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One Weird Dream/New Look by Dante Marchetti

Some info before we get started:
First, this is a TRUE STORY, Half of this story is a dream and half of this story is what happened after the dream, so get ready for some weird randomness in the dream part, this all happened on 8/6/2017 ENJOY!

Part 1: The Dream (this will be what I remember from my dream, which is a lot so It will be in 1st person)
I was hanging out in the bleachers of my school with my two friends, Zander and Noah. I was scratching my head and running my fingers through my medium length hair while pep rally was happening and the school had barbers going out giving guy male students free haircuts. One of the barbers who looked to be in his late 20s walked up to us and asked if I wanted a haircut, I shrugged and followed him to one of the classrooms they had set up for the barbers I sat down as the barber started asking me a couple questions "So what will it be for ya today young man?" I paused for a moment "hmm, I'm not really sure, you choose."

The Barber chuckled and bit and asked me to close my eyes to make it more of a surprise, I did so and when I opened them back up and I was surprised, my hair was no longer down to my shoulders but was faded in a buzz cut way and was cut very short at the top, my bangs were still there when the barber started combing in back and rubbed some stuff in it while combing it, he evened it out a bit before telling me he was done, I looked in mirror and smiled at how good I looked i thanked the barber and even gave him a 20 dollar bill before going back to my friends. My friends were really surprised by my cut and Zander even decided to go get one himself. After hanging out with my friends some more I decided that I wanted the top of my hair a bit shorter, I went looking for the barber but I couldn't find him anywhere. After what seemed like hours of looking around the school I found him and asked him "Hey, I really liked the cut you gave me but I was wondering if you could take a bit more off the top" The barber replied "I'd be happy too! I was thinking it was a bit too long but I didn't want to say anything, follow me." I followed him and sat down again, he quickly cut it and the change was amazing, I ran my fingers through my hair and thanked him.

Part 2: Real Life (the last part was a dream, and this literally what happens the moment I wake up)
I woke up to my dad pushing me and asking me a question, I didn't understand he was saying until I woke up a bit more "Son, get up, I'm taking you to get a haircut before high school" I sleepily replied "What? what are you talking about?" My dad, in a sterner voice, said once again "Just come on, Were going to the place I got to get haircuts so if we get there early we should be able to get home faster"

My Dad walked out of the room and I started stretching and lifting myself out of the bed, I moved my fingers through my hair realizing all of what just happened before was a dream, I got up and put on my usual clothes which were usually a black hoodie and jeans and some black Levi's boots, though before I could even put on a shirt my Dad walked in and pointed to some folded clothes on my table, I walked over and saw a couple dress shirts and polo shirts and some pairs khakis/chinos and a pair of boat shoes and dress shoes, I put a navy blue polo shirt, one of the pairs of chinos and the pair of dress shoes, I walked out to my dad when he ordered me to tuck in my shirt, I did so just rolling my eyes as we got into the car. We pulled up to the barber shop my dad usually goes too (which is a random local one so there's no point in saying its name). I got out of the car and went inside, one of the seats was open and one of the barbers welcomed me in and showed me to the seat when I sat down the barber, who looked to be in their early 30s, asked me what I wanted, My dad quickly showed him a picture on his phone which I couldn't see, the barber chuckled a bit and said (If you would like to see the picture that he showed, just add a comment mentioning your email so I can email it to you) "Ah, I got it, just hold your head still Sir."

I obeyed and kept my eyes locked on the mirror to see what he would do, I saw my long brown hair fall to the ground as he started buzzing my hair, I noticed that he was fading the sides of my head. I felt the air conditioning in the room touch my head, which was usually covered by thick long hair. Once he was done fading The sides of my hair he started working on the top, he did the thing where they get rid of hair on the line where your hair parts so its a permanent part, he evened out the sides so it mixed with the fade. Once he had cleaned it up he got some product and rubbed it in his hands before raking my hair back, he took a comb and turned it from messy to neat before blow drying it. The Barber looked at my dad and my dad gave him the thumbs up, my dad paid the Barber and we walked out to the car. While we where walking towards the car my dad tried to strike up a conversation "You look pretty sharp, I hope you like your haircut because I'm not letting you have long hair again, I'll be giving away your old clothes too" I felt my fingers back through my hair and down the fade and onto the collar of my shirt, when we got back into the car I looked in the mirror that's usually inside the flap to protect your eyes from the sun, I smiled "Wow, I look pretty good cleaned up" my dad replied "I'm glad you like it, this new look fits you way more than what you were doing before" I felt the top of my hair one more time before saying "Hey dad, when we get it trimmed down in a couple weeks, can we get it a bit shorter on the top?"

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