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Kate and David by David

I thought it would be interesting to rewrite David and Nate as a Boy-Girl story for those of us who prefer them. My apologies to the original author. If he objects, I'll ask the Webmaster to remove it.

My name is David and I'm a junior in high school in a small town in Texas. I'm average height and average build with sandy blonde hair and thick-rimmed glasses. I'm definitely OK looking, and my family always used to ask me why I didn't have a girlfriend. Well the answer is quite simple; you see, I'm pretty shy. In fact, I had my sights set on one girl for quite a while. Her name is Kate. Kate was a very popular girl at school, being on both the soccer team and school debate club. She was tall and very well built with a long neck and medium to long chocolate brown hair. Kate and I were lab partners and eventually became close friends. It wasn't hard to tell that the two of us always had a flirty undertone to our relationship.

So one day I invited Kate over to study with me. I cleaned my room and went into the bathroom to make sure everything was neat and tidy. While I was there, I took a look in the mirror. My sandy blonde hair definitely wasn't long, but it wasn't buzzed or anything. I had always fantasized about getting a shorter haircut than this, but I never had the courage. It's not like short hair was unheard of in my town or anything. Some JROTC kids had buzzcuts. My cousins all went to a private school in town where boys were required to keep their hair under an inch in length. One teacher, Mr. Johnson, even gave extra credit to any kids who went out and got flattops like his. Even though I had such a fascination and attraction to short haircuts, I never could work up the courage to cut my hair shorter.

I hear a knock at the door and run downstairs to open it. There's Kate, pretty as ever, wearing a tight tee shirt that showed off her curves very nicely.

"Hey there, stud." she said with a smile.

"You’re looking a little shaggy." I asked her what brought that on. I knew that her brother always kept his hair cut off the ears and just reached his collar and that she liked the shorter look. She handed me her phone with a video of her brother displayed. I immediately took notice that his hair was shorter than usual. Nothing super drastic, but definitely shorter than usual. The sides would be too short to grab if you tried. It wasn't so short that the scalp was visible (though you could almost see some skin at the nape area.) Clippers were definitely used on the sides and likely even up to the crown, but nothing shorter than a #4. The top, which had been noticeably thinned out, was about 2 inches long and styled upwards and over to the side with product. I knew she always loved when guys got haircuts slightly shorter than usual like this.

"Hey your bro get a haircut?" I commented.

"Yeah he just got it right before I came here. It's a little shorter than usual haha." She blushed a little. I could tell he was afraid I wouldn't like it.

"It looks really great. I really like this shorter length on him," I added.
"You think he’ll keep it this length?"

"Thanks!" she smiled bashfully and grabbed a lock of hair at my nape. "I went with him to the barber with the intent of getting him a new hairstyle to keep. To be honest, though, the barber left it longer than I wanted."

"Oh really?" What she said had really excited me. "How much shorter did you want it?"

"Well I kinda wanted it done with electric clippers all around his head. Like one of those JROTC kids." she said shyly. "I mean he used clippers on the sides and even some towards the top around the crown, but I wanted him to try something super short."
I was still extremely aroused by the idea of getting a short haircut. It would feel so good with this Texas weather.

"You'd look great with a cut like that."

"I tell you what, let's ditch the studying and go get me a haircut." I told Kate, who clearly felt the same way about the idea as I did.

"Alright, but it better be a short one." Kate said, tousling my hair in a playfully flirty manner. I couldn't help but smile a big, toothy grin. "I'll take that cute little smile as a yes." I couldn't stop thinking about this haircut I was gonna get. I'm pretty scared to try anything too drastic like a flattop or a high and tight, but I have always wanted something like that. We find a barbershop that we're sure will give a haircut to the shortness we desire. We walk in and a waft a clean-smelling air blasts us immediately. Only one barber is on duty, and that's a fairly handsome 40 year old man with a ginger side part shaved down to the skin at the sides. A man in one of the chairs waiting to get cut has an incredibly short high and tight buzzcut; can you imagine having hair so short that when it exceeds 1/4", you go for another cut? In the chair is a very timid-seeming, handsome-faced teenager about my age who is strapped into an unfortunate big complex headgear braces contraption and being shorn to a very short flattop. He looks very embarrassed and his pale scalp shows that this is his first haircut this short in... well... ever. I know exactly what's happening to him. You see, in my town, there is on especially mean dentist named Dr. Higgins. All his victims end up getting fitted in headgear, which they are expected to wear 24/7. Most of these kids, whose popularity is already out the window, get their hair cut especially short to prevent discomfort with the headgear straps. I can't begin to imagine the embarrassment they feel. Once he's finished up, the boy gets up and walks to the door l and I recognize him as Gage, a boy I know on the soccer team. He must have gotten the Higgins treatment on Friday, because last time I saw him at school, he was not wearing that torture device.

"Hey, Gage." I say. He seems completely mortified.

"Hey, guyth." He says as he bows his head and rubs his newly shorn flattop. He speaks with a heavy lisp through all the wires.
"Dr. Higgins?" Kate asks.

"Yeah. That guy thuckth. He thayth I can't take thith thing off. I came here to get a haircut to make the thtrap hurt leth."

"The cut looks good on you though if it's any consolation." Kate says.

"Thankth. Well, I'm off. Thee ya." Gage attempts the best smile he can and walks out, now palming the bristly flat part on top of his head.

"Next" says the barber. I go up there and the next words I say even shock me.

"I'll have what the kid with the braces got."

"One short flattop crewcut coming right up." said the barber. The clippers roared to life and the barber started with a #2 all around the head except near the front. A grin spread across Kate's gorgeous face. I could tell she loved watching my hair stripped away as much as I loved having it done. The clippers started around my ears, freeing my skin and allowing it to breathe. The clippers then tore up my nape. The other side was then clipped the same length. The most surprising part came when the clippers were passed across the top of my head and the crown area. I now had a #2 buzzcut everywhere but in the front section of my hair.
Next, the barber switched the blades and began to taper the sides of the haircut to a low fade around the ears and the nape. Now for the best part, the remaining part of my hair was cut down to an inch and styled upwards where it was leveled as the barber made slight adjustments from each side.
What I was left with was a sexy and very short cross between a flattop and a crewcut, and boy was I turned on. On the ride home, Kate rubbed my short hair and we talked on and on about how good it looked and how I’m gonna keep it that way.
We got back to my house and went up to my room and sat down on my bed. When suddenly, Kate leans in and locks lips with mine. We continue to kiss as she pushes me down against the bed. The short buzzed hairs on the back of my head feel incredible against my pillow. I roll her over and she reaches up and feels my hair and she purrs in delight.

"Now for something I've been waiting far too long to do." Kate says as she locks her lips on mine and her tongue explores my mouth, and well... you know the rest. Needless to say, that's how Kate became my girlfriend.

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