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A Barbershop Job!? (#12 Jeff's Change) by Jonathan

"Hey Caleb, what's going on with your hair! It's never been that long," said Mario.

"Yeah, yeah I know. I'm shaving it today," I said.

"You better, or we're going to stop calling you Cue Ball Caleb!" the barbers say.

My hair had grow out to nearly a half an inch of stubble. I'd just been lazy that's all. I never wanted my hair to grow back now. In fact even with this half inch of stubble it felt weird. I was used to my bald head and couldn't stand hair on it now. Some bald guy told me months ago, "Once you start shaving it there's no turning back."

Other people told me that too. They'd try to grow it out again, then get the urge to just shave it all off. It was fine and even though I still had hair, I preferred the hairless head now.

It was a slow Tuesday evening and I was thinking about leaving early. From time to time I'd ask Mario if I could go. Generally speaking he'd say yes. Every now and then he'd say stick around another hour or so.

Suddenly in walk that dad who brought his boys in for the punishment haircuts! This time only the older boy Jeff is with him. Tim the younger son is nowhere in sight. Jeff looks real angery. His hair has grow about an inch all around. It looks like a buzz cut with a number 4 guard. It's starting to curl ever so slightly around the ears and sideburn areas.

"Hello sir, can we help you?"asked Mario.

"My son Jeff here is due for his head to be shaved again," said the dad.

"I don't care anymore dad, go ahead and have them shave it!" exclaimed Jeff.

I was so curious about why Tim the younger brother was not there. I was kinda shy to ask. I figured it would not hurt to say something. I was the one who had shaved Tim's head after all.

"Where's Tim?" I asked.

"Tim shaped things up and I'm letting him grow out his hair now. He's learned his lesson. He's at home right now," said the dad.

"So Jeff here hasn't learned his lesson then," said Mario.

"Same thing, leaving the house without permission, back talk and being disrespectful," said the dad.

"I want him shaved good and bald again!" exclaimed the dad.

"I want to get my head shaved, that's fine," said Jeff.

"Well that kid's gonna do it this time," said the dad. The dad pointed to me and I got embarrassed right away.

"No way, not him!" exclaimed Jeff.

"If you have me do it I will use the straight razor and shaving cream," said Mario.

Jeff just grumbled and gave me a look that could kill. This kid did not seem nice at all. I really think he was a little fearful of that straight razor. He had been backed into a corner and knew I was about to shave his head. My heart started to race and I was nervous for some reason.

"Do you want Caleb to take care of him? We have other barbers available this time?" asked Mario.

"Let's have the boy do it. He can show my son a couple things about manors and respect," said the dad.

"Take him to the back room Caleb," Mario said.

Jeff got up slowly and grumbled two or three times. I kinda dreaded doing this haircut somehow. Usually I loved shaving someone's head. This Jeff kid had so much attitude. I wanted to tell his dad you need to try another punishment now. Jeff was getting used to having no hair. It was like me at first. Being bald is a shock, then you actually like it and prefer it. I can tell Jeff is growing into being a baldie now!

I led Jeff into the backroom and he sat willingly down into the folding chair I used here. I got the cheap black barber cape and hooked it around Jeff's neck. I was shocked when I saw him smile.Maybe this wasn't going to be so awful after all!

I took the old Oster 76 clippers out of the
drawer. I noticed the 00000 guard was still attached to them. I realized he'd wind up just about as bald as if Mario had shaved him with the shaving cream and all.

"You really work here dude, don't you?" asked Jeff.

"Yeah, I sweep hair, clean, and sometimes like this shave heads,"I said.

"You don't really know how to cut hair, what's your name again?" asked Jeff.

"I'm Caleb, I don't know how to do other kinds of haircuts yet, no," I said.

"That's cool Caleb," said Jeff.

I am amazed at how nice this guy seemed. His younger brother said not one word to me when I shaved his head a couple weeks ago!

"You know I am going to keep my head bald like yours now," said Jeff.

"I like to shave mine too," I said.

"My dad first made my brother and I do this for a punishment. Now I like the coolness and not having to comb my hair ever," said Jeff.

"I know what you mean," I said.

I started to shave Jeff's head straight down the center on top. Even though his dark blond hair was just about an inch in length that first swipe of the clippers surprised me. I was amazed at the contrast. His bald scalp exposed next to the dark blond hair. He sat enjoying this now.

I took another swipe off the top. Little pieces of the blond hair fell to the floor. Jeff sat still and stared straight ahead. I finished the top of his head and tilted his head to the left. Just as I was about to shave near the right ear Jeff tilted his head straight up again.

"Hey, Caleb do they need anymore workers here?" asked Jeff.

"Actually they might. I can't be here all the time. Now we're open seven days. They were talking about getting another helper," I say.

"Will you ask that barber guy? I know my dad would love it if I had a job," said Jeff.

I tilted Jeff's head once again and dug the bare bladed clippers in in front on Jeff's right ear. The hair quickly fell off exposing a bald spot. I continued to remove the inch or so of hair on his right side. I carefully held down his little ear as I clippered around it.

"How much money do you make Caleb?" Jeff asked.

"About $40 a day, but it depends on how long I work and tips too," I said.

"Cool!" exclaimed Jeff.

Next I went for what little hair was on the back of Jeff's head. I gave his head a slight nudge forward and Jeff looked down. This was going to be fast and easy. Jeff had so little hair on his head. Zzzitt, zzzitt went the clippers as I finished up the back of his head.

I tilted Jeff's head to the right and was about to finish off the left side when I was interrupted again.

"If they make you keep your head shaved to work here I will," said Jeff.

"No you don't have to, I just shave mine cause I like it," I said.

I dug the clipper's blades into the left side of his head and pushed down hard. After about 10 swipes the hair was gone. I ran the clippers around Jeff's head once more for good measure.

"That's it your done," I said.

"Ok, no problem thanks," said Jeff.

He rubbed his bald head a bit then smiled. We both headed back out to the barbershop area. Jeff's dad gave a positive nod when he eye balled Jeff's newly shorn head.

"Hey dad, can I work here, maybe if they say it's ok?" asked Jeff.

"Well do you need another helper?" asked the dad.

"We were thinking about it," said Mario.

"That would really teach Jeff about being responsible!" exclaimed the dad.

"Come back tomorrow son and we'll talk," said Mario.

The dad gave me a ten and said keep the change.I couldn't believe the change in this kid. He had a different attitude now. He seemed friendlier and cooler to me. Would he really start working here?

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