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headshave of a little boy by new look haircutting salon part1

Dear readers i am new to this website so before i start let me introduce my self ;i am Manu a youngster presently running a hair cutting salon for both men and kids and my shops name is new look hair cutting salon and it is situated in a suburban area . this will be the first story i am uploading to a website and here after you can expect many stories from me and that of my real experience . so i am expecting your suggestions and valuable comments on my grammatical error and improvement in writing skills thank you.

so let me begin my story
it was a nice Friday morning ;so as normal i begin with cleaning my shop before my first customer comes and i had almost done my cleaning process as it is a small room and i had only to sweep the floor and clean the hair cutting equipment's with antiseptic solution it will be ending with in twenty or twenty five minutes and usually my first customer will comes only after my cleaning process ends but on that day a lady along with her son came before i end up my cleaning . so i told them to wait for five minutes till i end up the cleaning as soon as possible .
while i am clening i noticed that boy and some tears are comming out of his eyes ,and he may be eight or nine years old and i am not particulare about his age but i am clear that he is on the way to his school and his mother is taking him to there as he is wearing his school uniform and his school bag is there in his mothers hand. but i didn't understand why he is crying .soon i end up the clening and told to his mother to take him for the hircut.
she stood up suddenly from the waiting chair hering my words and begins to loose the buttons of her sons shirt to remove it . after the shirt has been removed she told me "he has to go to school after this; that is why i removed his shirt " i said 'ok' as i understood what she mean .
i looked on that boy and sill there are some tears on his eyes .but i didn't understand the reason for that .it may be he don't like to get his haircut on that day any how i ask him to come and sit on the chair .he came near to me and looked on my face to please me not to give him a haircut .he don't want a haircut right now . his tearful eyes speaks out like that . i understood his feeling but i am helpless and can't do anything favour to him . my duty is only to obey his mother and give him what his mother asked for
he occupied the seat and i capped him with a golden yellow satin cloth .while capping him his mother revealed the secrete behind his tears and that was real a shocking thing for me also because his mother asked me to shave his head completely without leaving any thing on his head . as she said that i looked on his head .it is like a tiny feathers covering thickly on a surface which shines with a silky lustre . he is beautiful only in the presence of that beautiful feathers and if i took that from him with my butchering knife it will become a misdeed but i have no choice other than butchering his beautiful feathers
i took the water sprayer and begin my job by wetting his beautiful hair . i sprayed well enough amount of water to soak his hair and massaged slowly with my bare hand to make every part of his head get soaked including his scalp ;but i sprayed some more water again to get enough water to his scalp to give him a painless shaving experience .
now his beautiful hair was soaked and was stick to his scalp so i took a small break to load a new blade in the razor but i didn't look at his face as i am not having the courage. but i asked his mother why he is getting his head-shaved now ;and the answer she given was surprising .he was failed in maths exam so she put her son with a shaven head as a punishment .
i begin shaving from the back of his head with my butchering knife .it is just like sweeping a floor covered with full of hairs .after finishing the back i moved to left side and finished half portion with in two minutes and sprayed some more water as his hair gets dried soon and begin to shave from the centre and ends with the right side of his head .but when i ended up his mother asked me to shave his head in reverse direction to make it clean and perfectly smooth enough to shine while sunshine
i took the sprayer and sprayed some water on his shaven head and applied shaving foam on his scalpe and shaved his head again slowly and carefully in reverse direction by loading another new blade in the razor and i ended it with in five minutes .i applied some after shave lotion on his head which gives him a painful experience ; but after that i applied some talcum powder and cleaned his shaven scalp by rubbing with a smonge .i uncapped him
he stoodup from the chair and weared his shirt back while that time his mother paid me ;but i noticed that he is not having a cap to cover his shaven head . i asked about it to his mother and the reply was" let it be like as such and it is a punishment ."
for motivate him i told to him.'don't worry your hair will grow back soon' and after hearing my words he rubbed on his shaven head with his hand and looked on my face as he want to say something. i didn't understand what he mean but his mother given the answer "he will visit you after two weeks to do the same again and that will be continued till he gets good marks in the next exam so you can shave his head on an interval of two weeks and i am expecting some discount from your side as he will be your regular customer"
hearing that i replied 'OK madam i can give you an offer of 40 percent discount as he visit twice in a month'but hearing my offer she think for a while and asked me "can you give me a discount of 50 percent if he visit you in every week" hearing that i looked on that boys face and think for a while .if i am OK with that deal that boy have to shave his head on every week and if i am not OK with that he can grow some hair with in that two weeks of time and that won't last and he have to loose it to become bald again . so i decide to give that offer as if he get his head shaved on every week hair won't grow back too much and that growth will be minute so that he can get comfort with his bald head
'OK madam i will give you 50 percent discount if i get the opportunity to shave your sons head on every week',i replied but hearing my reply that boy stared on me but i told him 'you will shine in this bald head'

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