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My Boyfriend Going Bald By Choice! by Josephthepencilcase

I’d been shaving my head for multiple years; I’d been bald by choice since I was a teenager (I’ve already told that story) and I still had the fully bald head.
When I was seventeen and doing my A-levels I met one of my fellow students who I will be calling Tom. I went to this new college to do my A-levels and I never knew anyone there; I did make friends but on day one at this new place I met Tom and we hit it off immediately. He was basically my best friend straight away, he quickly became one of the only of my friends I’d spend time around, but I didn’t care.
But soon I learnt something interesting about Tom. When I finally convinced him to go to the same gym as me, we both went into the changing rooms and when I saw him I felt a rush. I’d known about my bisexuality for years, but I’d never even realised I liked Paul in that way, but from that moment in the changing room I couldn’t stop thinking about it and it came more apparent every time I saw him. What I noticed the most was his buzzcut, he had a kind of short buzzcut and because it was the first guy my age who I’d seen with this haircut I didn’t realise how attractive I found it.
After a few weeks of these feelings I was just about ready to come to terms with the fact he probably didn’t feel the same way (I was as bald a cue-ball after all) and I would never pluck up the courage to ask him about how he felt. But, one night when he came around to my house before we were about to go out to see a film he looked find of distressed. At first, I had no idea what was going on, but he soon admitted that he had feelings for me (he knew I was bi) and my heart leapt a thousand feet. He was my boyfriend from then on and I know that we were together I loved him more.
About a month later, we were on the sofa together in his house and I noticed Tom seemed kind of sad that day. He wasn’t openly weeping but he just seemed rather off. But, it was when we were on the sofa that I found out what it was, I caught a glimpse of his hairline and I noticed that it had receded slightly. I knew straight away that it was why Tom was sad that day.
"Tom, is your hairline receding" I said abruptly, being honest had built this relationship.
"Yeah, I noticed this morning and I’ve been bummed out all day because of it." He replied.
"Well, you have short hair as it is."
"I guess but it’s only going to get more obvious and I just don’t want to deal with that."
When he said that I immediately jumped up and ran over to my house (which was only a street away) without saying a word. At first Tom thought I was breaking up with him or something but a few minutes later I burst back in completely out of breath with a beard trimmer and a razor in my hands. The second Tom saw this he backed away in absolute fear knowing I wanted to shave his head, he almost ran off like I was going to tie him down and do it forcefully.
"Come on, this is the only way this is going to leave your mind completely, and you don’t seem to mind my bald head."
"I know but I don’t want to do it, I’ll look weird." This is the last thing Tom said before he walked off into the next room in a fluster. If it wasn’t his house, he would’ve got up and left. I was just about ready to leave before he immerged just as I was reaching out for the handle.
"Fine, if you say this is the only thing to do then let’s do it. And hair grows back after all." I felt a great thrill as I followed him up to the bathroom. I told him to put his head over the sink just like I did when I was in high school and I began to shave his head, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I took my time with the beard trimmer because I loved the process. And when the time came to apply the razor I savoured every sound as the razor slid over his shiny scalp where a crop of chestnut hair used to sit. When we were done and he washed cold water over his head he looked at himself in the bathroom mirror just above the sink, he tried to plat down his positive reaction but when he ran his hand over his head with a huge grin I knew he loved it. Now, a few years later, we’re still together and both sporting the bald heads.
This is kind of an aside but just a few weeks ago I forgot to shave my head consistently for about a week (this rarely happened before) and I saw the shadow of my hair. As I stared at this shadow on my head I noticed my own hairline had gone back a bit, not massively but it was noticeable. But to my surprise I didn’t care one bit, and it was the perfect reminder of why I shave my head.

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