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Giving Jasper his first clipper haircut! by Josh Green

Sunday evening once again. It was the day before school after the summer holidays and it was time for me to give my teenage boys their haircuts for school. I work at a hair salon and I have three boys who are all aged 14 to 17 who are happy with me cutting their hair so I cut their hair to save some money. When cutting my boys hair the first job is always to find my first culprit. Today’s first culprit was Jasper. I decided to cut Jasper’s hair first as his hair took the longest time.

"Jasper!!" I screamed to call him down from his room.
"Coming Mum" he replied

Jasper was 14 and had sported medium length hair his whole life. His hair was always left in a messy style with lots of length. He also wore a messy bang/ fringe at the front. When Jasper entered the kitchen he popped his tee shirt off and sat down on the stool.

"Your usual trim then Jasper?" I asked

"Well actually Mum I wanted to try out a new haircut" he said

"Really, but you’ve had this hairstyle for all your life" I replied surprised

"I want to get the clippers on the sides" he said

"Ok, cool. What about the fringe" I replied

"Oh, that’s going as well" he told me

"Right let’s get going" I exclaimed

It was nice that Jasper was getting a new shorter haircut but I really did like his hair. It was golden blonde and it was so soft I knew that cutting it short would make him look so much older. Out of my three boys Jasper’s hair was my favourite to look at and to cut.

"We will start with a grade 4 and go shorter if you want ok" I said

"Great!" He replies

I oiled my clippers and fiddled with the guard to achieve the right grade of cut.

"The clippers won’t hurt will they Mum" asked jasper

This haircut was Jasper’s first with clippers and I had to explain that clippers don’t hurt and that it would all be okay.

"Head forwards please" I asked

Jasper tilted his head forward and I placed the clippers on his neck before slowly shaving the back of his hair. The amount of hair was astonishing and as he had never had a clipper haircut the hair was so thick. The buzzing continued as I removed more and more of his beautiful mop. I progressed slowly around his head until I reached the sideburns and cut them short. Finally the sides were shaved shorter and the clippers could be put down. As I was cutting the hair in the kitchen there were no mirrors so Jasper had no idea what he was looking like.

"Right Jasper, that’s the sides done. What shall I do to the top?" I asked

"Just remove the bulk and thickness" he asked

"Okay, I will do that. What about your bangs" I asked

"Urm just cut it shorter and leave enough length so I can style my hair up" he requested

"Ok, so you want a kind of quiff right?"

"Yes please" Jasper said

Now the top of his hair was ridiculous. It was so thick and the bang was down to his eyes. I decided that the straight razor would be needed for this job. Using my razor I combed his hair out and used the razor to thin the hair out and to remove the bulk and weight. Once I was satisfied with the thickness of the remaining hair I took my scissors and chopped his fringe shorter to allow him to style it up. The haircut was really taking shape now. I stood back to admire my work and figured that I needed to blend the top with the short sides. To achieve this I used the clippers and a comb to make the difference in length between the short and long hair look less apparent.

Finally I needed to sort out Jasper’s hairline. By this I mean his sideburns and nape. As he had never been given a shorter clipper haircut there were no definitive lines for the neck and the sideburns looked horrendous. One sideburn reached down to his mid ear whilst he other was barely above his ear!

I started with the sideburns and using my clippers I trimmed them to the same length and neatened them up. Next was the neckline/ nake. There was no shape whatsoever and his neck was covered with sprouting hairs. I decided that I should just block off the nape and cut it in a square so I did this using my mini clippers before I shaved off all the hairs on his neck. Job done!

I stood back and took a look. Well it looked nice but I personally preferred his old hair. The use of the clippers to make his hair shorter made the hair look white instead of golden blonde and he looked so much older.

I used a brush to remove the cut hair from his body before bringing over a mirror to see how he liked it. I prayed that he liked it as to grow his old style back would take a good 25 weeks or so.

"I love it" he said

Thank goodness I told myself. Now I have 2 more boys hair to cut

Now three months later jasper is still wearing the same short haircut and I have really grown to like it!


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