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I'll Give You a Haircut , Come On! #2 by Jonathan

I stood and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. I was looking at a stranger. My head was basically a bald cueball! I'd never had my head shaved before. I examined myself closely. I looked tough and fierce. I expected to see some bald dork. I'd never expected that I'd look like some tough cholo. The more I stared the more I liked it. The ears just slightly oversized and sticking out a bit added to the boldness of my new look. The head shape amazingly right on. I'd hated that I'd agreed to let this guy Vincent shave my head at a party. Now I looked dangerous and felt different about who I was.

That night in bed I couldn't stop rubbing my head. I'd had longer hair covering my ears just the night before. It felt odd now to have no hair. I kinda liked the exposed ears and coolness of the night air on my scalp. It took a long time to get to sleep that night, but I finally drifted off. I had ideas in my head about how friends at work would react to my newly shaved head. I was nervous yet excited too.

I woke up suddenly to the loud annoying beeping of my alarm. I was groggy and tired. I'd slept little that night. I suddenly remembered that unexpected haircut I'd gotten. I reached to feel my hair. Yep just stubble on my head. It wasn't just some dream I'd had. I quickly got dressed for work and left. At the time this happened in the late 90s a shaved head was just becoming more common. Usually cholos and gangsters only shaved bald. A buzzcut was common, but totally bald, no not so much!

My first encounter with another person was at the 7-11 when I stopped off to get coffee on the way to work. You're bald said the clerk who I briefly talked to each day. That looks bad he said. My heart sank. I could sense by the look on his face he didn't mean it as a put down. No, that looks "badass" I meant. When he told me that I quickly cheered up. I was right then, I looked tough.

That morning at work I got nothing but good reactions. People actually liked it! Now I was not so mad at this guy Vincent with the tear drop tattooed under his eye. Maybe he was right. That longer shaggy hair did need to get shaved off after all.

The final topper came when I stopped off to get gas on the why home from work. As I pumped gas a girl around 20 approached me. She told me her friend in the car wanted to know if I had a girl friend? This was crazy!That had never happened to me before. It had to be the shaved head I thought.

Two days later a similar thing happened. I'd walked into a liquor store and a girl asked me if I was gay. I was offended, then she told me her friend outside had a crush on me. I said no, but I took the whole thing as yet another compliment.

A week went by and I realized my bald head was not so bald any longer. A thick black stubble covered my head. What if I loose all this newly found attention? I needed my head shaved again. I went to my friend Carlos's house. I wondered if Vincent would be there. He did tell me to come back for another head shave. No such luck, he wasn't home. I hung around an hour or so and in he came.

Oh hey, what was your name again bro he asked. Nathan I said. Did you come to get your head shaved again? Well yeah I was thinking... I knew you'd be back he said. Come on upstairs and I'll shave it all off this time. I wondered what "all" off ment. I soon realized when he said to come into the bathroom. He had a Bic razor and shaving cream on the counter. Just a minute I'm getting a chair he said. Take off your shirt Nathan and sit here.

A little nervous about that razor blade I finally did. Let's get this all off for you bro. Vincent took the clippers and whisked away the black stubble on my head. Next be let the water run hot last the sink. He took a mixture of warm water and shaving cream and lathered up my head. I'd never felt shaving cream on my head. It was warm and runny. In a matter of seconds Vincent was effortlessly shaving my head totally bald. I realized he had plenty of experience at this. He shaved his head regularly like this I figured.

I sat for what must have be only 5 minutes and it was done. He cupped warm water in his bands and rinsed off my bald head. He took a towel and dried the whole thing. It felt relaxing as Vincent's hands rubbed the towel over and over across my head. Look he said. I looked in the mirror. I was taken aback. This was another level of bald! The clippers had left a shadow of stubble on my previous haircut. Now I looked like a real street thug. Gone was a cute teddy bear I'd once looked like. I couldn't believe the change. From that day on I acted, dressed, and carried myself differently. I learned fast how to razor off my own head with the shaving cream. After that not a lick of hair ever grew back on my head again. I shaved it every two days from then on!

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