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The Ultimate Haircut Game - Part III by Julian

I was completely schocked. When I said to the Barber thru the email that he could cut my hair anyway he wanted making sure I would get more than just a trim, I was expecting a short haircut, but never a crewcut. Walking around with such a short hair all over was a new experience.
I couldn’t stop looking at my new self in every mirror I found while walking in the street and I kept touching my head all over still in disbelief. I didn’t like how it looks. My head seems so round… I was wearing the hair style I have ever dreaded.

Marcelo, the guy inside of me who loves to make my other self (David) get forced haircuts, was enjoying this so much. David was miserable and it would last a long time. At least a month before David would feel comfortable with his look again. But he was not done.

He started to think about "fixing" this cut. If David thought his head looked too rounded, maybe if the hair on the sides were removed, it would look better. David panicked. Getting it even shorter? No way!!

The struggle went on for a while until, as always, Marcelo was convinced it had to be done. David wanted to cry. David kept resisting... and Marcelo had to make sure he wouldn’t chicken out.
I was looking at the back of my head, and noticed that the barber had done another thing that Marcelo had asked in his initial email to him: a high neck line. It was high, but it was kind of tapered and not sharp. So why not finish the work? Marcelo made me took the razor and shave my neck, getting rid of the tapered hair and leaving a high, well-marked line over my neck.
I was so excited... it looked horrible: Crewcut with a high neck line…. But wait. I have asked the barber to shave a nice big arc over the ears and although he did cut that short, the line behind the ear was not well marked … what if I do it….. Marcelo was taking control.

I took my small clippers and took quite a bit portion of the hair behind my ear, trying to make a neat line. I didn’t do a good job. I was too aroused, not thinking straight and I took too much. I regretted immediately but there was nothing to do. I even it up in the other side and ended up with a mess in my back. (you can see a picture using the link in the comments).

Marcelo was quite happy, there was no scape now. I couldn’t kept that haircut, it had to be fixed. Next day all barbershops were closed, so I had to go around wearing that awful haircut and feeling humiliated.
On Tuesday, I headed to a modern barbershop for my new haircut. Marcelo was so excited. This was his biggest success ever. Not much to lose now. I couldn’t look worse and still with 2 weeks ahead on my vacations, it was now or never.

I went into a well recommended barber in Las Vegas. David was just exhausted and didn’t fight anymore. He just surrendered. He was going to let Marcelo did as he pleased. After the crewcut, he just felt hopeless and he had no more energy to fight or complaint. He would let Marcelo do whatever he wanted.
He saw how Marcelo asked for permission to make a video and accommodated the cameras. Then he saw how Marcelo took his phone and showed the barber a video where the guy got a very short fade that started from the middle of the head up and then the barber shaved with a razor all the hair below that fade line. And this shaving was not made after clipping the hair, but with long hair, just as how head shaving is done in India.

The barber saw the video and said he could do that. I sat down, not facing the mirror, as is used in the USA and felt how the trimmer clippers made a bald line about one inch above my ears, all around. He then started to work on the fade.

I kind of didn’t realize what was I really doing. If a fade starts bald from one inch above the ears, it means that most of the hair would be clipped off up to the crown. He worked for quite a long time with rapid and short passes of the clippers, going higher and higher while he changed guards constantly. David, sitting there, just resigned to lose the few hair he had, just felt the clippers running over and over.

Finally... it was done. The barber turned me around and showed me his job. I was practically bald all the way up over the sides and back, starting from one inch above the ears. From there down, what few minutes I thought it was short hair, now it looked really long compared with the rest of my head. I looked ridiculous.
He applied a mixture of water and hair conditioning over the hair soon to be razor shaven. He wetted it all around and let it soften the hair. After about a minute, he took the razor and put a new blade. He pushed my head down and started to shave all the hair he hadn’t touched yet. It was about one full inch of hair. I felt the razor sliding over my skin very smoothly while big chunks of hair where being removed. He shaved, and shaved. Now the razor was well above my ears, shaving. They went down to my sideburns and shaved them completely. The other side, had the same treatment.

When he was done, he turned me toward the mirror where I could see an almost bald guy. My treasured hair on top, the one I had being defended for so many years was reduced to less than half an inch and I was basically shaven in the rest of my head. The fade was so high that 80% of the skin of my head was totally exposed. I placed my hand over my neck and found a totally new sensation. There was no stubble. That familiar sensation of micro length hair of a fresh haircut was not present. Instead, I felt a smooth-shaven skin all around.

The Ultimate Haircut Game was over and I ended up with the shortest haircut ever

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