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It had to be done by Toadstrims

Up to the age of about Fifteen years old I used to hate getting a hair cut. I was dragged to the hairdressers, and I would kick and scream when it was my turn in the chair. I never had longer hair, it was clippers on the sides, probably a #3 / #4 guard from memory and a couple of inches left on the top - which was never styled.

I wore this style for many years. As I got older, I slowly started to discover a fetish for short haircuts. I never had the courage to do this myself, but I always admired guys in my classes with short hair styles. As shorter hair cuts were becoming more common I was struggling to resist the urge to get a short hair cut. Going to my usual hairdresser, who never done a particularly good job - I would always ask for the usual. 3 back and sides and the top trimmed.

My fetish for short haircuts was getting stronger as the years passed by. Now I work in an office roll and non of my colleagues have short hair, they all wear professional cuts, you know the ones, just off the collar and just above the ears. I still wore the same haircut that I had from school, I'd had the same cut for about 20 years and never picked up the courage to try something different. One day my fetish got the better of me, I had a week off work so I knew non of my colleagues would see me for 9 days, and I was walking past a recently opened barbers shop, I couldn't resist the urge. I walked through the door, it was a really cool looking place, old school barber chairs, comics on the walls and a free beer was on offer for customers.

There were three barbers, all quite young. About my age, 25, or younger. All were with customers as I walked in. I didn't know what I wanted, but I really wanted to go much shorter. After a 20 minute wait, 'who's next' was called, I looked around and it was my time to jump up into the free chair. My heart was in my mouth, I had been to the last 'hairdresser' for evey haircut that I can remember.

As I sat down the barber asked me 'what do you want?' I panicked, and asked for a '1 on the sides and short on top'. It had been a couple of months since my last cut so my hair was touching my ears and about 3 inches long on top. The barber wrapped the cape around me and snapped the attachment onto the clippers. I was getting very nervous at this point. He zipped the clippers up the back of my head, and kept going to the crown, he done this a few times. He then moved onto the sides, I could see in the mirror that the #1 was showing much more skin that I thought, I was filling with regrets at this point. He finally finished with the clippers on the sides.

My usual haircut, my hairdresser would wet the hair and start trimming it, but this never happened with this barber... he took the comb and brushed all of the hair forwards. He then took the #1 off the clippers and attached another gaurd. I didn't know what he was doing till the clippers ran down the middle of my head removing about 2.5 inches of my hair. I was shocked but very aroused at the same time, I'd never had this feeling when getting a haircut in the past. I ended up with a 1 on the back and sides and a 4 on the top. I got home and couldn't stop rubbing my head, I just couldn't understand who I had never done it sooner. I love it! Maybe next time I will go even shorter... who knows?!

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