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Does my girlfriend like my NEW haircut? by Josh Shaw

I am Josh and I was 16 and needed a haircut. I didn't want to get a haircut but I needed to as I had been selected to represent my college in a national schools football final and I had been told that I had to get my haircut to be allowed to play as my current messy hair didn't make a good impression of my school. At the time I had messy hair and I had messy bangs at the front. My hair was my sort of 'signature' style and I therefore felt like it was really sad to have to cut it short. My other problem was that I had a girlfriend who absolutely adored my hair and she would actually go mental if I cut it. We would spend hours together on the weekend and she would add product to my hair and she would style it and even try to wash it! During our time together she always told me that she wanted me to never cut my hair short and that this was the only haircut that suited me. As I really didn't want to cut my hair but I really wanted to play in the team I decided to ask the principle if he would please allow me to leave my hair as it was. Unfortunately he was really strict about hair and he demanded that I cut my hair short. I didn't tell my girlfriend that I was going to have to get my haircut and I figured that It would be better to just get the haircut and see what her reaction was.

That evening I came home and jumped straight onto my laptop and I went online looking for some new hairstyles. I really wasn't to keen on any of them so in the end I decided to visit my local barbers for some inspiration. When I arrived at the barber he we free and he sat down with me and described certain haircuts with me and he was able to show me where the clippers and other instruments would be used on my hair. After a long chat we decided that a short back and sides haircut would be the best. He then told me that he was closing up for the night and he could cut my hair at around 7pm the next day.

So as he said at 7 I arrived at the barber shop and he welcomed me in. The barber lived in a flat above his shop. When I came In he sat me down and started spraying water over my long hair. He then said

Barber " so are we doing what we agreed on yesterday Josh?

Josh "urm... yes please"

Barber "so we will go grade 3 on the sides and a long top?"

Josh "(nervously) yes please"

By this time my hair had been completely covered in water and the barber was just running his comb through my hair.

Barber "wow Josh, were gonna be cutting a load of hair off today aren't we?

Josh "yeah I know"

Barber "would you prefer to take your top off for your haircut because the cape won't stop all the little hairs going down your back"

Josh " yes please, I really hate those small annoying hairs."

I then proceeded to remove my tshirt from my body and continued the cut shirtless. My hair was now combed out and was ready to be cut. The barber picked up a set of clippers and fiddled with the guards before plugging them in and turning them on. I hadn't had a clipper haircut in years and the sound of the whirring blades startled me. I then took one final look up to the mirror to see my long and messy hair for the last time.

Barber "head forward please"

The clippers were then placed against the bottom of my neck and I could feel the cold metal on my skin they were then pushed up the back of my hair and they then shaved my long hairs short. He progressed around the sides of my head and all I could feel were the vibrations of the clippers on my head. The clippers kept on buzzing and I could feel the lack of hair around my head. After 5 minutes of shaving the clippers were put down. I decided not to look up to the mirror until the cut was complete. The barber next combed my bangs down and then the took some scissors and in three snips inline with my eyebrows he cut my signature bangs off. He he focused on the top and he cut more and more off. The wet hair was falling onto my bare chest and I brushed it off. He kept working the top as I sat there in silence wondering what my girlfriends reaction was going to be. He then took the clippers and a comb and he shaved back even more hair off as he blended the sides with the top. The first word any of us said during the haircut was:

Barber "What do you want done with your sideburns mate?"

Josh "what do you mean?"

Barber "do you want them cut high or low?"

Josh " is here good?" I pointed to an area towards the top of my ears"

Barber "yeah that looks alright"

He then cut my sideburns and ran the clippers over my sprouting neck hairs cutting then off at the skin. Finally he took some product and applied it to my former bangs before he took a brush and brushed all the hairs of my now torso which was covered in my golden blonde hairs.

Barber "are you ready to see?"

Josh "yeah"

Barber "okay 3,2,1.... LOOK!"

I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked completely different. My hair no longer came down to my eyes but was gelled up in a short quiff. The messy, wavy nature of the hair was also gone and I now had more mature looking close clipped sides. I was speechless and I couldn't tell if I loved it or hated it.

Barber "what do you think?"

Josh "it's nice!"

I ran my hands over the grade 3 sides and I felt the rough hair it was lovely I had grown to like it. But what would my girlfriend make of it? I paid the barber and I decided to stop off at hers on the way home. She unlocked the door and stood still before saying

"Wow!! What did you do it looks great!

I couldn't believe what I was hearing I was allowed to play football and my girlfriend said she likes my new haircut! I then went in to her house and she styled my new hair and we spent the evening together.

After the football final was over I was allowed to grow my hair back out but did I? Or did I get the same style or even shorter a skin fade maybe or even a buzz cut? Find out in part 2!

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