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No, not that short! by Josh Boy

My hair was long, really long. I needed a haircut. It was a Saturday morning and I had just eaten breakfast and decided to head over to the barber for a quick haircut. When I arrived there was no one there.

"Morning Josh, been a while since I cut your hair" said the barber.

"I know, my cut is really overdue" I replied

"So young man, what can I do for you" said the barber

The I made the mistake I replied "nice and short please"

Alright said the barber. When I said short, I meant that I wanted to get a good trim not a shorter haircut.

The barbershop was and an old dark barber shop with no mirrors and only one barbers chair. The barber fetched his clippers and got straight down to business. I had quite thick dark brown hair which I usually just got cut every couple of months. It had been 5 months since my last trim so I really needed a trim. I usually just got my sides trimmed with the scissors or with a long clipper grade (no.5/6) and the top left longer to style like a bang. When the barber took the clippers I presumed that he was just going to cut the sides down to a grade 6 like usual.

The barber oiled the clippers and gave the usual order to "tilt your head forward"
Buzz Buzz Buzz

The clippers were placed on the back of my neck and I could feel the cold metal. I could feel the clippers being pulled up towards the crown of my head and I saw the clumps of the shaven brown hair fall to the ground. The barber continued shaving my sides making his was around the sides of my hair. Finally the buzzing stopped and the clippers were put to one side.

The barber then sprayed water all over my fringe and combed it down. It reached well below my nose! The scissors were picked up and with three simple snips my bang was cut above my eyes. "That’s short I though to myself"

The barber kept on cutting removing more and more of my hair thinning and removing length. The barber then went round the back to get some gel to style my hair. Whilst he was gone I rubbed my fingertips over the newly shaven sides to feel how short they were. It felt like sandpaper almost. The barber returned and applied some gel to the top of my hair before removing the cape and placing a mirror in front of me.

What! I looked completely different. The sides seemed short. Really short.

"What grade are the sides" I asked

"I blended between a 2 and 3" he replied

I was so short but I kinda liked it!

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