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A Christmas Gift by dukebaldfade

I got on the tube and immediately my fetish sense tingled as I saw an ad with "SKULLSHAVER.COM" emblazoned across it and a picture of a bald man shaving his head. My eyes lingered over the promise:
"90 Seconds
And Done!"

I could not help adjusting myself slightly to accommodate my sudden erection and hoped none of the other passengers would notice. I rubbed the back of my head and imagined what it would be like to have the skull shaver cupping my head and shaving off every vestige, every millimetre of hair.

I'd only just had my hair cut though. I was on my way back home from the barber where I'd had a last appointment before the Christmas holiday break. I didn't need a hair cut and certainly wouldn't want to show up to the family gathering completely slick bald. The barber had gone a bit higher with my fade this time, on my instructions, but he had also snipped the top a bit shorter while I hadn't been paying attention so it was about an inch long. I already had a shorter haircut and didn't need an even shorter one. But I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I walked back home and side-eyed all the barbershops (my trick for not looking as obvious about looking in). There were so many people getting their haircuts topped up before Christmas. Today seemed to be the day to go, but I knew Saturday would be even worse.

I unlocked my door with my keys and shut it with a finality that I hoped would quell my urge. But it didn't. I went straight to my computer and looked up the models on the website. I was enraptured by all the names and read over the specs of each one thirstily.

Before I knew it, I'd added one to my cart and bought it. Next day courier. I didn't know if I was going to use it but I wanted to have it - to turn it on and hear that sound and feel it in my hands.

That night, I barely slept with anticipation of my skull shaver arriving. It would be like Christmas come early. I spent the morning watching headshave videos and fantasising about my own possible headshave. At 12:30 the knock at the door came. I shakily signed for the parcel and shut the door on the courier. Now I was alone with the box.

I went to my room, hands sweaty on the brown cardboard, and sliced the tape with my pocket knife and opened the packaging carefully, cherishing the moments I had in the reveal. I loved getting fetish items, even if I didn't use them. I had a set of clippers I'd never used. Sometimes I just took them out sometimes from a box under my bed just to look at the shiny teeth.

Once I'd excavated it from the protective packaging and its fancy travel case, I turned on the skull shaver and held it as suggested in the ad. It was powerful, and the vibration sent a shiver through me. I turned it off, heart racing, a little scared of the power of my own arousal.

I heard a vibrating from somewhere else in the room. It was my phone, screen blinking on the desk. I answered breathlessly and tried to sound natural. It was my parents - they said they couldn't have me over on Christmas Day anymore and could I visit in the new year instead, perhaps February for my nephew's birthday. I agreed and hung up after wishing them a merry Christmas, trying not to sound too happy.

If I wasn't going to see them until February, there was no reason why I couldn't shave my head now and grow it back by the time I saw them. My thoughts reeled in the thudding silence. I could shave my head. No consequences.

I scrambled for the box under my bed and got out my clippers. I'd need to buzz my hair down before I could shave it. Shave - the very word made me hard. I took everything I needed into the bathroom and stripped off all my clothes as fast as I could, tripping on my boxer shorts in my haste.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I had a couple of weeks of scruff that I quite liked, and a neat fade with a styled quiff. I flicked on the clippers with the #2 guard on. I knew if this looked bad, I could grow it out again and it would look good in a few weeks, but bald was at least a month or two. I took a deep breath and looked at my reflection. It looked great as it was. Why was I doing this?

Before I could think any further, I plunged the clippers back through the very centre of my hairline. Like it or not, this was happening. I stared at the pelt of short hair I'd just mowed through my formerly hot style. I wasn't sure but had to keep going. I buzzed off more from the front. Showers of hair tumbled off the clippers. I passed it over the side blend and eliminated the contrast between the long hair and the fade. The vibrations felt so good, and I could hardly believe I'd resisted trying a buzzed top again for so long.

A thick scattering of hair covered my shoulders and chest. There were still some stripes of thick hair and I needed to go over to get it all more even. I drove the clippers over and over my head to shear off the remaining long hair, mostly around the crown.

The clippers weren't set short enough to cut any more than just the thick longer hair on top of my head so I didn't have to awkwardly shear the back of my head. As such, when I was done, I basically looked like I had a pretty good haircut still and not something I'd done at home. I looked in the mirror and checked I was buzzed down completely. My forehead looked much bigger and I had no bangs or quiff at all. It made my jawline look harder. The beard scruff and buzzed hair looked hot together. The hairline at the front looked a little ragged just because the hair growth was a little uneven, not receding. I took the guard off the clippers, inverted them, and lined up the ends of the buzzed hair lightly so it would look a little cleaner. I successfully resisted the urge to push the clippers back into my hairline and start shaving off everything, and put the clippers safely down.

I stepped straight into the shower and turned on the hot water, letting it cascade over me and push rivulets of hair down my skin and down the plug hole. It felt great to have the water on my head like this, without a thick mat of hair. I rubbed my hand over it and it felt so good, and so short. There was no resistance, just bristly heaven. The small amount of shampoo I usually used was now excessive and oozed over my head as I caressed it into my hair, surprised I could no longer grasp any strands. My hair was too short even to properly run my hands through. I lingered a bit in the shower, allowing the water to flow over my head and body, plastering my hair down. It was so weird not to have any hair falling over my forehead.

I got out of the shower and towelled myself off. This was the first stage complete. I would definitely wait to go any further. After I pulled my boxers and jeans back on, I swept up the bits of hair around the bathroom sink. It was so weird to think that this was attached to my head a few minutes ago, and now it was going into the trash. The mirror was misted over so I cleaned a little patch with my hand to look at myself. Wow, that was pretty short. I could see a little scalp through the top. I was still getting used to the new dimensions of my face now that the top felt unbalanced. But one thing was sure: I looked like a hot action movie star or video game character.

I needed to unwind a bit after all that excitement, so I lay back on the sofa and switched my TV to Netflix. I kept one hand on my head and gently stroked my bristles, trying to focus on the show but too wired to think about anything other than that skull shaver. I realised it would probably need charging before I could really use it. But did I want to shave my head?

It was a stupid question. I had the opportunity and I should take it. It would be the greatest Christmas present. I paused Netflix and set up the skull shaver to charge. Yeah, that would be good - I could shave it on Christmas Eve. I could spend the rest of today enjoying my buzz fade and anticipating the shave tomorrow...

Sunday morning came none too quickly. I woke up late, having got up a few times in the middle of the night, flicking on the skull shaver, and feeling overwhelmed with the thrill of how crazy this was going to be. I was going to try to put it off until the evening, so I went out for a run after brunch. It was a disappointing kind of weather for Christmas Eve, mainly grey and damp feeling, and the park barely distracted from all the thoughts running through my head.

I turned back after a bit and went homeward. My neighbour Emma was outside struggling with getting shopping from her car to her door. She didn't recognise me at first and looked defensive when I approached to offer my help, but then recognised me when I got closer.

"Hey, Harvey, you cut your hair! It looks great."

"Thanks. I got some clippers and thought I'd try some new things," I replied. "Need any help?"

She accepted and in a couple of trips we made short work of it. I caught a glimpse of her husband in the living room, with his shaggy grown-out floppy hair.

"Look, isn't Harvey's haircut great?" Emma said pointedly to her husband.

He looked up from his crossword and said, "sure, it works for a younger guy."

"I've got some clippers if you ever fancy a buzz, David," I said back jokingly. I decided to make myself scarce at this point because it looked like Emma was really keen to push David into getting a haircut and I thought I'd rather not be there for that in case I got an erection in my tight running shorts at the thought of David's long hair being shorn off into a tight buzz cut, starting with that full nape, working towards that floppy side-parting.

Back in my house, the sky was dull enough outside to make the Christmas tree lights feel cosy. I took a quick shower and crashed out on the sofa again as I had done yesterday. The gold and red baubles on my tree reflected all the lights and put me at ease somewhat. I realised this would be more comfortable with booze and food, so I heated some spiced cider while re-hydrating after my run and fixed a snack of some toasted nuts. I was feeling pretty damn festive, so I put on Home Alone while I waited for the evening to come around. I felt like a grown up kid excited for his Christmas presents.

As soon as the movie credits rolled, everything was alert inside me. It was dark outside now, and the last half hour of the film were a little agonising, especially as I knew exactly how it would end, but out of tradition I watched the whole thing. Each step towards the bathroom felt strange, like I was barely there. I stripped off my clothes again, and stood naked in front of the sink again.

The clippers were still plugged in right where I left them. I looked at my reflection and tried to imagine myself bald, covering my hair with my hands. My head couldn't be too knobbly. I took the clippers up and took off the guard. Bare blades.

I flicked them on. They seemed louder in the room today than they had done yesterday and I felt my cock getting hard. I placed them at the side of my head and eased them upwards. A tiny roll of hair built up, and got more and more hair as the clipper purred up my head. It reached the crown and the roll of hair sprinkled down my body.

The path was bristly short, but definitely not bald. With a chunk missing from my fade, now I had to continue. I took off another stripe over my ear. This was it. I was really giving myself a clipper shave. It still felt a little unreal.

I brought the clippers up to the middle of my forehead, and edged back into the hair slowly. The clippers chewed at the hair there with a metallic sound that felt way too close to my head for comfort. My heart was pounding right out of my chest as I shaved back. The hair easily creamed off my head, and underneath was stubbly scalp. I looked like a kid! I touched the bit I'd buzzed down, and it was like stiff velvet. It was harder than I thought it would be. Maybe I had just got used to the soft feeling of the #2 buzz.

Even though I didn't have that much to begin with, I was covered in hair in next to no time. There were a few uneven bits where I hadn't pushed firmly all around but I wasn't too bothered about those. I definitely didn't look as hot as I had done earlier. My ears looked more naked and the stubble on my head made me look a little childish. I was sure the full shave would only improve this, and those unprofessional slightly darker bits would all be erased with the skull shaver.

I dusted off my head with my hands. There was a spot behind my ear and on the crown that I'd missed so I went back over those quickly. My head was really warm and felt a bit small now it had no hair cover. The stubble was still quite alien.

I went back into my room to get the skull shaver from where it was charging. It cradled in my hand between my fingers perfectly. I returned to the bathroom, knees turning to jelly. I was really going to do this. I'd got almost there already, having sheared off my brand new haircut first to a buzz, and now down to bare blades. The skull shaver would take me even closer to being fully bald. I was still hard at the thought.

I switched it on and lifted it up to my head. My first impression was wow, those blades felt so good. I nuzzled it over the curve of my crown and felt dustings of hair on my hand. I was really shaving my head. I passed it back from my hairline at the front to see the difference. It was quite obvious where the skull shaver had been, reducing the clipper shaved stubble to more like a fine grade sandpaper. With the colour of my hair it looked essentially bald. I felt my cock twitch as my fetish gave in over my cautiousness and I rapidly ran the skull shaver back and around my scalp, clearing away the tough stubble and leaving barely any hair left. Within a minute or two I had gone over my entire head, but I repeated the action once more to ensure I was done, and to enjoy the vibrations on my scalp. Finally I turned off the skull shaver and the battery indicator showed 76%, which was more than I imagined but I hadn't needed to use it any longer than I did.

I took a really good look at my reflection again. It struck me how much more masculine the bald head was than the stubble. It looked a little pale but that wasn't surprising, but it contrasted quite dramatically with my scruffy beard growth. It was winter so I didn't have any obvious tan lines, but it was still a shade lighter. And whenever I rubbed my scalp, I was filled with that indescribable sensation of full skin contact.

I still had bits of hair stuck to my body, so I decided to shower those off. As I stepped into the stream of water, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of the hot shower on my bald head. It was incredible. I took care of my arousal situation in the shower too, unable to hold back any longer, and letting all that tight build-up go was the best I'd had in a long time.

Tomorrow, on Christmas morning, I could re-shave my head after a night of feeling the cool pillow cupping my naked head. This was the best gift I could have hoped for. Merry Christmas to me!

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