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I want to shave my whole body ...!!! by Minh_Vietnam

In Vietnam, April to July is the summer, the weather is very hot, the temperature outside is always above 35 degrees Celsius. I really hate this weather, my sweat is flowing, the smell of my body is heavy, my hair is bruised because my scalp is sweating too much. I have a pretty thick hair, it is hard, not soft. It has been 4 months since my last haircut. I decided to do something to get rid of this terrible situation.
The next day, I decided to go to the barber shop to deal with this situation. When I got there, the customers were so crowded, but it was a strange thing that all the guests coming out of the store were shaved, their heads shaved smooth and shiny. A handsome guy (about 25 years old) came out from the barber shop with his professional shaved head, and he seemed to enjoy his shaved head. He was just rubbing his head. How surprising!!! Next, many shaved men also came out from the barbershop, most of them from 20 to 30 years old. I do not understand what is going on.
I walked into the barber shop, I could not believe my eyes, all the customers were shaved heads, their hair was falling on the floor. I sat in the chair and waited for my turn. A barbershop employee came and asked me
"What do you want to do with your hair," he said
"I want to cut it short," I said
"Oh !!! we are really sorry, today our barbershop just got shaved heads for customers," he said
Why so !!! I can know your cause ???? " I ask
The barber happily answered me
"Today was a special day for our salon, we celebrated over 30 years of this barber's founding, our first customer 30 years ago was a man, he came here to Shaved his head, and now he is an official of the city, to commemorate this special thing, every year on this day we stowed off all the hairdressers except the straight razor For the shaving of our customers' heads, we do not want to break the law, this is the specialty of our salon ...Not only that, customers who accept shaved heads today in our salon will be shaved head free of charge and every customer will also receive a small gift of a cash amount worth about. 500,000 VND (about 200 $). This gift is only accepted for payment today. "
I'm really excited about this, I understand why my town today has so many bald men. After a long thought, I decided to become their next shaved customer. I'm really nervous, because this is the first shaved head in my life, I do not know what my head shape will look like, but I do not mind.My parents have traveled last week and they will be back next month ... so I can shave my head comfortably.
"Please, shave my head, let me enjoy the feeling of being a bald man," I say
"It's great to have you make the right decision this summer, but first sign our confirmation form, we want to make sure you do not make any complaints or complaints after We shaved your head "he asked
I was so happy to sign that form without reading it ...
"Sir, are you ready to shave your head?" The barber asked me
"Yeah, please turn me into a bald"
Then he massage my head with water, and stroke my thick and black hair for a long time. He seems to like it, then he proceeds to shave my head, his razor is replaced by a razor blade for each customer. He is sure every customer will feel shaved his head in the same way ... He gently put the razor in my hair. The sound of the razor sounded delightful ... my head was barely visible to reveal my white patches. He quickly finishes his job proficiently ... he uses a towel to remove the hair on my head, and he shaves my head over and over again, he wants to make sure that there will be no more Every single hair on my head. After my head was completely shaved, I touched my head lightly, I was happy to go crazy, I rubbed my head and enjoyed the feeling of happiness.
"You look more handsome when you're shaved," he said
Not stopping there, next, he rubbed my head with a special oil, which was rubbed all over my shaved head. My head is smooth and shiny like the real bald ones. Next to my head will be heated by a dedicated device, this ensures the oil will completely permeate my scalp. My scalp was stretched, and it was in the sunlight ... It was like a real ball. After finishing all work, I was paid 500,000 VND by the staff as stated in the commitment ... I am very happy ... because I can enjoy a new feeling and can earn money.
"How often can my hair grow back to normal?" I asked the barber
"Your hair will not grow, at least for a year, you will have to be a bald guy, because the oil we rub on your head, it inhibits the growth of Hair and remove all of them, it is a new product of our salon for guys who want to be bald forever and do not have time to shave their heads, "he said.
"What should I do now?" I asked
"You do not have to do anything, wait till your hair grows back or never .... We warned this on the form but most customers did not notice it and I'm sure They also would not know this ... they could become shameless forever ... and 500,000 dollars is considered the cost of compensation for each shaved customer, "he said.
Now, I really do not know what to do !!! Please give me the advice and leave the email, I will show you my baldness ...

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