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Time for the big change by Franko

As a boy I was not allowed to wear long hair as my friends did. In 1974 was conscripted into the army and finished my military service in 1976. My parents were happy ( they said I had become now reasonable, and no more interest in having long hair) Nonsense ! Now there was no stopping, because I was an adult and student of chemistry. I let my hair grow and partied it in the middle. After two years, my wavy blond hair hung up to the middle of my back and reached three years later to10 cm below my waistline. The front hair were now almost as long as the rear, Hung me up on the hips and disrupted me all the time, so stucked it behind my ears. Many times, I was held back for a young attractive woman and got the nickname Rapunzel. Finally, after another year, I could sit on the mat. I was constantly combing to avoid detangling. Have you ever had such hair? The time for washing and drying once a week lasted for a whole day. Making love was sometimes a pain because or my girlfriend were laying on my hair all the time on it. If the wind was whistling it was an ordeal to detangle the strands. Therefore, I could no longer wear my hair open, made a thick, hip-length braid or tucked in my parka. At police and border control I was always examined and double checked.
It was funny on the highway when I overtook a truck and the driver waved to me because he thought I was a beautiful woman. My girlfriend in those days with shoulder-length hair didnt’ want to show up with me. We were regarded as freaks and got somtimes or the other no access to Disks or Bars. My recently grown beard contributed vigorously to this. Finally the my studies came to an end and it was time to find a job and earn money. I went to a series of jobinterviews with suit and tie one time with open hair, next with pigtail or ponytail. The HR management were joking about my appearance and laughed about my appearance or they said at the end -you hear from us. Finally, I had a conversation with a great interesting company where the boss said to me quiete open that I have convinced him as I was the best of all applicants for the offered job.In this position I would have to work closely with very conservative customers who would never accept long haired guys. It would be therefore unthinkable for him to hire me. He was fair and gave me a chance and invited me for the following week for a second interview. Freshly styled ,I could then get the job! It did not help that a change was inevitable. I stood at home in front of the mirror and looked at my hip-long hair in the front, took an another mirror, turned and looked at with nostalgia to my wavy thick blonde curl carpet covering my butt. No split ends, very healthy mat - what a shame! The decision was taken…
On the day before the interview ( my girlfriend was out of housefor the day ) I shaved off my beard, put on my dark suit and tie and was going to a photographer to make some before-shots. After that, I went to a random hair salon in my area. I snuck around a couple of times around the hair salon and looked into it uncertainly several times. It was a modern salon with three comfortable Barber chairs. It was cold outside and my hair was tucked in my parka and no one could see how much hair was underneath. I took a deep breath and entered heart beating a hairdressing salon for the first time in six years back. Not much happened inside – there were only two ladies with curlers and two hairdressers who are bored and talked to each other and had apparently plenty of time. Here, I probably needed no date. One of the barbarettes with RASP short red hair and a tight, black leather costume said something about 'Customer', came right away to me and asked me for my wishes. I told her I wanted a cute business hair. She introduced himself as Maja and disappeared to fetch a Cape. I took off my parka and tossed back my hair. The mat was flat down and no one couldn't see t at first glance , what enourmous mass of hair was hiding in the backside. The barberette returned as a long strand and swung over my elbow. The barbarette was wide-eyed, asked me to turn around and mumbled that she had always dreamed of as a customer. She asked me take a seat for a few minutes on a waiting chair at the salon entrance I was sitting on my hair and my front hair gushed down for the last time about a magazine in which I nervously flipped through. The other women in the Salon turned to me, whispered and laughed. After 10 minutes, Maja pointed me to the Middle styling Chair and I took a seat. She pumped up the Chai and her colleague helped her to fix a neck paper and the colorful cape. She pulled my hair ot of the cape and let it fall back. I saw in the mirror that the tips of mane ended far below the seat. Then she started to comb my hair thoroughly on all sides. In the front, it looked like a tent and I was the attraction in the Salon. All wanted to see the massacre that arose not all days. Maja began to stuck my side and of back hair section by section with clips on my head . According her mind men should not have not long hair at all and certainly such incredible mops. Then she started to cut off the first long strands in the back of the head, opened one clip after another and cut off meter long strands to Chin lenghtst. My cape was filled with tons of hair and the bottom was almost fully covered . The hair piled up and reached Maja’s ankles. When the first cut to chin-length was finished up I could see a completely different person in the mirror. Now began the final cut. She dumped it a little bit and my hair cut down three centimeters on my top head . Maja shaved my sides and back with the hair clipper. She had cut me a crew cut like in my childhood. But this looked much better on me as an adult. She took the cape away and said, I would look now like a human being and helped me in the parka after I had paid her.. Her colleague meanwhile shuffled piles of long hair and tucked it in a trash can. Maja refused to get a tip and said that this haircut made so much fun. I left the store, returned to the photo shop and shot after- photos.The next day, I got the job and I’m wearing short hair since that time. A return is unfortunately no longer possible, because most of my hair has fallen out within the past 30 years. I renewed my beard and long hair photos in my passport and as a result the border controls and shampooing. were no more a problem. At the last Alumni meeting some friends recognized me at the second or third glance The didn’t know that Rapunzel did not exist any more since a long time .

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