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Becoming a Shaved Man by Mike S.

Hi there!
This is a story of me finaly becoming the man I always wanted to be.

I have been fascinated since I was 13 by the idea of going threw my hair with some heavy duty clippers with a tight attachment on, like a #2 #1 or even without one.
It was a burning desire in me, that made my hands shake a lot of times, always wanting to just shave my medium lenght brown hair off.
But I couldn't for some reason. Shaving off my medium to short brown hair, stayed a dream for a long time:

At least 3 years, I watched Youtube-Videos of guys having their head shaved or getting a buzzcut or any kind of military style haircut.
So many times I wished to have the courage to become one of them.
About when I got 19 I found this website, reading about others storys and how they had the luck of beeing forced to have a head shave.

'Being forced to have one would be the best thing that could happen to me.', I thought.
So I started to think of ways to bring myself into a situation that would force me, like visiting a boot camp.
But I didn't have enough money for it, and my parents wouldn't pay for it, so a forced headshave continued beeing a dream.

On a nice summerday I was walking throug the streets of my town, enjoying the weather, when about 10 guys my age standing in a straight line in front of an barbershop took my attention.
I took a look form a safe distance, when I suddenly spotted a man in an military uniform coming out of the barbershops door.
I heard him shout in a very intense voice: 'Attention recruits! The barber will be ready for you in second. I will wait inside. Don't you move, or I will rip up your asses, understand?!'
They responded: 'Sir, yes Sir!'
That was when I understood what was going on: It's the local boot camp giving their trainees a head shave!!!
'F***! Why couldn't I be one of them?!?!', I said to myself in an very angry tone.

'At least I can watch them...' or can I...!
Suddenly I got an idea!
'No that will never work!.. but if it does...!!!', I thought.

I was so nervous, that my hands were shaking uncontrolable, but somehow I cooled myself, took a deep breath and started walking towards the end of the queue.
Everyone was facing in one direction so no one would notice me, I hoped. I quietly took the last position in the line.


I was breathing as quietly as I could, so the boy in front of me wouldn't notice, but my heart was racing so fast, it was hardly possible.
Everyone seemed to be very concentrated, thinking about what was about to happen.
After some time I was sure that no one noticed. Then I realiced what I just did! But at the same time it was absolutly sureal.

Then suddenly the drill instructor came out of the entrance. He was quiet young, about 30 years, himself having a shaved head.
He shouted: 'Attention! He is ready for us now. Only one at a time! We start from the front! Do you understand?', he said.
'Sir, yes Sir', they replied... then I noticed I forgott to reply too!!!

It was too late. The instructor looked at me with an angry face. Then approached me very closely with his face directly in front of mine.
'Do you want to mess with me, you little f***er?!?! You think your are something special, hm?!?' he screamd at me. 'Answere me!!!'
'no' I said in a very quiet voice.
'No, what?' he asked me.
'No Sir.'
'Say: SIR, No Sir. You bastard!!! The next time I ask you something you answer that way, don't you?!?!'
'Sir, Yes Sir.' I said. He obviously didn't notice that I wasn't a trainee of the boot camp.
'You f***ing disrespectful idiot! You need a special treatment, thats for sure! Get your ass in here!!!'

He gave me a push towards the entrance of the barbershop. I stumbled into the entrance.
Then he grabed me by the neck and dragged me to one of the barber chairs on the left.
'Take your f***ing shirt off and sitt down! I will take care of your hair by myself.'
I followed his command as quickly as I could.

Heavely shaking I waited in the chair for the procedure to start.
He noticed. 'A little nervous, hm? Tell you something: You shoud! The time of doing anything without permission is over, do you understand?!?'
'Sir, Yes Sir!'
'I will make a proper man out of you, that's for sure!' he continued.
Then he took the clipper on the desk, ripped off the attachement and plugged it in. Summmmmmmm... the clipper came to life.
I remember this moment in slow motion: This drill instructor looking at me, holding the very clipper that were going to shear off my hair and make me a man, a real man!
To be quiet honest: I was horny as f***! I had a boner, thats for sure.

He grabed my head and pushed the machine against my forehead and without saying anything he pushed it right down the middle of my head.
I was able to watch everything through the mirror and it was awesome. It reminded me of all the videos I watched, about other guys beeing shaved forcefully.
It was the best feeling I could possibly imagine!
Then the next stroke. He had my head in a very dominant and strong grip, pushing it in the position he wanted. I was living a dream!
Fantastic to feel the head becoming lighter and lighter with every stroke he made.
Soon the top of my head was only covered by stubble. Then he started to shave the sides with short and rapid strokes upward, first right then left.
Then he pushed my chin into my brest and continued at the back. As he was done, he let the blades glide over every part again to make it even. Then he turned off the cippers.

There I was: No hair on my head. I wasn't able to think at this moment. Just looking at myself was enough to paralyse me.
'Stand up.' the instructor said in a calm voice.
I did as fast as my body reacted. (not fast at all)
'Get out and send me the next one, understood?'
'Siir, yes Si..r'
Shivering to the bone, I somehow managed to walk out. I saw the next recruit alread starting to walk in. I walked by the line and took my position.
After a few seconds I turned on the spot and walked away, without anyone noticing.

Faster and faster I ran home. I entered the front door, runned upstairs into my bath, locked the door and took off my clothing.
There I stood naked in front of the mirror. I could see my whole body: It has become one. From my feet, my legs, erected penis, belly, trained chest to my newly shawn head. It looked perfect!
there is no way I can describe what I felt that moment. I had to stabalize myself on the sink.

Then I realized that I wasn't not done yet. Slowly focused the razor lying under the mirror.
I grabbed the shaving cream and spread some on my head. The razor was next. Every stroke against the grain was amazing.

After washing the remaining cream off, I looked in the mirror and finaly was a man... the Man I always wanted to be!

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