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The Ultimate Haircut Game - Part 1 by Julian

You know I play haircut games. You have read my stories where I find ways to get unwanted short haircuts. I usually play roles and have great adventures pretending to be someone else who must get a haircut for one reason or other. For my next haircut game, I decided I will not pretend to be anyone else, just me. A haircut friend told me about a barber who, besides haircutting, specializes in male manscaping. I will be traveling around the area and my mind started to get creative and planed a new haircut game. I thought about telling him that I was sending a friend for a haircut and body shave, but I finally decided to be open, honest and play THE ULTIMATE HAIRCUT GAME.

This are the emails we exchanged:


To: XXX@xxx.com



Hi Alan:

My name is Julian, and I am from Chile in South America. I'm going to the USA for 3 weeks and I will arrive to LA, which means I might be able to arrange a visit to you.

A friend of mine who lives in California is your customer and he said to me "I cannot recommend JC highly enough. Great guy and got me so smooth! ". And besides that, I have read all the reviews about you and I am perfectly clear you are not only a professional in your field but a great person.
I have mixed feelings regarding haircuts and manscaping. When I was a boy I hated going to the barber and it was a big deal for me. When I was about 15, the awful experience of getting a haircut became also very arousing. I still hate haircuts, but getting one, especially if it is unwanted, excites me so much! The same goes for my body hair. I'm not very hairy but I do have hair in my chest, armpits and groin area. I love my body hair, but thinking about shaving it arouses me very much.

More than the action of haircutting and shaving itself, what excites me is "having to do it" or "being forced". Just going to a barbershop and ask for a haircut, is not a big deal, but being in a position where I am not in control, but in the hands of the barber, and if it turns out that he goes shorter than I asked for... that is just the best that can happen to me.
So.. when I heard about you, I started to think about the possibility of pay you a visit and ask for a haircut and a body shave. But again... doing it voluntarily is not a big deal for me.

After much thought and internal debate, I realized I could just ask you directly: would you be willing to "force" me into your services? A part of me does not want neither a haircut nor a body shave. But another part imagines going to your place and put myself in your hands, without saying a word, and just let you shave my body and give me a short haircut.

I know you are a very nice gentleman and maybe I am asking too much from you. Instead of requiring you to provide a kind and pleasant experience, as you usually do, I am asking you to take charge and be bossy and forceful. This could be too awkward and I perfectly understand if you are not willing to go along with this request.

Either way, thanks for reading my message. As you imagine, I rarely share this with anybody but I thought it was worth it to give it a shoot. Please feel totally free to say no if this idea does not appeal to you, I totally understand this is very unusual. In case you are willing to experience with me this adventure, it would have to be the Saturday, October 14th.

My best regards and I’ll be looking forward to hear from you soon,



Good morning,

I've had other clients request force them. I can be nice and controlling. I will not tell or berate. I will not be physically rough, but I will control you.

Be at my shop at 3pm on Saturday Oct 14th!


Perfect! Thanks!

A couple of things you can do to make this experience unforgetable:

1. I won't give you instructions. I'll be in your hands
2. Give me a haircut wearing just my underwear. I'd rather get it after the bodyshave
3. Cut my hair as you please. Just make sure I don't get just a trim and that a good quantity of hair is cut off. No headshave
4. Be generous with the razor around the ears, sideburns and neckline. Very high neckline and a big arc shaved over the ears will be highly appreciated.
4. No body trimming but shaving. I get a really bad rash when a blade is used over my grass. Everything else is perfect for a razor blade.
5. I'd love to be able to make a video. Can I just put my phone over a tripod and film the process? (specially the haircut)

I am really greateful for this


- You'll be fully dressed during your haircut. My shop is in a retail location and the barber chair is seen from the street.

- I will not shave your bush. I will trim it to avoid a rash.

- The haircut will be first (and there's a good reason for it). The manscaping will be second.


Ok.. understood. Thanks again


I'm really looking forward for this adventure. It will be the first time ever I haven't limited the amount of hair to be cut on top... I'm planning to flow and let him do whatever he does. I hate high necklines and shaved arcs, so I'm pretty sure I will have to go to another barbershop afterwards and get a razor fade. We'll see what happens.

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