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The Occupation, Chapter 5 by Andrew Smith

The Occupation
(This chapter is part of a series titled "The Occupation". Please read the earlier chapters 1-4 for proper context and background.)


(This is a work of historical fiction. It is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings or support any agenda. Please view it as a haircut story with a different background. This story contains adult references.)

"I love you too! Gosh, I have never said that to anyone before. No girl or man. You, you are the first one, Robert." Marcel was so overwhelmed, he felt he was out of breath.

"Sadly, that isn't the case with me. I have had a few flings in the past with some other men. All discreetly, of course! I can't even imagine the Wehrmacht finding out about it. You know what they do to my kind, right?"

"You mean, 'our' kind?" Marcel corrected him. "Of course! Who doesn't?"

"Yes. Yes! Let's not talk about that. But before that, I just want to let you know that I will be totally honest with you during our time together. Please don't worry about that. And I understand that this "love thing" is a bit too new and, frankly, too much for you right now. We can go easy. We don't have to go all wild immediately. We can move it forward slowly. That is, of course, if you can resist this hot flattop of mine." Robert playfully rubbed the bristles of his flattop and winked at Marcel.

"Hmm, I am not sure if I like the top of your hair more, or these shorn sides and back," Marcel teased him by roughly rubbing the sides and back. "Say, how about we shave down this thick plush top to the same length as your sides? I would be willing to warm your bed tonight if you cut off these bristles."

"Ooh, anything for you Marcel! I will jump into the barber seat right now and run those clippers over my head. Or you can run them. If that will get you into my bed faster, I am willing to do that. Heck, I am willing to shave my entire head bald with a razor, just for you."

Marcel was a bit stunned. "Wait, you will do that for me? But you love your flattop!"

"Not more than I love you!"

They looked into each other's eyes and kissed for what seemed like eternity.

Robert playfully pushed Marcel back. "Whoa, easy there Marcel! It seems like you are way too eager to jump into my bed. Or are you way too eager to see me with a shorn head?"

"Haha! No. I am not that easy. Although I must admit " with that chiseled body of yours and a bald head, you will look quite sexy."

"Ah, is that so? Say, how about I shave my head and give you a matching haircut, eh? And if my razor slips down and shaves off your budding handlebar mustache, that would be awesome as well."

Marcel froze. He did not know what to say.

"But... but I am trying to grow my hair longer and grow my mustache to be able to curl it up. You said it would look good..."

"Hahaha! Look at your face! You look like you just saw a ghost. Oh, don't worry my Marcel. I was just teasing you. Come here." And with that, he hugged Marcel. He gently kissed Marcel and whispered, "Well, don't you worry. I will never ever cut your hair short against your will. I promise. And I will never ever trim your mustache, even if you want me to. It is your pride and you should grow it. In these days of the Occupation, we have very little left to be proud of. I can't and won't ever take that mustache away from you. Even after we defeat the Germans and get our country back. I promise you. I will never cut your hair against your will."

"Oh! I love you so much for being so gentle with me, Robert! I want to spend my life with you, if we can. I am willing to sin for you. I..."

Robert interrupted, "Shh! Hey, easy there. You are just getting a bit emotional right now. Let's spend more time with each other. When you are truly ready, you will know. And then we can consummate our love."

"But, how can I spend time with you? If I come over often during the day, people will wonder why I am visiting you. And if I visit you at night, I am sure the Wehrmacht will find out and we both will be sent away to camps." Marcel had a valid point.

Robert had a brilliant idea. "Say, Marcel, how would you like to be my assistant? Unofficially, of course. Sadly, I cannot pay you much, but you can keep all the gifts and gratuities that you earn."

Marcel did not hesitate a bit before accepting Robert's offer. "Yes! Yes! I would love that. Of course! We can then spend all our time together. And I would love to learn haircutting from you," he responded.

"That's great! But let me forewarn you: I get almost no gifts or gratuities these days. Heck! I don't even get paid for my job. These days, all my customers are these bloody German officers and they feel like they own the entire France. No one pays me! They come in whenever they want and they leave without paying."

"That's too bad! I wish that wasn't the case. Regardless, I am ok with accepting your job offer. I do not want any pay. I just want to be with you."

"Great! We will learn a lot about each other while working together. How about you start working today? Hold on, does this clash with your university or job? I don't want you to quit your studies for me..."

"Oh, no! I didn't go to university. And Pierre, my older brother, he doesn't want me to work anywhere much. He feels that I might be targeted by my co-workers because of him. Not that there are any jobs around during this Occupation. Plus, he makes more than enough for the two of us."

"Yeah, or so I hear... Say, how about you invite him here for a shave and I shave off that thick mustache of his? I will tell him that it is the latest fashion. Boy, would I love to shave off that mustache of his. I have seen him around town and snooping around my barbershop. He seems so vain about his mustache. Something about the Marchand brothers and their mustaches..."

"Hey, watch out!" snapped Marcel, "that's my brother you are talking about," he said with a naughty look. "Although, I must admit, he really is so vain about his mustache and his clothes. He spends a lot of time grooming his mustache everyday and snipping off tiny bits. I mean, how much does his mustache grow in a day anyways that he needs to snip it daily!"

"Haha! Don't worry. I won't shave off his mustache. And about inviting him here fr a shave, I was just joking. Will you tell him you work with me? Will he be ok with that?"

"I really doubt he cares about what I do. He is more interested in gathering information for the Germans."

"Oh, speaking of Germans, it's excellent that you will start work today. It might be a long work day. A senior German officer stopped by early this morning just when I was opening my shop. He asked me how late I stay open. He says he has three of his men that need to be "disciplined" properly. I wonder what he has in mind."

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