

I wanted to laugh, but restrained myself. One brother looked like he wanted to punch someone and the other about to cry again.
Mario took the mirror and the second brother took a glance and then walked over to his brother. I then noticed the massive amounts of sandy blond hair on the floor I'd have to sweep up now. The dad paid and tipped the barbers. The dad walked out as the two flattop brothers trailed speechless behind him.

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