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Manny MPB: - Jason's Irritating Smirk by Manny

"Manny MPB" is a sequel to "At Manny's" - picks up where the previous series left off, when his precious flowing locks of caramel colored hair with fiery auburn highlights were just a memory and the inflicted MPB and combover were the present reality. Manny is still working in his hotel lobby barbershop, but looking like an old geezer instead of a stud-like playboy!


In time, Manny adjusted to the 'old geezer' look that Robert Holdred had inflicted on him. The painful memories of sweeping up dust-pans full of his treasured carmel-colored locks with fiery auburn highlists and dumping them into the barber shop trash can slowly dissipated from his memory. Now, when he saw himself looking with the awful combover, looking more like he was 61 instead of 41, he accepted it as much more appropriate look for a barber in a traditional shop. The gorgeous shoulder-length hair he had sported for most of his adult like never look right resting atop the white tunic that was his uniform.

Manny carefully arranged the combover's sparse strands that barely covered half of his denuded pate on top. It was Friday afternoon. The most anticipated moment of the week was almost upon him when his dream boy, Juan, would come to tidy up his assumed geezer look. Juan was quite efficient at shaving the severe MPB patch atop his head and applying the same dull grey hair dye that Robert Holdred had initially used on Manny to put an end to his playboy looks.

Of course, Juan would always find a reason to scold Manny during his session under the cape for squirming too much which would end with both of them in back, behind the curtain. Juan was even more proficient with the paddle than he was with the clippers, which suited Manny just fine. Manny savored the stinging sensation of his adult spanking like a true love pat or a term of endearment even though it lingered on for quite some time.

Just as Juan finished his usual discipline session with Manny to keep him humbled, the muscular bell hop commented, "We really need to do something about Jason! He's gone from bad to worse. All the bell hops feel the same about him -- his bullying and hogging the best clients. I'd like to haul him back here for a session with the paddle, Manny!" Juan laughed at his own idea.

"What he needs, to be taughter a lesson, is a session with the clippers!" Manny replied. "That mane of his is way out of hand. He'd never have been able to wear his hair that long under the old hotel management. Ever since Mr. Curtis, that hip new assistant manager, took over this place it's been changing for the worse."

Manny kept his eye on all the young bell hops, especially Jason whose thick blond mane always glistened in sun as he paraded around on the sidewalk in front of the hotel. He'd flick his heavy bangs back, periodically, sending the gorgeous forelock away from his big green eyes. Jason was very handsome, but a big jerk!

Manny fastened his belt. His rear still ached plenty. "Now that we're talking about Jason, it occured to me that I hardly see him any more. Is he working in some other part of the hotel?"

"I wish! No, he got a second job working evenings as a bar tender down the street, so he's really tired when he's supposed to be working here. Spends a lot of his time in a secluded storage area sleeping! I had to go find him the other day and literally had to shake him to wake him up!" Juan said. "In fact, I think he's there now. He doesn't get off for another 45 minutes, but he's not at the bell hop stand."

A steely, mean smile crept across Manny's face. "Fast asleep....dear Jason is. Ha! Maybe it's time he learns to not hide out when he's on the clock." Manny reached for a set of barber shears. "These are what we'll use to teach him a lesson!" Manny snapped the sharp blades open and shut a few times.

"Oh, Manny! You villain! That's a wonderful idea." He playfully tussled Manny's combover, which delayed their mission by a few minutes while Manny struggled to get his sparse strands back in place. Then, spontaneously, Juan drew Manny into a smoothering embrace and kissed his bare top. "I like you so much better as a mature old codger, Manny. That vain, proud man is a thing of the past, right? Admiring yourself in the barbershop mirror all day long! Best thing that ever happened to you....losing that girly boy look to the clippers. Your pride and vanity fell to the floor that very day you were stripped of your flowing locks."

Manny forced a smile, but his thoughts went back to the last glance at his pampered tresses being dumped into the barber shop's garbage can. He missed brushing his beautiful long hair and admiring the sheen and health of his mane. But, he'd never admit that to Juan. Juan wanted him humble, submissive and modest. And he wanted Juan!

The duo locked up the barbershop and put the 'back in 15 minutes' sign up. They crept down the hall to the storage room. Just as Juan predicted, Jason was inside, getting some shut eye. From the heavy, rhythmic breathing, this was no cat-nap. Dressed still in his bell hop uniform, Jason was fast asleep beneath the thick veil of hair that half covered his face. The longest locks approached the chin. Juan switched on the light, but Jason did not budge. He called his name out softly, but the only response was a snore.

"Quick, Manny!" Juan said, pointing to the barber shears in his hand.

Manny advanced toward the sleeping bell hop. How much to cut off? Just above the eyebrow, he decided. A good five inches would fall to the lap. As Manny slipped the blades into the dangling forelock, he saw Juan motion urgently with his hand.

Manny at first was confused but then realized that Juan wanted the bangs cut shorter. Higher up the forehead. Manny moved the shears up to mid-way between the brows and hairline.

The motioning continued. Farther up the forehead?! Juan was going to really inflict pain on Jason!

Finally, the shears were poised at the very top of the forehead! All of the cultivated mass would fall away! Manny felt a thrill as he slowly, but firmly clamped the blades shut and the first gleaming shank fell. They blond clumps tumbled slowly away from the sleeping bell hop's face.

CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH! The drive of the shears across the very top of the forehead continued deliberately, lopping off the forelock to a punishingly short length!

The snoring continued through the forelock's devastatoin! A stunning mass of lovely blond hair collected on Jason's lap. Once the shear-fest ended, Juan deposited a little note he had written atop the cut hair on Jason's lap. "Please do not abandon your duty station while you are on the clock. Report to Manny's Barber Shop in the hotel lobby at your earliest convenience. A more disciplined look will help you behave in a more disciplined manner while you are on company time. Mr. Curtis."

The next time Manny saw Jason, his peaceful slumbering face had given way to a very nervous, tension-fraught countenance. Manny saw him making his way across the huge lobby of the hotel, trying to shield his face as he went. Then he staggered into the door of the barber shop.

"My goodness, Jason! What happened to your bangs?!" Manny gasped, feigning ignorance.

"Mr. Curtis caught me sleeping in a storage room. I woke up and my bangs were in my lap! He said I needed to get a disciplined haircut. Look, here's the note he left!" the nervous fellow stammered, shoving the paper at Manny.

"Sleeping on the clock? Oh, my. It's a wonder you weren't fired on the spot," Manny exclaimed, pointing to the barber chair.

"I can't lose this job, Manny. I bought a condo -- had to take a second job to pay the mortgage. I'm exhausted, but can't afford to miss a payment," Jason explained, taking a seat.

"Well, I won't charge you for the haircut. And I know just what you need to impress Mr. Curtis. You need to really show that you're grateful he didn't fire you on the spot. Plus, you want to turn over a new leaf." With that, Manny picked up the huge set of Osters and swapped out the blade.

"Can you keep it as long as possible?" Jason asked hopefully.

"No, I cannot. Not if I want to follow Mr. Curtis' instruction and give you a very disciplined look." Manny switched on the machine and brandished the clippers in front of Jason's terrified face. "What happens to the shaggy lads when they show up for boot camp?" Manny asked gleefully.

"An i-i-i-induction cut?!!" Jason stammered.

Manny grasped Jason by the the heavy blond tresses that covered his collar and jerked his head back. "Precisely!" Then the clippers sailed across the top of his head sending mounds of glimmering hair to the cape.

Jason's usual smirk was completely absent from his face as he witnessed the brutal devastation of his trendy shag style. As his copious locks fell, they shimmered in the neon light of Manny's Barber Shop. Very quickly the cape was covered with clumps of his cut hair and Jason's head increasingly was left denuded. Manny handled the clippers like a master pro and quickly removed all traces of the shag. All Jason was left with as a brutally short #0 length stubble. The vulnerability of his uncovered scalp was intensified with a thorough dusting with the whisk brush. Jason sat immobile in a puff of talcum as the soft bristles chased away stray snippets from his whole head.

After Manny put the finishing touches on Jason's induction cut and uncaped him, the eager barber gloated in the affliction that the balded bell hop suffered through. "So, Jason, you've been inducted into the responsible workforce. No more snoozing in the storage closet! If Mr. Curtis catches you napping again, you might end up with a total chromedome!"

Unexpectedly, Jason was able to quickly turn the tables on his tormentor. As he climbed out of the barber chair, he flashed his characteristic smirk and casually commented, "I think I look pretty hot with this stubble. Quite macho, actually." The bell hop admired himself momentarily in the mirror. Then he added, "Actually, anything would be fine with me, except an awful combover like the one you started sporting recently, Manny."

Manny's face turned an instant crimson.

"I had no idea that was a wig you wore all those years. That long hair actually looked quite real. Now that I see what was underneath -- that pitiful MPB old geezer look -- I totally get why you did it. But, what possessed you to ditch the wig? I mean you look like my grandfather now....instead of a hot, well, you know, for an older guy....."

Manny was left speechless. His eyes struggled to suppress pooling tears -- anger or frustration, he couldn't tell.

Jason skipped out the door feeling his stubble and bidding adieu with a cocky chuckle.

Manny stared at his pathetic combover. He missed his beautiful mane desperately!

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