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Russ plays barber by Russ

I see this guy at the barbershop door shakily running his fingers through his lush mane of blonde hair that just comes to his shoulders. Hello I say to him. Jerry is out today but I can take care of you. Hi he replies as he enters the shop and sits in the chair. I'm letting my hair grow and just need the ends trimmed. Letting it grow I say. It's already quite long. Just how long do you want it? I want to let it reach down my back. Hmmmmmmmmm is my reply as I proceed to cape him up. I run my fingers through his hair and can't believe how incredibly soft it is. I start combing it back and forth and back and forth and keep doing it. Hey the guy says - are you going to cut my hair or just play with it? Sorry I say and I pick up the scissors. You want it cut so here goes. I pick up a large lock of hair and snip it close to this scalp. And do it again several times before he realizes what is happening. What the f*** are you doing he shouts. You asked if I was going to cut your air or just play with it and guess what? Playtime is over. Or is it? I start playing with his hair again as I reach for the clippers.. He cringes as the buzzing machine gets pressed to his head. In one fell swoop his crown is suddenly buzzed to bald and that look of horror is priceless. I just wanted a trim he cries hysterically. Well, I say, I can't just trim that stubble so I guess we're done. I remove the cape and see his throbbing bulge getting wet through his pants. So you do like the buzzed look I say as we both stare at his crotch. How about finishing it off with a shave? What is there to lose at this point he says so just do it. The lathering and shaving proceeds and in nothing flat his dome is slick bald. How about a shine I ask and he nods. I get out the baby oil and start rubbing his dome to a blinding shine. So he says as he leaves the shop, do you think Jerry can do just a trim now that I have a chrome dome? We both laugh as I give him a good bye head rub. And for the first time he looks at me and says he never noticed my shiny dome until now. Incredible I say. Was I just invisible? No he replies. I was just so focused on myself I never really looked at you. And for the first time he rubs his own head and asks if he can rub mine. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. This must be what heaven is like.

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