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Christmas Flattops by Tate@mail.com

My three men just left for the barbershop. The four of us are headed to get my dad from the nursing home this afternoon to bring him home to stay with us for Christmas. My three men decided to surprise him by getting flattops, his favorite haircut. My dad is a retired marine colonel, and this is likely the last holiday he will be with us. My long-haired husband got a flattop last week, which was an unexpected surprise that I adored. This week, my 13-year-old Lee said he wanted one, too. I suggested that all my men get flattops, and much to my dismay my 16-year-old Grant said okay. My father will be so happy to see my three men looking sharp!

We arrive at Toby’s, and I volunteer to go first. My heart is pounding! I tell the barber my brother and I are getting flattops. He asks, long or short? I tell him it is for my granddad, a marine colonel. He takes a huge set of clippers and buzzes the top of my sides, all the way around my head. OMG! He quickly removes the rest of the hair from the sides and back of my head. I’m colder. He runs the clippers from the center of my head to the back. I’ve never felt clippers like this. The barber says that’s my landing strip. Some product is applied to the hair I have left on top and brushed back to make it stand up. He uses his comb to help clipper the top flat. I do my best to sit still. I wish I could see what was happening. My dad has enjoyed watching and gives me a thumbs up. It is done. The barber removes the cape and I step down. I look in the mirror. I can’t believe it. Almost no hair left, but very cool! It’s shorter than dads! I smile at Grant.

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m going to look ridiculous. I’m caped tightly. The barber doesn’t even ask what I want. I must now have a white ring around my head... and a swath of hair missing on top! Oh, wow! This is happening. Lee looks like he likes it. It feels pretty good actually. Dad smiles at me. It’s for a good cause. My friends will get a good laugh. The barber rubs some goop in my hair and combs it back. I feel bald already. He flattens the top and tells me the girls are going to love it! That would be an unexpected surprise! Is it over already?! I step down. Look at all that hair on the floor! Is that me?!

I can’t let the boys have shorter hair than their old man! I’m going to get my flattop cut again. I’m in the chair. Should I razor shave the sides? I’m not ready for that. I’ve never had hair this short. I was a hippy! It is going much quicker this time. My boys look so different. I’m proud of them. The barber shaves around my ears with his straight razor. Maybe next time I’ll ask him to go higher. Next time!? Who would have thought we would all get Christmas Flattops? The colonel is going to be so pleased with me! Oorah!

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