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The Time My Mom Cut My Hair by Sterling

I’m Sterling, age 13 and I like to have fun.

I had a black and blonde poofy Mohawk and it fit me really well. In fact, I had the Mohawk since the age of 6.

I limit it at times because trouble is that last thing I want.

In school I did something wrong and my mom picked me up from the library.
We parked by Subway and Marcos and my mom walked passed the both and I was confused.

We walked in the barber and I was about to ask what style I wanted but my mom cut me off and stated: "Just cut it all off"

And I thought to myself ‘maybe I should just listen because this is my mom and I can’t just disobey her’.

I expected the barber to do something about it but she didn’t, she just sat and said "he got in trouble didn’t he".

And you know the drill, she just cut all of my hair off.

I sat and cried, and cried, and cried, and so on.

I contemplated whether my mom even cared about me.

I mean, I’m literally getting my hair SHAVED OFF, in the middle school, it doesn’t get anymore embarrassing than that.

There were 3 people in the shop who sat and watched and didn’t do a thing.

I went to practice the same day and all the older kids made fun of me and so did my friends. My dad hit me with the "you look nice" when I new he was lying to me. I literally looked like a prisoner.

I have to go to school on Monday and you don’t even know what type of embarrassment is to come.

This was the worst day of my life.


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