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That’s really bad by Ewoketehmaster

“Dominic!" screamed Mrs Shelter. It was 7:30am on a tuesday morning and Domonic was on his iPhone to his friends Joseph,Zak,Marcus,Luke and John. “Breakfast is ready" shouted Mrs Shelter again,to no avail. Domonic’s brother Matthew was ran upstairs and yanked the iPhone off Domonic.

“Oi,face off your fracking Kant" he shouted in a slang way. “I was thinking about a trip away tonight....

Dominic breathed heavily,emphasising his slight spring cold that was rushing on. Dominic was a nice lad,always going out with his friends,getting good grades and was in the local drama group,often presented as the highlight actor,you know the one that you really think will take London theatres when they got older. However he did not get on well with his family. His mother and father were dentists who often abandoned him with his older brother Matt,a similar guy with terrible acting skills but was a professional with anything mechanical. He was not very strict and tended to let his loose most of the time.

Matt dropped the vocals and walked away. Dominic decided to casually stand and walk out into the pouring London rain to the tube, a 5 minute walk. He looked down all the way onto the grey and creme pavement thinking of his latest role as a boy who experiencing a hurricane and had lost everything.

As he got on the tube,he rolled his eyes at a rare occasion-an empty seat. Come on,in London if you get a seat 3 days in a row,it works out as a 1/8000 chance! He slammed his heavy rucksack on his lap,rubbed his hand over his blond hair,in a wave at the front with hair touching the ears. He was vain about his hair- always shining,he absolutely detested it when he had to have it shaved over the ears for a role and anyone touching it would need to shield their jaw let’s say.

Next thing he remembered he woke in absolute horror-he had slept too long therefore he was on the other side of London to his school. He felt his blood power through his body like water just taken out of an arctic lake,his beautiful hair soaked with sweat and his face red as his maths book. He clopped away up the left side of the elevators and burst out into the cold winter air.

He decided to take some time off. He looked up at a Toni and Guy,with women sitting there getting their hair shampooed. He decided he was getting shaggy after all and decided on a trim there. Surely it wouldn’t be so bad.

He ambled to the store,on the way noticing signs for a new shop cutting men’s hair,shaking. He kept going forward....then backwards.

The new shop was practically empty,but Dominic observed the different types of clippers with a weird feeling in his pants. He was aroused! Without thinking he bolted in and sat down in the chair.

The shop was abandoned. Domonic looked for the owner but to no avail. He cast his eyes to the scissor selection-dozens are scissors,all with black handles a sturdy grip and differing sizes. He picked up the smallest one in the pack and some clippers and bolted into the back where there was a small,dirty bathroom-it was covered in grime with a strong smell of mislaid urine. There was a cracked mirror and a tap,dripping brown water from it. His hands were sweating madly,with a war in his head with the side of get aroused or place the objects back so he got to school for his French lesson.

Just one snip. He closed his eyes and to the left of his fringe...snip! Tense,he examined his beautiful blonde hair on the floor,come on let’s try with the clippers. He breathed heavily as he held the clippers near(1nm) above his fringe and...buzz. Automatically his middle finger aimed for the off but the muscle was concentrated in his penis-it was harder than diamonds- therefore with dismay it dropped on the floor.

It was then that Dominic stepped out of his trance. He picked up the damp clippers and charged through the door to the jaded desk. He looked around,his eyes blurred and dashed out to the tube stop. After he took his ticket and was on the platform,he looked in the shining bricks by the station sign. His hair was clearly damaged,with a dent in his fringe that would be obvious to his mates and his family. Nearly missing the tube,he sat down and contemplated what to do.

After a few minutes of mindless thought,like the battle in his head had just been brutally closed,he swept his hair to the side so his fringe was completely obsolete. Looking in the glass past business men and women with large leather cases,he thought he looked OK.

At school,he could barely concentrate. Marcus was next to him in Geography and he looked so anxious Marcus asked the teacher to let him be dispatched to calm down. He took some deep breathes.

Almost as quick as those breathes was the sound every kid likes to hear- the 4:00pm bell. To his astoundment he found no other than Matthew waiting for him. “Come on mate,lets go to the barber" he exclaimed. Dominic felt physically sick;how could he show his brother he cut his own hair at 16 years old at a barber. In front of his friend Marcus and Joseph he burst into tears.

“Please no" he remarked. “Sorry brother" echoed back. He would have probably ran in front of the moving caretaker if his close mates didn’t get in the van with him.

The van had no seatbelts. The trio were bounced up and down like the cases on the tube. He decided to let out to his mates. “Marcus and Joe,I’ve cut my hair" he exclaimed while he felt the van slow down as it was nearing the doctor of the Victorian’s. Due to Matt’s infamously bad parking,the boys stayed silent as though speaking increased the kinetic energy they had.

It was pouring so everyone bolted in to the barber with an empty chair. While Matt was paying,Joe pulled down his fringe in horror.

“Dominic,that’s really bad,you’ll need a really short one to repair that" Dominic shivered nervously “How short" he said through teeth ready to clatter “Who knows,we’ll try and ensure it’s as long as it possibly can be" said Marcus in a calm tone.

“Dominic,you’re first-what the actual fack have you done you basket" he exclaimed. “I went mad" he gathered through clattered teeth. “Come on,get in the chair" the barber declared.

After an inspection,the barber asked “would you like a crew cut" which made Dominic freeze with terror. “Just do my summer cut" shouted Matt frantically. The barber turned on the clippers and wiped them up the right side of his head swiftly. He burst into streams of tears- Matt had curly blonde hair which was for most of the year in a crew cut but in the summer he went for a grade 1 on top with a fade with a fade down to the lowest clipper grade possible. He secretly thought it looked amazing but refused to cut his hair like him- this was his fourth haircut,after a cueball as a toddler,a cut from his belt to his neck when he was 13 and having his sideburns completely massacred when he auditioned last year.

The barber moved to the back and the other sides,with his mates eye watering at the length of their “lions" hair now. He was completely red and his penis was back to exercising. Up the left side went.

The barber left for a second and “I love shaved heads" was exclaimed by Marcus “It’ll be fine." Dominic then fell into a light sleep. During that sleep cold air brushed through his molecules of hair and his head felt lighter,like a monk after prayer. The warm clippers made a buzzing noise like bees on the warm spring day it was. But the best feeling of all was when Marcus,Joe and Matt rubbed the velcro on his scalp.

He awoke. He was shocked at how good a shaved head looked. Suddenly a full head of hair sounded really unappealing. Rubbing the stubble while the barber squirted some paint-smelling stuff on the marvel. “Marcus,that is really bad" exclaimed Joe pointing at Marcus smiling with his fringe entirely slaughtered. Dominic grabbed the clippers...


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