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The Ultimate Haircut Game - Part II by Julian

This is a true story. No facts were altered or even exagerated a bit:

I have been playing haircut games for more than a decade now and they have brought lots of fun to my life. I have invented many different scenarios where I have to get an unwanted haircut (bets, job requirements, military requirements, annoyed partner, hot wheather, etc). In many of those games, I had to contact the barber in advance, pretending to be someone else who decides the haircut (the boss, a friend, a government person) trying to make sure that I would get a "forced" haircut by giving the barber the power of cutting lots of hair, even if his customer is reluctant.

As I said, it’s been fun and I have achieved many exciting adventures. And all of them have one common factor: no matter the story I made up or how strong and clear the instructions were, the barber wouldn’t go further than I allowed as a customer. Barbers are always afraid of going against their customer will and somehow, I as a customer, had to agree to whatever my pretended situation forced me to do.
That takes off some of the fun from the game but gives me something very important: safety. I know I can order a head shave for my employee but the barber wouldn’t dare to do it without my permission once I am in his chair.

This time it was a little different. Instead of pretending to be someone else when contacting the barber in advance, I was fully open and told him that I wanted a forced haircut and body shave. That made me nervous. I knew it was a dangerous game and I was struggling with the idea of really doing this or not. A part of me (Marcelo) was so excited and the other part (David) was really scared. In a normal situation, I would have called it off or at least send another email being more specific about the limits.
If you know me, you know that in all my games I make sure I don’t get much hair cut on top. In fact, I hate it so much when is short on top, that most of the time, I cut it myself and don’t let the barber touch it at all. I was aware that I didn’t take care of that limit this time. I almost send him an email telling him not to cut much on top… but I didn’t.
Last Saturday, I finally arrive to the place. I was shaking. I couldn’t eat. I almost chicken out but, on a last debate between David and Marcelo, Marcelo gave David some peace of mind: barbers never do anything against the customers will. He told David that if he felt in danger of going too short on top, he could just stop the barber and ask him not to cut much. With that, I went into the place.

It looks like a cozy barbershop. Not all style, but not a modern one either. I was welcomed by Alan, the barber and he noticed I was really anxious, so instead of getting me into the chair right away, he offered me some water and invited me to sit in a living room he has. He asked me about the traffic, the weather and confirmed that I was there for a haircut and a chest and pubic hair shaving. He invited me to his barber chair and I was going to set up my camera when he told me he had strict rules against filming or taking pictures. What a disappointment! For a second I decided to call the whole thing off. But, I had driven for 2 hours and planned the whole thing for a long time, so finally I decided to go for it without a video.
He said lets start with your haircut. I sat down in the barber chair. The mirror was behind me and he never turned it around, I was facing the door and had no idea what kind of guards he was getting ready to use.

I heard the clippers and he started to cut my hair in the back. I knew the clippers had a guard, the sensation was not the one you feel with a bare clipper. He didn’t event went to high, just up to the middle of the head. I was relieved, I knew it would be a not to short haircut and that would give me the chance to go to another barbershop for a fade if I wanted it shorter.
He passed the clippers now on the sides, just above the ears. He then switched guard and started to tapper the back and sides. I was getting a normal ivy league haircut. I think he took of the guard and started to cut over the comb in the upper part of the back and sides. I then started to get anxious again. I felt the comb too close to my scalp, he was cutting too much for the style I was imagining. He kept cutting for a long time, all around my head. I was very aroused and started touching myself.
I always do this and barbers don’t notice, but this one was aware of my fetish, so he did. The clippers were finally off. I touch my head with my hand. The damage was bigger than expected. It was short. He had taken off all the length around I knew I wasn’t going to like it much, but, well, it had been exciting not knowing what was he going to do. It has been a good game.
As I was touching my short hair trying to figure out how short it was, he said "I´m not done with your hair yet". I was expecting the water spray bottle to start wetting my hair on top for a scissors trim and I was going to let him cut it without the usual warning. I was really excited!

What happened after was like if it had happened in slow motion. I heard the clippers again, and I saw them approaching my forehead. He was pretending to pass them over the top of my head!! I literally scream "No" while looking at him making sure he knew I meant it. I was willing to go shorter this time, but clippers never. He stopped. Looked at me and hesitated. And then he ran them from my forehead, cutting my bangs and running them over the top of my head for the first time in my life!!

He was frenetic, the slow motion was over. He was passing the clippers rapidly all over the top, the crown, the upper sides. He was giving me a crewcut!! I was astonished. I felt the clippers running all over. My heat sunk. What had I done! He finally stopped. I felt so strange. Even without touching, I felt my head lighter, strange. I wanted to cry and I was also very, very excited.
He put shaving cream over my neck and shaved below the neckline. And then placed a hot wet towel over my head. It felt nice. I was still in shock. I didn’t want to see it and I was expecting him to show me my new haircut. But instead, he took off the cape and ordered me to go to the room in the back without looking at my self in the mirror.

I just followed instructions. We went into a small room with a massage table he uses for the manscaping. He asked me to get undressed. I took my shirt, shoes and short off. He told me to remove my underwear too. When naked he made me look in a full body mirror he had. OH MY GOD. It was short. I had a round head. A crewcut. Somehow I was expecting a miracle. Or maybe a bigger guard, but that looked like a #3 on top and #2 on the sides. The haircut of my nightmares. The one I was never were going to even try.

"Do you like it?" He asked. "No", I honestly said. "Never say no to me again. Do you see what happens when you do?" f***!! He took his role really serious. For the first time ever, a barber didn’t do what I asked, and I was there, naked and shorn.

I had to laid down in the bed. I thought he would clipper my chest and pubic hair first but instead he put shaving cream all over. He took a razor and started to shave my chest. I had long hair there… all gone. I had asked him not to shave my grass to prevent a rash… He didn’t care. He shaved me smooth. It took him a long time making sure not a single hair was left. Powder all over and there I was, with the worse haircut ever and smooth like a baby.


After the whole thing was done, Alan confessed he hesitated before running the clippers over my head when he saw my desperate looking but he decided to go for it because he thought it was what I wanted deep inside (and he was right). He felt really sorry for me while my 2 inches of hair on top was reduced so drastically.

The only fiction here is the name of the barber. He does not usualy does this kind of jobs. He did it because I come from another country and decided to go for i, but he is very concern about the professionalism of this business so unfortunatelly I am not allowed to share his whereabouts.


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