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Brotherly Conflicts by Ewokethemaster

Luke trudged up the stairs to his flat,how he hated London sometimes;the attractions were good,the food excellent,the school out of this world:however for anyone who likes to be lazy,London is crazy.

In his tiny lounge,he grabbed an apple from the reminiscent fruit bowl(which was cracked due to his clumsy brother) and sat down to read his snapchats which included a new one from Zach,advertising his Spanish homework only it was covered by Phoebe,his hamster-completely shaved. He read the subtitle "Phoebe,Dom and Marcus can both go to the hairless part of the bar"

It all made sense instantly. Dominic and Marcus where his best mates who as said in "That’s really bad" used to have long hair(well Marcus had the shortest hair in the group) but a few days ago after a mishap by Dominic,both had their heads shaved to pretty much bald. Luke had collapsed in shock when he saw them both,but he actually had grown to admit they looked a hell of a lot cleaner and mature. Most of school thought so too-multiple head rubs and compliments with the most annoying thing ever: Lauren,only the prettiest and most mature girl in the school was now digging Dominic. He was jealous.

He suddenly felt his boring brown hair in a rather irritated way,like it was some annoying itchy fabric Maverick Jones(the school troublemaker). He then realised how ordinary he was compared to his friends:Dominic was the drama king,Joseph was the sportsman,Marcus was the one promoting new things,John was the musician and Zach was the comedian;in comparison he was ‘bald’ with originality(he was the one with the best average grades but of course,what is special about that).

With that in mind he ran to his bedroom,which was small with barely enough room for a bed and cupboard,however enough room for doing his homework. He gasped for attention,the distraction of a silver-ranked chick grabbing him was daunting to say the least but when he finished he had his brother and sister in through the door. Shawn and Tilly were 15 and 14 respectively and he despised them.Luke had a flashback of earlier in the year when his brother made him go across London as a joke and was determined for payback.

He walked past his brother for no apparent reason with his big "I’m trying to be comical" smile,weirding his brother out. Just as he was about to go to the bar and get drunk, his brother hissed at him in a infuriating manner. "What" he yelled angrily. "Come to the bathroom" Shawn demanded absolutely enthralled. Luke ignored his brother,after all he was always a brat like that.

Walking down the high street with about five pound shops,he looked up to see Maverick Jones staring at him in the face. His jaw muscles squared up "Want a fight Mavvy" he thrusted out from his mouth,under such intense pressure he felt his teeth could pop out. That did it:he closed his eyes and leapt...

Suddenly he felt two sturdy hands at his hips. Maverick was laughing his head off;so much so he could have had a heart attack from the vibrations. Luke felt his new shoes get eroded by the rough tarmac as his dad shoved him into the escalator and took him up to the 13th floor.

Luke looked petrified. His brother had bleached his hair absolutely crisp white and looked gleeful. "How dare you Luke" his mum shouted red-faced "Sit down now." Luke sat down obediently,shivering. Silver came swooping over as Luke saw brown hair crawl onto his lap-a significant amount;shutting his eyes to shield the red eyes. After about a couple of minutes,it stopped as Luke ran away to the pub faster than his legs could carry him.

Once he arrived at the pub he looked in the mirror. His fringe was touching the curve onto his scalp and there was a white shadow on his crown. Luke then saw his mates in the corner.

"Joe,repeat Monday’s words" Marcus said while laughing along with the others. "Luke,that’s(peal of laughter)really bad." executed Joe,his face as red as his brew he was drinking. Dominic held out a brand new pair of clippers saying "Come on,Luke" before Marcus made everyone including teary Luke laugh by "Give him my summer cut"

BUZZZZZ. Luke loved having his head shaved. The fan of the pub felt glorious on his newly shaved head,everyone was rubbing his head(his favourite part) with large peals of laughter,the warm clippers against his scalp and the fact Dominic poured his beer over Luke’s head which felt amazing.

Joseph took a sip of his champagne. "Well I think that is a sexy look on you,I wonder how your mum will react" asked Zach. Luke smiled "I’ll tell her shaved heads are in this season and three of my mates are shaved. "There is only tw... started Joseph before he realised his head of curls was going to be massacred.

BUZZZZZ. Off with the hair he went,but he felt exactly the same way as Luke. Afterwards,after looking at their mature and clean heads and loving them,decided to see whether they should open up their own barbers.

They decided to research it...

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