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Please !!! Shave my head with razor by Minh_Vietnam

Hello everyone, I'm Minh and from Vietnam
First of all, I would like to forgive the grammatical errors in this article because my English is not really good.
This is a true story of myself. Since I was a teenager I have always been fascinated by bald boys. I always wished to be like them, but I'm not a natural bald, my hair is very thick and growing very fast but I do not really like this. I used to consult my parents about shaving my head but they were angry and did not want me to do that. Because they think the bald boys are bad, not very good.But being shaved is a burning dream in my heart. I had to shave my head, I wanted to shave my head. During that time, getting razor blades into my hair was something very sacred, I was almost mad at it. I buy all sorts of razors at the supermarket, and on the net ... and other necessities for shaving my head. But everything was discovered by my parents, they were hiding all that and locked me in the room ... I was so sad about this ... I decided I had to escape to achieve my dream The next day, when it was sunny, I left home and found a place to stay ...Monks at the monastery are my father's friends ... so they are very good to me ... after hearing my wishes they are really touched ... they said i was grown up and got real rights They are my dream ... They say that they can help me do that ... what a happy thing ... I will become a young monk for a week ... This week, I Will have to do all the work of a true monk but I do not feel anxious because I know that when I become a monk I will be ..... hehe.The next morning, my ritual became a monk started ... they waved water on my head, every monk in the monastery would cut some of my hair ... my head was very cool. They proceeded to shave my head, they scraped from the top of my head, shaved to the sides and scraped the entire hair over my head ... my hair fell down ... my head lost hair Quite a lot .. my head showed white patches ... i was really happy when i was about to become a bald guy or rather a young monk ... about 5 minutes later, my head Was completely shaved ... i touched the scalp ... i was extremely happy ... my dream was done .
They said my hair was so thick and so much that shaving my head would take a lot of time but they felt so happy ...
That week, I was shaved my head every day in the evening, and I also helped other people shave their heads in the monastery.
I really want to send you my bald head now but in this site is not possible.
If you want to see my bald head, email the comments below I will send you.
The story will continue ..........

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