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Curiosity gone wrong by GP

Back in the summer of 1986 I had stayed over at a friends house and was making my way home.....I took a route I kind of knew but hadn’t been that way too often, as I made my way along the road I saw a barber shop.....I’d never noticed it before as it was set back from the road, I stopped for a second and thought maybe I could do with a trim.

I opened the door into a proper old fashioned barber shop....I was fascinated and to be honest a little scared but proceeded to walk in.....a guy in his fifties wearing a blue jacket came out through a door and welcomed me to his shop and invited me to sit down.....by now the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy.

He wrapped the cape around my neck and started to comb my hair...then he asked what kind of haircut I wanted, my hair was not really long but I’m need of a good tidy up, so I said ‘I’d like it shorter at the back and the sides with a decent trim on top’.....he said ‘no problem at all sir’

Instead of going for the scissors as I expected he reached for the clippers and placed an attachment onto them, I’d not had not had really short hair for a few years, and wasn’t that keen on going back to it, he walked behind he placed his hand on my head and proceeded to push the clippers all the way up the back of my head, again & again he went up the back......this was going horribly wrong!!!

He moved to the sides and cleared all my hair off around my ears leaving a path of pure stubble, I couldn’t breathe, why was he shaving me, had I got my request wrong, or was this what he thought was asking for?
So many thoughts raced through my head as he put down the clippers and picked up the scissors and started chopping off my hair to within an inch of my head.

Finally he finished and I sat there dumbstruck as to why this had happened.....he returned to stand behind me to remove the cape or so I thought when suddenly he started rubbing shaving foam on the back of my head and around sides.....now was the time to speak up, but I couldn’t speak or move.....did I secretly want this?

He proceeded to remove the hair from the back of my head and up the sides with the razor, I sat there trembling as he scraped every lady hair from the back & sides.....he put the razor down and wiped me down, I stared into the mirror to see barely an inch of hair on top and fresh, clean shaved sides, I reached out from underneath the cape and ran my hand up the back of my head.....up and up I moved my hand until I felt some hair......I felt sick, or did I? It was so hard to determine how I felt at that moment.

I got up from the chair and crossed to the counter to pay, I asked the barber why he had taken my request and then ignored it in such a way that I was bald apart from a cropped patch on top......he replied ‘You asked for a short back & sides, so that is what I gave you, you could have asked me to stop at any point but you were enjoying it too much, 40 years as a barber.....you can read the signs’

On the walk home I started to think.....was this my fault? Did I secretly want this?
Either way I ended up with a severe short back & sides and a feeling of fear & ecstasy that i’ve not encountered before or since!!!

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