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Addition to “becoming a shaved man” by thadeusz

This short text was suggest to me by Mike S. nice story.

In fact, I suggest here another end to this story, but I could not place it as comment for technical reasons ("links are not allowed"). I hope Mike S. will not mind this suggested addition.

When the hero comes out of the barbershop with no hair left on his head, he is shivering and tries to leave discreetly since he did not pay for his haircut.
A Corporal standing near an Army bus tells him that as recruit he has to go immediately inside the bus. The hero says that he is not a recruit but the Corporal pushes him inside the bus and the hero, still shivering, does not react. When all the recruits have been shaved and are sitting in the bus, the Drill Instructor and the Corporal board also the bus which immediately leaves for an Army camp.

The hero claims again that he is not a recruit and does not want to join the military. The Drill Instructor tells him that he cheated since he got an Army haircut without paying. The DI adds that he is now also in a bad situation since he took with him, on an Army bus, a guy who is not in the military. He thus suggests that the hero should sign a document exonerating both of them. The hero, still shivering, signs immediately. The Drill Instructor tells him then that he just signed an enlistment form, without selected specialty and for 8 years active duty. The hero is no longer a civilian but a soldier and has to stay, against his will, during 8 years in the military.

This is how he pays for his haircut.

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