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New hairstyle for brother’s wedding by Jasper P

I sighed as I looked in the mirror and ran my hands through my thick hair for the last time. I loved my hair but I agreed with Mum it was getting too long and messy. It was a Saturday and the next day was my brothers wedding earlier that week during dinner my dad said to me

"Jasper, listen, your hair is really too long for the wedding so I am asking you to get a haircut please. If you fail to get a haircut by Sunday it will have to be a Buzz cut given by me"

I definitely didn’t want dad giving me one of his buzz cuts so I decided that I ought to get a haircut. I strolled to the local barbershop and I went straight in.

Barber "Hi Jasper, a usual trim?"

Me "No, I need a shorter, less messy haircut for my brothers wedding"

Barber "Ok sure, how short are we going?"

Me "Whatever you think will suit me"

Barber "Righty leave it with me, I will find a nice hairstyle"

Now, at this point I’d better introduce myself. I am Jasper and I have messy hair with a fringe/ bang and my hair is a golden blonde. My hair is really thick and messy but I like it. Today was going to be my first change in haircut and my first shorter haircut. I was 14

Barber "I don’t have a picture to hand if what I want to do with your hair"

Me "Ok, so what shall we do?"

Barber "I promise I think that It will look good. Do you want to try it anyway?"

I had know this barber for years so I trusted that he would give me a good haircut so I replied "ok yes"

The barber placed the black cape around me and invited me to sit down. He then began combining my hair and he ran his hands through it as he worked out what he was going to do.

Barber "your hair is extremely thick innit young Jasper, can I shave it with the clippers?"

Me "ok" I replied tentatively as I had never been given a haircut with clippers before.

The barber then plugged in the clippers and the asked me to put my head forward as he placed the clippers on the bottom of my neck and quickly zipped them through my thick hair cutting it off. He repeated this action several times removing more and more hair until finally he stopped and the blades on the clippers stopped whirring. At this moment I felt the urge to feel the freshly shaven sides of my hair. They felt rough but I loved the sandpaper texture of them.

Next the barber sprayed water over the last long bit of my hair, my bang. He wet it and brushed it before he cut it off and he then took a blade and thinned it out. Finally he took the clippers again and formed some sideburns before shaving my neck.

He then placed a mirror in front of me and I took a deep breath before I looked. When I opened my eyes I looked completely different. The thick messy sides had been closely shaven and they looked so sharp and neat and my long bang was no where to be seen in its place was a good looking quiff that he had styled up for me.

I loved it! I didn’t miss my bang like I feared I would and I now had a nice new hairstyle!

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