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Cut Short for the Holidays by drummer16

Growing up my dad always had my hair kept short. In the fall it was a short back and sides, in the summer it was a buzzcut or a high and tight. Some kids kept their hair longer and whenever I asked my dad for that he would surely say no. One time I insisted to keep my hair longer during school, even though it was already longer then summer, and after fighting with my dad he took me down to the barber shop that day and I got a number one buzzcut and kept it like that for two months.

When I got to college I decided to keep my hair longer. Clippers were really only used to tidy up the neck line. It was never long enough to cover my ears but everything was very full. When I went home for thanksgiving my dad did not
approve but understood i was now an adult.

Before Christmas my dad sent me a letter. It said: Son, I understand you're an adult
now but once a year I'd really appreciate
it if you came home with a nice short haircut. It would be a great Christmas gift to see you look neat and tidy.

Of course, I didn't want argue with my dad so the day before I left for christmas break I went down to the local barber shop. There were three chairs and some older
men cutting hair. No long after entering the shop I was motioned into a barber's chair. He put paper around my neck and caped me. "So what are we doing today?" He asked as he surveyed what could be described as a longer business men's cut. I took a deep breath realizing what was about to come out of my mouth and i said, "0 on the back and sides, leave about an inch on top, just enough to come." The barber smiled and said, "Surley."

Without much delay the barber fire up his clippers and took off the guard. He pushed my head down and ran them midway up my head. He ran it all around the sides too, and the more hair that came off the more i could feel a breeze. With each pass at my head more and more hair piled up on the cape. He then wet down the top of my head and I heard the crunch of the scissors. I got a bit nervous when i saw about three inches of hair falling. The final touch was when he combed my bangs straight in fromt of my face (the hung down a little below my eyebrows) and then cut them to a bit above half way up my forehead. When all was said and done I had a crips short haircut. It wasn't my favorite look but I could tolerate it.

When I went home my dad was very happy to see my new haircut and requested that I always come home looking like this. After a month I found myself right back in the chair getting my hair tidied up to keep the same style. I haven't looked back sense.

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