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Uncle Bob - Part 2 by Neil

It has been 3 months since my last hair cut. I wanted it to grow in , so when I go out to Uncle Bobs for the summer He will have the pleasure of shaving me bald.
When I got off the plane the first thing Uncle Bob said was "what is this". As he grabbed the back of my hair. I have not had a hair cut in 3 months, I have been waiting to see you. "Well we need to do something about that". I did not say anything.
When we got to the house I unpacked and went down stairs. Today was saturday so tomorrow is hair cut day but Uncle Bob was not going to wait. He headed me right out to the porch. "You know the routine son".
Yes Sir.
So off came the shirt and so did the hair.
It felt so good as he shaved my head bald. Just like last year , he took it all off . Uncle Bob do you think you could shave my head with a razor and shaving cream, like the Barber does to you?
"Is that what you want".
Yes Sir.
"I think you are old enough to get skinned".With that Uncle Bob asked Billy to get his razor and shaving cream.
I sat still, covered in hair as Uncle Bob ran the clippers with no attachment over and over my head. It was the Greatest feeling ever.I was so relaxed.
Next came the razor.
First, Uncle Bob rubbed his hands all over my head getting off all the loss hair. Next he rubbed the shaving cream all over my head.
What a feeling.
He stood behind me.Tilted my head back and started dragging the razor right down the center of my head.
I got so hard, I had to move.
He just kept shaving and shaving. I was coved in hair and shaving cream. This is something only men can enjoy. Sitting on a stool coved with hair. This man determined to rid you of all your hair.This must be a guy thing.
Because hair on a man has no significance and we all have to admit. It feels Great! The shaving cream is now all down my back. Uncle Bob wants to shave my head a second time. I could only think of what I must look like it sure feels cool.

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