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Uncle Jann by Jann

Uncle Jann
This story happened in 1974, when I was 14 years old. Like every year, I went to Tete Berte for the first three weeks of vacation. She had 3 oldest sons 16 years old, the middle one was my age, and my youngest was 13 years old. Tete Berte died of a husband, so he raised the boys alone. I loved to go to him because we had many beautiful experiences with the boys. These years were the Beatles, and the boys tried to have the longest hair. That's why I, or my cousins ​​- the sons of Aunt Berta, were doing the same. When parents were very urged to cut me, it was just a small haircut
    In 1974, Aunt Berta became acquainted with a man who soon became her husband. I was not at their wedding, so I met him only after the arrival for the holidays. He was a hired officer. Upon arriving to Berta's teeth I did not believe my own eyes, all three cousins ​​had only short hair with only 2-3 centimeters of hair. I could not start my eyes.
On the second after breakfast, my uncle Ján said to wait for him in the car. I was glad to go to the car because we did not have a car. Well, the cousins ​​did not look forward, they were sad. About half an hour's drive we stopped at one old barber. We all obediently stepped out of the car and entered the barber without words. There were several wooden chairs beside the wall, and there was only one barber chair in front of which was an old man. Uncle John was warmly welcomed with the barber. What do you have a daughter, never tell her about it. No, it's not their cousin. We sat down on waiting chairs. After a while, the barber calls, "Please," please ... ... the eldest cousin without a word stood up and sat down in the barber's chair. The barber wrapped him in a white sail and asked, "How will it be today?" Uncle Jann answers, "as always." The barber takes the electric shearing scissors in his right hand. His left hand lowers his cousin's forehead and switches the scissors. I do not have a good view of my cousin, so I look at the pictures on the walls with extremely short cuts of boys and men. I did not even feel the shouting of the barber: "Another Please!" Only when my uncle Takes my hand and asks me to go to the chair. But I do not need to cut, I like this hair. Uncle John, he drove me down and took him to the chair. We have rules for us, and you will follow them if you like it or not. It was so fast that I did not even look at a choppy cousin. Until I realized what was happening, I was already wrapped in a white sail. How will it be? The barber asks. As everyone answers, Uncle Jann. The hairdresser brings me my beautiful black long hair. She picks up the comb and scissors and cuts my hair. It will be replaced for a while but for electric. With my left hand, my head bends forward, my chin touching my chest. I feel the metal teeth on my throat and start to sound the uncomfortable sound of the scissors. My head is as lonely as a lawn mower runs all over my head. On my sail my hair is about 20 centimeters. After tilting the head to the right shoulder, the scissors attach the scissors to the cheeks and advance high towards the top of the head. Looking at the white skin of the sleeping bones, I began to cry, and my left ear left my hair, which was repeated on the right. The barber exchanged the electric scissors, leaned his head back, and attached the scissors to the center of his forehead. When I looked into the mirror, a strange boy looked at me. At the top of the head, he had about a quarter of a hair and a stiff neck on his hips. Well, the barber is already on his hips and behind the white foam, which scratches gradually with a brim. When it is finished in the towel, it wipes the residue of the foam from the head. After being released from the sail, the barber stands by the mirror behind me to show me how the back of my head is shaven. It's already at my barber, my middle-aged cousin, waiting to be replaced. On the way to the waiting chair, my hands are trimmed by the hips and the head of my head, but I search for nothing but a tiny hair. Through tears I look at my oldest cousin. His head is very similar to mine. Suddenly, uncle Ján sits in the barber's chair, and four on my waiting chairs with shaved heads and topped with centimeters of hair. Holiday with cousins ​​escaped quickly.
Three weeks have passed and I and my cousins ​​have to go on holiday with us. The day before our departure, our uncle Ján took us into the barber again, despite my objections and crying. All four of us had a centimeter strut on the top with smooth sides and back. When the barber cut off his uncle Jane, a 10-year-old long-haired boy with his daughter stepped into the barber. As he looked at us, he pointed to us. Look what they look like, this is some butcher, let's go. Well dedo put him in the corner on the last chair with words. You see, they are much older than you, and they are happy they do not have to wear such a mop on your head like you. Before we left the barber, I started the boy's sister as he told the barber. Just like the boys who were here. It's a shame I could not see this tired boy by the end of the cut.
The common train journey to my home went quite fast even though we were over three hundred kilometers.
When I met my first friends, who were slow to laugh, I realized my drastic new hairstyle. The first days were therefore very bad for our four, and besides the laughter everyone wanted to try to laugh our heads .........

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