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Twins part 1 by Bald K

"Right I will see you later." Lance told his mum and dad as he slipped his lightweight jacket on.
"Don’t be too late as it is you and your brothers eighteenth birthday tomorrow." Mark replied.
"I know dad you don’t have to keep reminding me about it." Lance sighed.
"Well we are doing a special breakfast for you and Jake." Irene told Lance.
"I am only with James and a couple of others." Lance told his parents. "Stop treating me like I am a little kid."
"Why can you not be more like Jake?" Mark inquired.
"Oh yeah you would love that me sitting in my bedroom after tea every day and all weekend." Lance said. "I have a life outside these four walls."
"There is no need to be like that young man." Mark told Lance.
"Little Jake only got into the bank due to your bloody contacts." Lance replied sarcastically.
"And look at him already in line for higher position." Mark told Lance.
"Yeah and when I qualify as a car mechanic who will you be asking to look after his car and yours?" Lance inquired. "Just because I am not a yes boy like him the wimp."
With that Lance walked out of the house and walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus to go into the town.

"Hey Lance all ready for the big day tomorrow cuz?" James inquired as Lance walked into the pub.
"To right I am cuz they are not going to know what has hit them." Lance replied grinning. "Pint of white adder please Corey."
"Big day tomorrow then mate?" Corey inquired.
"Yeah I am getting my first inking done mate." Lance replied as he handed Corey a five pound note.
"Cool man what are you getting?" Corey asked Lance.
"You will see at the party tomorrow night mate." Lance replied as he walked over to James.
"You going through with it then cuz?" James asked Lance.
"One hundred percent yes cuz." Lance replied. "Now set up the pool table."
"Cannot wait to see your olds faces then cuz." James laughed.
"Yeah and when the other s**t hits the fan." Lance grinned.
"Hey guys anybody for a drink!" Thomas shouted to Lance and James.
"Yeah two of the adders mate!" Lance shouted back.
"So looking forward to legal drinking tomorrow mate?" Thomas inquired.
"Yeah and the rest of what is happening." Lance replied grinning. "You coming to the party?"
"Would not miss it for the world." Thomas told Lance. "Is Scott working tonight?"
"Yeah but he will be there tomorrow for me." Lance told Thomas as he pushed his hair back out of his eyes.
"You need a haircut cuz." James laughed as he took a mouthful of beer.
"My dad has been on at me for the last week to get it cut for the party." Lance told James.
"I am shaving mine tomorrow especially for the party if you want to come over and get yours done." James grinned. "And Scott is bald as well."
"Yeah I know Scott is a shaver cuz but can you imagine what would happen if I walk in with a skinhead for the party?" Lance sighed.
"Would love to see your olds faces if you did." Thomas said as he put the drinks on the table. "Who is doing your ink mate?"
"Liam is doing it at mate’s rates." Lance replied. "I cannot wait to get the needle."
"Nice one he is a great artist." Thomas said to Lance. "What you getting done?"
"You will all find out tomorrow at the party." Lance replied.

Lance heard his parents and brother downstairs and looked at his watch and saw the time was coming up to eight in the morning. "Guess I better make a move." Lance thought to himself as he pulled the duvet back and got out of his bed. Lance pulled on his dressing gown and made his way to the bathroom after picking up a towel from his wardrobe. "Today is the day when I get my makeover and hit the family with my new look." Lance thought to himself as he looked in the mirror before climbing into the shower. Lance quickly washed himself and his hair before getting out of the shower and cleaning his teeth before going back to his room where he pulled on a t-shirt and some jogging bottoms before brushing his longish hair back. "This will piss them off." Lance thought to himself as he got an elastic band out of a drawer and pulled his hair up so it was in a small top knot. Lance grinned as he looked in the mirror before he made his way downstairs to the kitchen where the rest of the family were sitting.
"Happy birthday Jake." Lance said as he handed him a card.
"What the hell have you done to your hair!" Mark shouted at Lance. "You look like a bloody girl!"
"Thinking of going for the man bun." Lance replied as he sat down at the table.
"You will get it cut decent before tonight young man!" Mark shouted.
"Yeah ok dad I will get it cut." Lance replied.
"Happy birthday Lance." Jake said as he handed him a card.
"Here is a small present from me and your mum as you will get your main one at the party tonight." Mark told Jake and Lance.
"Oh a membership to the conservative club thank you." Jake said as he opened the card. "It will give me somewhere to go at lunchtime when I am at the bank."
"You are bloody well joking a bloody membership to the old fogies club!" Lance shouted at his dad. "You know I hate that place!"
"Be grateful we got it for you Lance." Mark replied.
"It is so dull the entertainment is always the same and nobody our age goes in there." Lance said to his dad.
"Perhaps you will breathe new life into it and bring your girl along with you." Irene said as she placed a cooked breakfast in front of Lance.
"Yeah the girl we have never met." Mark said as he started on his breakfast.
"Whatever." Lance sighed. "Don’t forget she is cooking me my tea tonight so you will meet her then."
"Meet the famous Sophie." Jake laughed.
"At least I have a girl and do not sit in my room being a boring s**t all the time." Lance told Jake. "I would love to see you attempt to chat up a bird."
"Stop it the both of you as you know Jake is doing an online course to improve his chances at the bank." Mark told Lance.
"Yeah whatever I will see you at the party." Lance replied as he stood up and left the room. "I am off into town so see you then."
"I can give you a lift if you like as I have an appointment with Paul at ten." Jake told Lance.
"Yeah ok let me know when you are going." Lance replied.

"Thanks for the lift bro." lance said as he got out of the car.
"No problem Lance do you want a lift back?" Jake inquired.
"No bro I am doing some shopping and will probably shoot straight over to see Sophie." Lance replied.
"Ok then see you at the party." Jake said as he made his way to see Paul for his haircut.
Lance walked off and made his way to the tattoo place where Liam worked.
"Happy birthday mate." Liam said as Lance walked in. "Come on through."
"Cheers mate." Lance replied as he followed Liam into a room and shut the door behind him.
"Still want the dragon from your elbow onto the back of your hand then mate?" Liam asked Lance.
"Yeah so the head of the dragon and the flames are on show all the time." Lance replied.
"Better take your shirt off then mate and I will get started." Liam told Lance.
Lance removed his shirt and sat in the chair as Liam poured the ink into some pots before shaving the hairs off Lance’s arm and the back of his hand and placing the transfer on his arm and hand.
"OK mate as this is your first inking I better warn you that it feels like you are getting scratched as I do the tattoo." Liam warned Lance as he removed the paper and showed Lance the outline of the tattoo.
"No problem mate I bet I will feel more pain getting the metal done." Lance replied. "But the outline looks awesome.
"Oh yeah I forgot that after this Jen is doing your piercings." Liam said as he picked up the tattoo gun and dipped it in the black ink. "You ready mate as I cannot remove it after I start."
"Just get started mate." Lance replied.
"Ok here goes then." Liam grinned as he started to ink the outline of the dragon on Lance’s hand.
Liam grinned as he saw Lance flinch a bit as he started on the outline of the tattoo as Lance looked at his arm watching the outline of the tattoo develop.
After a while Liam finished the outline of the tattoo and changed the needle so he could start filling in the tattoo. Lance watched as the tattoo was filled in and the full effect of it took place.
"Tell you what mate it is looking better than I thought it would." Lance told Liam.
"I bet you are back for more ink soon." Liam replied.
"Fancy the black rose on my other hand like you have got to be honest." Lance said to Liam.
"Yeah well I think that would be too much for today mate." Liam replied. "After all this going to take nearly four hours."

"Well there it is mate and I must admit it looks awesome on you." Liam told Lance as he put the tattoo gun down.
"Yeah mate it does I love it." Lance replied with a grin on his face.
"Now remember to put that cream on it in the morning and before you go to bed." Liam reminded Lance as he spread a cream over the tattoo before wrapping it in cling film.
"Yeah I have it at home mate." Lance told Liam. "Now it is time for the metal to go in."
"I will just go and get Jen for you mate if she has not got a client with her." Liam said as he stood up.
A few minutes later Liam walked back into the room with Jen whoa was carrying a tray with heavy steel earrings on it and a piercing needle.
"Hi Lance you ready for the piercings?" Jen inquired.
"Yeah I am Jen hope you got the ones with the ball bearings on them. Lance replied.
"Of course I have lance." Jen replied as she placed the tray down. "Now it is three in your left ear, a septum ring and one in each nipple if I am correct."
"Yeah it is." Liam replied looking at the tray.
"Ok let’s start with your nipples as you have your shirt off." Jen said to Lance. "Just relax a bit and lean back.
Lance leaned back and felt Jen get his nipples hard and marked them with a felt tip before removing the piercing needle from the sterile packaging.
"S**TTTTT!!!!!!!!" Lance shouted out as he felt the needle pierce his left nipple and the steel ring inserted.
Lance heard Liam and Jen laugh at his exclamation as Jen prepared his right nipple.
"You know what to expect now mate." Liam laughed as Jen plunged the needle into Lance’s right nipple.
"OK Lance I will do the septum next." Jen said as she cleaned his septum ready for the piercing.
"Yeah I am ready for this as I know it will be painful." Lance said as he tried to relax.
Lance winced as he felt the needle go through his septum and the ring put in place before Jen placed the three rings in his left ear.
"There you go Lance all done and dusted." Jen said as she got up and picked the tray up.
"Thank Jen." Lance said as he got up off the chair and looked in the mirror at his new look.
"Only one thing left then to get done mate?" Liam inquired.
"Yeah and I am off now to get it done." Lance replied. "Love the metal and ink mate though."
"Let’s get the payment settled then and I will see you at the party later." Liam told Lance as Lance pulled his shirt back on.
Lance paid his bill and walked out into the warm sunshine and got his phone out. "On my way lover." Lance said as Scott picked up his phone.
"All done is it sexy?" Scott inquired.
"Yeah you just got to do the last part and is everything I ordered there?" Lance replied.
"All is ready and waiting mate." Scott told Lance.
"Be about twenty minutes then mate." Lance replied as he ended the call.

Lance arrived at Scott’s house and rang the bell and waited.
"Good afternoon Mr Thompson." Lance said as Scott’s dad opened the door.
"Happy birthday Lance." Mr Thompson replied. "We got something for you."
"You should not have done sir." Lance replied as he opened the box to see a pewter tankard in there.
"Hey sexy love the work Liam has done on you." Scott said as he walked down the stairs and kissed Lance.
"Yeah I love mate." Lance replied. "Let’s get the last part done shall we?"
"Me and mum will leave you two alone now I hope you both have a great evening at the hotel we booked you." Mr Thompson said as he slipped his jacket on.
"Hotel?" Lance replied with a puzzled look on his face.
"They have booked us in at the premier mate for the night." Scott told Lance.
"Thank you very much." Lance said as Scott’s parents got in the car.
"Right lover boy let’s get your hair sorted." Scott told Lance as he started to walk back up the stairs.
"Yeah well my dad has been on at me to get a haircut for a while." Lance replied as he followed Scott to his bedroom.
"Take a seat then you pierced and inked sex bomb." Scott said To Lance.
"Make me like you Scott, make me like my lover."Lance walked over and sat in the chair facing the mirror on the door of Scott’s wardrobe and watched as Scott caped him up before picking up a pair of Oster clippers.
"These have the 00000 blade on mate so will take the hair real close to the skin." Scott told Lance.
"Easier with the razor after that then sexy." Lance replied as Scott flicked the switch on the clippers and placed them at the centre of Lance’s forehead.
"Ready then mate?" Scott inquired.
"Yeah today is the day the real Lance Woodrow comes out of the closet." Lance replied with a smile on his face.
Without saying another word Scott ran the clippers down the centre of Lance’s head leaving a path of minute stubble on lance’s head.
"S**t these really do take it to the wood." Lance said as he rubbed the stubble.
"Yeah skinhead." Scott whispered in Lance’s ear as he ran the clippers over the top of Lance’s head.
"Skinhead I like that." Lance replied as he felt his cock starting to stir in his trousers.
Without saying another word Scott ran the clippers over the rest of Lance’s head leaving a tiny trace of stubble on Lance’s head.
"Skinhead, you are one hell of a sexy inked and pierced skin now lover boy." Scott whispered in Lance’s ear. "Let’s get that head smooth and shining now."
Lance stood up and could feel his cock getting even harder as he made his way with Scott to the bathroom and sat on the stool in there. Scott ran the hot water and soaked an old flannel with the hot water before putting it on lance’s head to soften the stubble. After a few minutes Scott removed the flannel and squirted shaving gel on lance’s stubble before massaging it into the stubble and picked up the razor.
"Ready to lose the final remnants of hair then lover boy?" Scott whispered into Lance’s ear before kissing him.
"Do it Scott make me a smooth headed skinhead like you." Lance purred.
Scott ran the razor against the grain over the top of Lance’s head as lance watched the last of his hair being removed by the slowly and expertly by the razor. Finishing the shave Scott wiped lance’s head with a towel before getting a bottle of baby oil out of the cupboard and squeezed some onto his hand before rubbing it over Lance’s head. Scott then picked up the towel and rubbed it on Lance’s bald head before removing it to reveal Lance’s now shining bald head and kissed it.
"Let’s see your tit rings then my skinhead boy." Scott said to Lance as they walked back into his bedroom.
Lance pulled his shirt over his head to reveal the heavy rings in his nipples. Scott pulled Lance close and gently kissed the nipples before pushing lance back onto his bed and getting on top of him and started to kiss Lance passionately.
"You look so beautiful now Lance that you have ditched the hair and the little mummy and daddy boy image you were forced to have." Scott told Lance as he kissed him.
"I have waited over nine months for this to happen to me Scott I am so glad you helped my find my true self." Lance replied as he pulled Scott closer to him so Scott could feel his erect cock on his body.
"True test is in a couple of hours after we have had fun sexy." Scott grinned. "You ready to face the family?"
"Yes I am Scott I have waited so long to tell them my true feelings." Lance replied.

To be continued soon

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