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A buzz for Swim (Part 1) by BuzzBrandon

Brady was a normal kid. He played lacrosse, hockey, and he swan on a swim team. He had always had long hair that girls loved. This is where our story begins.

Brady was a very smart student, which made his teachers all love him. In front of teachers he was an angel, but around other teens, he wasn’t the most well behaved. Brady had got put in prison for a Day because he had gotten drunk and punched someone at a party. His parents were so frustrated, but they didn’t know what to do. He was so smart he could figure something around their punishment.
He went over to his girlfriends and she had done his hair, like usual. She braided it and done it the way she liked. He had left her house and went straight to practice. His best friend Liam walked in to the locker room after practice with some clippers. He was standing in front of the mirror about to shave his head. "Liam are you crazy?" Said Brady and his friends. "It’s my only chance of winning. My long hair is slowing me down." He then takes the clippers to his head and shaved it off. His luscious blonde locks fell to the ground. Liam looked great. A #1 all over. Brady drove Liam home, and the whole time Liam was trying to convince him ti "Brave the shave" and to "just do it". But, Brady was not fazed.
The next day the same things happened school, lacrosse, and then swim practice. He was talking to the coach, and went into the locker room later than the rest of the guys. Half of them are bald like Liam. He is then chased around with clippers, being teased. At home he showers, and cleans up. He sees his Dad’s clippers in the drawer. He grabs them and throws them into his bag. First period of next day comes and before school he goes to drop off his stuff into the locker room, but falls asleep on the benches. He wakes up 5 hours later tied up in the locker room with guys all around him, and he was bald.
His friends had shaved him! His head and stomach. All on the floor around him was his hair. He had walked out of the room, where Liam looked at him and said "Your Welcome"
To be continued...

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