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Long to short... by Tom

I haven’t had my hair cut short since I was about 10, until now. I decided to get my hair cut short again for one reason, I was sick of my current hairstyle, it was too long and always in my eyes, I’d tried shorter versions of my hairstyle but they never really worked out so the long-ish style stayed.

I didn’t want to go to my usual barbershop so I went to another place in my local town, I walked in and only one other guy was having his hair cut and there was only one other barber waiting for another customer, I was glad that the barber was a woman because I prefer women cutting my hair. She told me to sit down in a chair and she then put a cape on me.

She asked me “What are we doing then, how much do you want taken off?”

I replied with “Quite a lot really, I was thinking of something quite short”.

“Oh right, quite a change then, any particular style in mind?”

“Maybe like a short back and sides”.

She then took clippers off a small hook in front of me and asked me “How short on the back and sides, a three or four?”

“Er, a bit shorter”

“Wow, you do want it cut short cut then, a number two?”

“Yeah” I said.

She took the number two guard out of the drawer, put it on the clippers and turned them on. She placed them at the back of my neck, at this point I was almost shaking, no going back now! She pushed the clippers up the back of my neck and flicked them out when she got to the top of my head, she kept doing this until all of the hair at the back was cut. She then moved onto the right side and worked quickly to cut the hair, when the right side was cut, she moved to the left side.

She then turned off the clippers and rubbed the back of my head with her hand, she must like the feeling of very short hair! She then asked “How short do you want the top then?”

“Pretty short, but not with clippers, like as short you can cut it with scissors”.

That’s like half an inch, not too short for you?”

“No that’s fine”.

She wetted my hair with a spray bottle, combed my hair forwards and took a section of hair and cut it so it was about an inch long, she took another section and cut that about the same length. She carried on doing this until all the hair on top was roughly the same length. She then took a section of hair and placed her fingers so they were touching the top of my head and cut off all the hair sticking up above her fingers, she continued doing this until all the hair on top was the same length.

She then picked up a smaller clipper and turned them on, placed them at the back of my neck and shaved a straight line across the back, at least that’s what it felt like! She then cleaned up behind my ears and shaved the sideburns.

She put the small clipper down and picked up the normal clippers, turned them on and re-did the back and sides. This time it felt even better! She turned off the clippers and put them down. She asked me “How’s that, not too short?”

“No it’s great, thanks”

She showed me the back with a mirror, it looked great!

I paid her and left the shop, I couldn’t stop rubbing my head!

I really like my new haircut, nice and short, just how I wanted it!

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