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My past experience buzzing by Ewoketehmaster

14 year old Marcus trudged home from his London academy with a ton of homework,craving the upcoming holiday to Malta. Bored on the tedious bus journey of playing sudoku and replying to his mates snapchats,he looked out of the window in utter horror-his hair,which he decided as a special last day of term treat to gel was going to get liquidated.

It was hot and humid in Europe at the time at 26 degrees in England(which was very strange at this time of year) and 35 degrees in Malta. It was especially noticeable when that morning I went for my pre-school jog in the park,which left me with a peeling neck and my brain heating up well past its optimum functioning point. What was worse is when the climate turned to rainforest-the feel of water evaporating on your T-shirt and shorts just feels rank to be honest.

My hair was about a inch on sides and in a 2 inch quiff on top which I liked,well to be honest not recently,especially lately. One of his classmates,Alex,who previously had shaggy brown hair,came into school with a buzz cut(very long compared to my 16 year old skinhead,about a 5 on top with 3/4 on the sides). Nevertheless,I couldn’t help impulsively stroking it,making him very annoyed.

The flight was in three days. Playing Mario on his games console,my dad walked in telling me it was chicken for tea and afterwards,he was taking me and my brother for our haircuts. I was ready to lose quite a bit of hair as I knew it would be a lot cooler in the scorching heat. I had no idea it would be as much as it was.

In the car with my brother Miles,I waved to my mates Luke,John,Harris,Dominic,Joseph and Zach. They all had relatively long hair,especially Dominic who had hair to about the middle of his back!

I walked into the barbers and after several minutes of my barber Sam perfecting someone’s high and tight,my brother went first into the barbers chair . My Dad said "it's hot,so take it down short."

Against my will,Sam shielded Miles from view. Miles had much thicker,longer hair,so much so the clippers had to run through his sideburns about 3 times on a lot of swipes. I decided to go to the toilet quickly and when I came back, my brother was done. He had about a grade 4 on the sides with triple that length on top,not much shorter than normal. I had always(since I was idk about 8/9) had a longing for bald or shaved heads. I thought they looked amazing therefore when I saw my brother have no alteration it gave me no hope my dad would ask the barber to at least get closer to that achievement.

I got in the chair and my dad waited for me to get cut.

I felt excited as he started clipping my head. The clipper running over my sweaty hair and removing it felt amazing and very refreshing. My haircut was going to be short. He then rubbed some cool gel onto my head which felt godly. I saw what I looked like and was amazed. Mine was a #3 all over.It was shorter as I had an well shaped head so looked fresh,clean ,smart and masculine unlike the pathetic sweaty quiff I was never going back to. I liked it and couldn't stop rubbing my awesome feeling head,but wished for it to go shorter.

However I grew it out sometimes.Every morning after that I pondered when the next step of the journey would lapse. During that time I had multiple styles-a crew cut,buzz cut,even a temporary Mohawk

My family and friends thought the buzzing looked smart and had given me self confidence to express myself,from then on calling me the mature guy in the group.Plus it is much cooler. You may be wondering why I decided to grow it out,well it was because I wanted to experiment,but it was when I was 16 when I decided to show my scalp-BUZZZZZ

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