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Grandpas different by john

I visit my Grandpa every year. Each year my parents take a trip to some luxurious place down south. We are a very rich family and I have pretty much always gotten what I wanted. I'm not old enough to stay home for a month by myself and my parents think hiring a sitter is pointless. I love him he is really cool. Even though he is 58 he has the class of a 20 year old. Unlike us he is pretty poor. He is somewhat fat and drinks a lot. His hair makes me shudder whenever I see him. It is really short, shaved down to a 000. He is really funny and fun to be around so I forgive him when he's drunk. I arrived on his small stone steps and knocked on the door. His wife had recently passed and he cranks so much I wasn't allowed to go to his house last year. I guess he is better now because he greeted me with a smile and pat on the head. I noticed he way his smile tightened when he saw me. Hell grandson he said somewhat cheerfully, Come in! I walked inside and put my suitcase on the couch. He sat down and told me to sit with him. We looked at a magazine filled with pictures of veterans. Then something unexpected happened. He pointed to one of the soldiers and said how'd you like this? I was puzzeled. Like what? This haircut. I looked at the soldiers hair. It was shaven down to less then grandpas. No not at all I said. He frowned and told me that that was too bad. I was getting nervous. What are you talking about? Grandson I wanna shave your head. He walked into the bathroom and came out holding a pair of Wahl clippers. I jumped back as he placed the blades on my forehead. Then he pushed them through my wonderful chestnut hair. Ahh I screamed and touched my head. Wait a minute nothing was shaved off. Hey I said realizing it was just one of his jokes. Grandpa I thought you were serious. I said he just laughed and put the clippers back into the bathroom. Later that night I sorta just camped out in the room he used when I came. He had Benn drinking and there were bottles on the floor. I was startled when I heard footsteps coming down the hall. Then my grandpa stuck his head through the door. He was drunk I could tell. Then he took a set of clippers out of his pocket. What are you doing? I asked. Grandson you know I can't afford to get you tons of trips to the barber. So what? I asked. Well I'm gonna give you a good summer haircut. Crap I thought. He was gonna shave me. Stop! I yelled. I'm just gonna give you a haircut he said chuckling. Then he walked over to my bed and sat on my stomachs. STOP! I screamed. Get off me! He put the clippers onto my forehead and turned them on. Then he plowed right through my long hair. No turning back now he said laughing maniacally. Then he repeated pushing the clippers through my remaining hair. Those eyebrows are so bushy he said. I'll give those a little trim too. He pushed the clippers through my eyebrows. I was so mad I started crying. I punched him in the nose and it started bleeding. He wiped away blood and took out a can of shaving cream. This is for all the trouble you've given me he said. He spread all of the white cream over my head. Then he took out a razor and scraped away the few bristled that still stood. See not so hard he said. Also now every week I will shave your head more so you don't have to take care of it. He got off me and still in tears I walked over to the mirror. I had no hair or even eyebrows. I was steaming that he had shaved all my hair off. Eventually on the court week I got used to being bald. When my parents picked me up I was happy to see them. They were shocked when I walked out the front door. What happened to you said my mom. Oh me and grandpa just messed around I said. Also when we get back home I'm keeping my head buzzed to a #2 all around. Well I guess if that's what you want you can keep the haircut said my dad still looking aghast. Thanks to my grandad I found my favorite haircut. I still am a little mad at him but he apologized and promised to stop drinking. As far as I know he's kept his word and now even though I'm 18 I still visit him during summer to get my head shaved. So my story turned out happy and Ive Benn good ever since.

The end...

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