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A Barbershop Job!? (#11 Bald Brothers) by Jonathan

The whole beach area was busy with people from all around the area. It was just around the 4th of July weekend. I was waiting for the fireworks on the night of the fourth. To my surprise that Monday here come walking in those two teenagers who got the flattop punishment haircuts about three weeks ago. They were with their dad and all three looked angry.

They came in and sat down. The shop was really busy for a Monday. It had all the people who wound normally be at work but took an extra day off for the Fourth of July weekend. The shop is now open seven days a week, except holidays. I just couldn't believe these two were back. Their father had them buzz off their nice long blond surfer hair for flattops. The dad said they were sneaking out of the house and being disrespectful in general. What I remember was he said next time they're getting Cue Ball Caleb specials. Their heads would be shaved 00000 no guard!

The boys sat with sullen looks on their faces as before. They had about two inches of hair growth on them as the flattops had grown out some. Their hair appeared light brown now as the sun hadn't lightened it much yet. The older teen Jeff looked really furious. His nostrils even looked as though they were flaring. The younger brother looked more worried than angry. They both wore t-shirts, shorts and flip flops.

"Haircuts for the boys?" Mario asked.

"These two haven't learned their lesson yet! I've brought my sons back. This time I want them both shaved bald!" exclaimed their dad.

"No, what the heck dad," said Jeff.

"Can't we just have regular haircuts?" asked Tim.

"I sore if you two didn't stop sneaking out of the house and being disrespectful this would happen," said their dad.

"We're super busy right now. But if you want Caleb can shave one of them. He's our assistant. He does know how to shave a head. It'll be free!" Mario said.

"My ears perked up right away! What did Mario say?" I thought to myself.

"Hey he can shave them both if he doesn't mind," their dad said.

"Well maybe just one free and a barber will be available real soon for the other one," Mario said.

"Sure that's fine," said their dad.

"Jeff, you go ahead and have this Caleb kid shave your head," said the dad.

"No way, I'm not getting my head shaved bald like him!" exclaimed Jeff.

"We came here for one reason only, to see the punishment promise through," said their dad.

"Well I don't want him to shave my head, he's not a real barber anyway!" yelled Jeff.

"Do you all see the attitude I get from these two," the dad said.

I could tell Jeff was the leader and a mean disrespectful kid. I really kind of wanted to be the one to shave his head. He was 15 or 16, my age. I thought their dad shouldn't back down and wait for the barber to shave Jeff's head. I really wanted to get him in the back room and give him the 00000 blade attachment on the Oster 76 clippers.

"Come on dude, here we go," I said.

"I'm not going first this time. I went first last time," Jeff said.

"Tim you go with the kid first then," said their dad.

Tim eye balled me as if he knew he had no choice. I could see he was nearly in tears. He stood up and then followed me reluctantly to the back room where I'd set up my make shift barber area. He came into the room and I pointed to the old folding chair. Tim sat down and said nothing. I put the cape on him and noticed he was wiping a tear away.

"Dude, being bald isn't bad. I love my bald head," I said.

Tim said nothing. He looked angry now. My attempt to comfort him did no good. He sat still and stared straight ahead. I sensed he wanted this over. I decided not to say another word to him. I took the clippers from the drawer and plugged them in.

Tim was watching my every move, yet remained speechless. The Oster 76 clippers still had the 00000 zero blades on them. For just a second I thought about switching them out for the 000 zero blade. I thought maybe I'd leave Tim a little stubble. Then I thought, no just bald him up as much as possible!

Claacckk on turned the Oster 76 clippers. Tim twitched a bit. He sat still and ready for his punishment though. I ran the clippers straight down the top of his head. An inch wide, 5 inch long stipe of white scalp showed on the top of this 14 year old's head. I examined it and rubbed it with my finger. Yep, it was right down to the bone. I ran the clippers again a few more times across the top of his head. He twitched nervously, but said nothing. I decided to just continue to shave him bald and make no attempt at any conversation.

Soon the top of Tim's head was bald. It looked like one of those old man haircuts. His scalp was pretty white and would need tanning up. Next I went for the right side of his head. I effortlessly ran the clippers up over the sideburn and then around the ear. It was just about bald on one side. I slightly pushed his head to one side saying nothing. He complied and kept his head to the side. I then realized that his other ear stuck out a lot more than the right on. When he was skin bald it would likely show more. I tilted his head to the left and shaved around that left ear that stuck out more. It was long until I was done with the top and sides.

I was ready to finish off the back of Tim's head. I pushed his head down with my hand. He stared into his lap. By now he showed little emotion, not anger or tears.I ran the clippers up the back of his head again and again. Soon it was time to finish things up.

I could hear Jeff in the other room. He was yelling and complaining about being shaved bald.

"Why do I gotta bald, so bald. I don't want all my hair shaved off," he kept saying.

I was ready to run the clippers one more time over Tim's head. He looked good bald. I think he could become a permentant baldy like me. The left ear definitely stuck out more, but it was ok. I ran the clippers across his head one more time. Then I folded down each ear and clipped away all the stray hairs. I took care of cleaning up his neck. He was now 100% bald. My work was done. I brushed away the loose stubblely hairs off Tim's face. Finally I took off the cape. He stood up, said nothing, and headed to the main room of the barbershop.

I had to laugh when I saw Jeff in the barber chair. Carlos the barber was just about done shaving him bald. He looked so angry still. Tim sat down in one of the waiting chairs and said nothing.

In a few minutes their dad paid and did give me a $5 tip! I was happy about that.

"We will be back in a few weeks in these two boys don't straighten up," their dad said.

I watched Jeff and Tim walk out of the shop with their new shiny domes. Somehow I knew we'd see them again soon!

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