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Sir Yes Sir! by Dante Marchetti

(fictional story felt like the story intake has bin a bit slow lately so i just made this up)

My name is David, I'm 15 and I have long black hair and I'm decently thin, I was hanging out with my friend on Saturday when my life changed forever.

"What do you say" asked Matthew "Do you want to be a real man?" I shrugged while taking another sip out of my recently opened coke can, My friend Matthew where watching T.V. after staying up all night when he suddenly started asking if i wanted to be a man, both Matthew and I had been two of the rebellious types for however long we knew each other but recently Matthew had adopted a whole new personality, He got a fresh new haircut, shaved everyday, was kind and courteous, asked for people to call him sir to show respect, He had just turned 18 last month so people just assumed he was trying to get people to treat him like an adult, while this new attitude and look wasn't really my style I was still his friend anyway.

M: "I can help you out dude, come on"

D: "I'm not really sure what you mean, can you like show me?"

M: "Okay, lets go up to my room and i'll show you"

I followed him upstares, he motioned me to a chair in the middle of the room to which without a thought i sat in, Matthew quickly grabbed a rope and tied me to the chair, i instantly panicked and tried to free myself but the ropes where to tight and i eventually gave up, exhausted from the all-nighter. Matthew came in a bit later with some clippers.

D: "What are you doing?!"

"Quiet down, I'm being a good friend here and helping you out" Matthew snapped back

Almost directly after i felt snips of hair fall onto the ground, after what felt like forever he picked up the clippers and started shaving the sides of my head, switching to different guards and doing who knows what, by the time he was done maybe an hour had past, i felt almost no hair on my head

M: "Thats a lot better, go take a shower and come back and tell me what you think, you look like a real man now!"

I was stunned but what had just happened, mixed with the exhaustion of the previous all nighter and the shock of the experience i simply did as i was told and made my way to the shower, after i finished i looked in the mirror and to my surprise...
I looked great! I had an almost perfect crew cut, no longer was my head the home of a messy mane of black hair but was now the proud owner of a short clean cut style, i smiled in the mirror and walked out of the shower pulling my jeans back on, as i walked out Matthew threw me a blue collared shirt, something i would never wear, I put the shirt on, feeling like a new man and thanked Matthew for helping me.

M: "Told ya you look better, Come back every 2 weeks to get it shaped up, ya here?"

D: "I will dude, i will!"

M: "Dude? You are my friend but i feel like i deserve some respect for making you a man!" Matthew snapped

D: "Sorry, Sir, I will come back, Sir"

M: "Thats better, Much better then long hair aint it?"

D: "Sir Yes Sir!"

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