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Consequences by Bald K

Kevin was a bright student at his secondary school in England. His marks were always in the top five in the class and was getting excellent school reports from his teachers and always saying it was a pleasure to have him in the classroom when his parents went to meet his teachers. The year was 1975 and Kevin’s parents were lenient with him allowing him to wear his hair long and wear the latest trends in clothing much to his dads disgust but Kevin could always get round him via his mum who would smooth talk his dad to seeing things the way Kevin did.
All this changed when Kevin befriended a new boy Steven that had just moved into his road. Steven was the same age as Kevin and had his blond hair long and wore the same styles as Kevin. The one difference was Steven was more of a rebel. He regularly skipped school and smoked and drank when his parents were at work or out in the evening. Steven started to persuade Kevin that school was for losers and Kevin started bunking off school and staying at Steven’s place smoking and generally lazing about. Kevin’s parents knew nothing of his new behaviour as he always dressed in his uniform and left for school on time and making excuses that he had done his homework with Steven.
It all came to a head when Mike, Kevin’s dad opened the school report for the year.
"Kevin get your backside down here now!" Mike shouted up the stairs.
"Yeah what the deal dad?" Kevin asked as he strolled down the stairs.
"Explain to me why your teachers are saying that you rarely attend classes now!" Mike shouted at Kevin.
"Chill man I have just been struggling a bit." Kevin lied. "A couple of the new teachers have got it in for me."
"Yeah? Well we will find out next week at the meet the teachers evening wont we." Mike told Kevin.
"Yeah I guess so dad, don’t forget I am at Steven’s this evening as his parents are out." Kevin told his dad.
"Home at ten Kevin you know the rules." Mike replied.
"Aww dad I am fourteen please say a bit later as it is Saturday." Kevin pleaded with his dad.
"When you are on school holidays I will think about it." Mike told Kevin.
"Fine." Kevin sighed as he made his way back up to his room.

"Hey mate got a ciggy for me?" Kevin asked Steven as he walked in.
"Course I have mate." Steven replied as he handed Kevin a cigarette.
"Cheers for that mate I need it after my dad gave me a rollicking over my school report." Kevin said as he lit the cigarette.
"Schools for losers mate you know that." Steven laughed. "My parents just looked at mine and put it in the drawer."
"What’s the plan for tonight then mate?" Kevin inquired as he flopped onto a chair.
"Few beers and ciggies mate as dad has bought home a couple of cases of lager from his works." Steven replied with a grin.
"Sounds good to me." Kevin laughed as he pushed his hair out of his eyes.
"Fancy a can then mate?" Steven inquired.
"Yeah man get the beers out." Kevin replied.
Steven grinned as he went to the fridge and got two cans of lager out and handed one to Kevin.
"Cheers mate." Kevin said as he opened the lager and took a long drink from the can.

"S**t who is ringing the doorbell?" Steven said as he put his can down and went to the door. Opening the door Steven saw Kevin’s dad standing there. Before Steven could say a word Mike pushed Steven to one side and stormed into the living room where he saw Kevin with a cigarette in one hand and a can of lager in the other.
"Get your shoes on now Kevin!" Mike shouted.
Kevin looked at Mike and then his watch and saw that the time was ten thirty and he was late going home.
"Dad look not is not like it seems." Kevin said as he stubbed the cigarette out and put the lager on the coffee table.
"I said get you shoes on now Kevin and we will talk about this at home!" Mike shouted at Kevin. "And I will be having words with your parents in the morning Steven!"
"See you tomorrow mate." Kevin said as he tied his shoelaces and stood up to go home.
"You will not be seeing Steven tomorrow you are grounded for the day." Mike told Kevin as they walked out of the door.
"See you man." Steven sighed as he closed the door and went back to his lager.
"Dad please don’t be angry with me." Kevin pleaded as he Mike pushed him through the front door.
"Get to your room Kevin we will talk about this in the morning." Mike told Kevin. "Now move!"
Kevin walked slowly to his room and shut the door before laying on his bed and drifted off to sleep.

"Oh my head." Kevin thought as he woke up still fully clothed from the night before. Kevin gingerly stood up and stripped before slipping his dressing gown on and walked downstairs where his dad was sitting in the kitchen reading his paper.
"Dad I am sorry about last night I forgot the time honest." Kevin said as his dad closed the paper and folded it.
"You are fourteen Kevin and you do not drink alcohol of any sort or smoke until you are the legal age." Mike told Kevin.
"It was only a couple of cans and a couple of cigarettes dad it was no big deal." Kevin replied. "I bet you drank at my age and smoked."
"I do not care Kevin but I will be making an appointment to see your headmaster on Monday and until then you are grounded and be grateful I do not use my slipper on you." Mike told Kevin.
"I will make it up to you dad please don’t do this to me." Kevin pleaded. "Steven is my best mate."
"I am going to see his parents a bit later and will see what they have to say about what happened last night." Mike replied as he picked up his paper and started to read it again.
"S**t if dad finds out the truth I am in deep s**t." Kevin thought to himself as he went back to his room and laid back on his bed and closed his eyes.

"Kevin get down here now!" Mike shouted up the stairs.
Kevin opened his eyes and stood up feeling better and walked out of his room. As he started to walk down the stairs Kevin saw his dad waiting for him not looking at all happy.
"I guess you have seen Steven’s parents then." Kevin sighed as he followed his dad into the living room.
"I have Kevin and Steven has confessed all about last night and about you and him skipping school." Mike told Kevin.
"I will start going back to school dad and make up for the lost classes so I am top of the class again." Kevin replied.
"I have been in touch with your Uncle James and he is on his way over now." Mike said to Kevin.
"What! Oh no dad please not Uncle James even my cousins live in fear of him." Kevin pleaded.
"Your Uncle James is headmaster of another school I know that Kevin and he is a disciplinarian but his sons have grown up to respect him and his authority." Mike told Kevin. "You will be transferring to his school for the next term."
"Oh great so my Uncle will be in charge of me." Kevin sighed.
"Ah here he is now Kevin so open the door for him." Mike said as he sat down.
"Good morning Uncle James." Kevin said as he opened the door to his Uncle.
"Good morning Kevin." James said as he walked in and went into the living room.
"I am so glad you could come James." Mike said as James sat down.
"Anything to help you Mike you know that." James replied. "Now Kevin you have been playing truant for how long from school?"
"About the last two terms." Kevin replied. "It started off as just the odd class but it built up over time."
"So you two terms behind in your schoolwork then?" James inquired.
"Yeah I guess so Uncle." Kevin replied.
"Mike I will gladly take on the task over the summer holidays including Saturdays to bring young Kevin up to scratch on his school work." James told Mike.
"What!" Kevin blurted out.
"He can come to my place and study there along with George and Marcus." James told Mike. "While he is at my school he can report to me at his breaks so he can do more there as well."
"That sounds an excellent idea James thank you." Mike replied.
Kevin just sat there with a look of horror on his face knowing that if he did not satisfy his uncle with his work he would feel the pain that his cousins did.
"He has two weeks left at his current school before the break and I will ensure that he is there." Mike told James.
"Excellent, I will see Kevin at my place at the start of the school holidays at eight in the morning." James said as he stood up. "Fancy a quick pint before I leave Mike?"
"Sounds an excellent idea James, I will get my shoes." Mike replied.
"See you Saturday Kevin no point in leaving it until the break." James told Kevin as he walked out with Mike.
"Six weeks of study." Kevin thought to himself as he sat on the sofa. "But as dad has popped out and mum is at her parents I will pop out and see Steven."
Kevin slipped his shoes on and walked the few doors down to Steven’s place and rang the bell. After a minute Steven’s dad opened the door.
"Have you come to see Steven?" Joe inquired.
"If that is possible sir yes." Kevin replied.
"You had better come in then." Joe told Kevin. "He is in the kitchen.
Kevin walked in and took his shoes off and saw Steven sitting on a tool with a towel over his shoulders and a man cutting Steven’s long blond hair close to the scalp.
"Hi mate I was going to come over and see you before I leave." Steven told Kevin as the man carried on cutting Steven’s hair.
"Leaving?" Kevin inquired with a puzzled look on his face.
"Steven is leaving and going to live with his grandparents and attend a military school there." Joe told Kevin. "He will be taught better there as we cannot trust him with school here."
Kevin watched as the man picked up his clippers and flicked the switch and pushed Steven’s head down and started to run the clippers high up the back of his head leaving him with a mere hint of stubble. The man then done the same to the sides before switching the clippers off and placing them back on the table.
"Short enough for you Joe?" The man inquired.
"Excellent work Richard he now looks ready for his new school." Joe replied.
Richard removed the towel and Steven stood up and rubbed the back of his head before walking over to Kevin.
"I will miss you mate." Steven said with a tear in eye. "I will send you a letter so we can keep in touch."
"Do that mate." Kevin replied as Joe opened the door so Kevin could go home.
Kevin walked home and sat on the sofa not believing what had just happened.

The next morning Kevin woke early and dressed for school before going downstairs where his dad was eating his breakfast.
"You will catch the bus from school this afternoon Kevin and I will meet you in St Johns Street at four fifteen got that?" Mike told Kevin as he ate his breakfast.
"Yes dad I will be there as Steven has now gone." Kevin sighed.
"Do not think for one minute this over young man I nearly agreed to send you off with Steven." Joe said. "Four fifteen do not forget."
"I heard you dad and said I will be there." Kevin replied as he picked up his school bag and left to catch the bus.

Kevin got off the bus and saw his dad waiting for him. Without saying a word Kevin and his dad started to walk up a small street off St Johns Street.
"Oh no please say he is not taking me to Basil’s shop he is real butcher of hair." Kevin thought to himself.
"Get in Kevin." Mike said as they got to Basil’s barber shop.
"No dad please not Basil I promise I will behave from now on honest." Kevin pleaded with his dad.
"I will not tell you again Kevin, now get inside." Mike told Kevin.
Kevin pushed the door open and walked in and sat down on a bench with his dad and watched as a young boy was getting his haircut.
Kevin looked round the shop and thought it had not changed since he last got his haircut there nearly two years ago. The walls painted a pale blue with pictures of men with slicked hairstyles dating back to the fifties.
"There we go sir that should keep him neat and tidy for the summer." Basil told the boys dad as he uncapped him.
"Good job as usual Basil thank you." The boy’s dad said as he paid for the boy’s haircut.
"Hello Kevin not seen you for a while hop in the chair." Basil said to Kevin.
"Please dad." Kevin pleaded as he stood up and walked to the chair.
"A very short crewcut if you would be so kind Basil." Mike told Basil as he placed a paper strip round Kevin’s neck before tucking the blue cape in.
"Time to make him look respectable again then Mike?" Basil inquired.
"He was caught smoking and drinking and also playing truant from school." Mike told Basil. "So the shorter the better I think.
"Boys these days seem to think they can do what they like." Basil replied as he picked out a comb from the jar of barbicide before picking up a pair of clippers and placing the grade four attachment guard on it.
Basil gently pushed Kevin’s head forward and placed the clippers at the nape of the neck before pushing the clippers through Kevin’s long brown hair depositing a mass of hair onto the cape before carrying on clipping the back to half and inch before moving onto the sides and clipping them to the same length.
"Boy I am going to get the s**t taken out of me tomorrow." Kevin thought to himself as Basil started to run the clippers over the top of his head.
"Looking better now Mike." Basil said as he removed the grade four guard and replaced it with the grade one guard. "You did sat a very short crewcut."
"Oh yes Basil a REAL short crewcut." Mike replied.
"Oh s**t how short is he going?" Kevin thought to himself as he looked at the clippers.
Basil placed the clippers at the side of Kevin’s head and clipped Kevin’s hair on the side of his head with the number one guard. Kevin watched horrified as even more hair fell into the cape as his hair was reduced to an eighth of an inch on the side before moving to the back and taking that down to the same length before doing the other side. Basil then replaced the number one guard with the two guard and ran that over the top of Kevin’s head leaving a quarter inch of hair. Removing the guard Basil then blended in the back and sides with the top before taking the bare blade clippers halfway up the back and sides and blended that in.
"There we go young man you are now looking far more respectable. Basil said as he removed the cape.
"An excellent haircut as usual Basil, a bit shorter on the back and sides but I think you made the right choice. Mike told Basil. "And he will be back every four weeks as the Army cadets need short hair.
"Army cadets!" Kevin shouted out looking at his father.
"Yes Kevin you will enlisting tonight after tea. Mike replied. "You will learn respect and discipline one way or the other."
"But dad I have promised to improve and with Uncle James teaching me I know I will get back to how I was." Kevin pleaded with his dad.
"You will enlist tonight Kevin that is the end of the subject." Mike sternly told Kevin as he paid Basil. "Or would you like to get back in that chair and lose the little hair you have left?"
"Ok dad I will enlist for the cadets tonight." Kevin sighed knowing he was beaten.
Kevin rubbed his head and felt the minute stubble on the back of his head as he walked out of the barbers with his dad and made his way to the car park where his dad had parked the car and climbed in.
"I really am sorry dad please believe me." Kevin told his dad.
"Until you leave school you will remain in the cadets and with your uncle for your education." Mike told Kevin as he pulled out of the car park.
Kevin sighed as he looked out of the window of the car knowing he was beaten and was to suffer the consequences of his actions with his best mate Steven.

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