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Mustache gone, love found... by BaldBearded

This story contains gay, sexual references.

Mustache gone! Love found.

Ted had one of the most amazing mustaches that anyone had ever seen. It was huge, it was thick and wide, referred to as a "Hungarian Mustache". It just so happened that Ted was Hungarian, 3rd generation American, his genetics were responsible for this great mustache. His father had one, and so did his grandfather before him. His mom’s side was Slavic, those genetics did nothing but add to his facial hair growing abilities.

Ted started his mustache as a teen and was proud of his heritage, so he let it grow. On occasion, he would grow a beard, but would always switch back to his trademark huge mustache.

While most of the mustaches of this type are at most a foot, measured tip to tip, Ted’s as an impressive 32 inches wide! When he had a beard, he would normally wear the mustache down, so as not to get in the way, and protect his pride and joy, and he would grow a beard in between events, that he started to compete in.

In the era of facial hair competitions, Ted’s mustache was a winner, having won competitions, the world over. At the young age of 30, Ted was a champion, and he was also going bald. Normally, this would have bothered him, since all the focus was on the glorious mustache, he just ignored it.

One day, weeks before a competition overseas, Ted spoke with his trusty barber Sam, and they decided that he would shave his head the day before he left, figuring it would make the mustache stand out even more. Normally he would always go to his hometown barber, Sam, who had been tending to his mustache since he started to grow it. Sam would give him quite the treatment, carefully combing and blow drying it into place. Waxing the tips, and not causing any damage. When Ted started to complete, his ritual would be to go to Sam and have Sam cut his hair short, and shave off his long beard.

Unfortunately for Ted, this was not to be before the big World Championships that were coming up. Sam was home with the flu, and the small shop was closed. Ted was panicking, he had delayed the shave until the day of his flight since he wanted to be groomed the day before the competition, and just freshen up the next day. Sam suggested that he just find a barber in the host city, and everything would be fine. Any barber could shave a beard, and they would just have to care about the mustache. He would have to groom the mustache himself, but he was used to it. He did not want to bother Sam about the head shave but figured any barber could do that as well.

Ted arrived in the host city and checked into the hotel. He greeted friends and other familiar faces in the lobby bar. They were surprised to see that he had a beard and started to ask if he was going to change category, as his beard had grown for about two years (since winning the previous World Championship). He assured everyone that he was staying with the Hungarian Mustache, but that he needed a barber. People made suggestions of a couple of places in town, and Ted said he would check them out. Ted entered the bar that was just off the lobby, and as Ted started his second beer, a big bearded guy who Ted did not recognize, said he overheard the conversation offered to help him out, saying that he was a barber. At first, he was hesitant, but the gentlemen insisted, pointing to his own shaved head as proof he could do a good shave.

Ted agreed and offered to buy his new friend a beer before going up to his room for the shave. They sat at the bar, beers and started to chat, the barber, Aaron, was an actual barber back in LA, and that he was competing in the full beard category for the first time. Ted said that he enjoyed the competition, but that his category was getting a bit too competitive, and he was going to stop after this competition because some of the other guys were tired of his winning all the time. Aaron suggested that maybe he change his category, like maybe a beard category, or a shorter mustache? Ted was taken aback, "I will never get rid of this mustache, it’s part of my heritage", and began to explain to Aaron about his family, etc. Aaron said it was just a suggestion, and that he was sorry. Ted was a bit on edge, but a third beer started loosed him up, and they went up to Aarons room. The dressing table in Aarons room had all of his grooming equipment laid out to take care of his impressively long, freestyle beard, as well as razors for his smooth, shaved head.

Aaron had Ted sit down in a chair, and wrapped a spare sheet around Ted’s neck, gently pulling the thick blond beard out of the way as he fastened a clip at the neck to hold it in place.

What are we doing, again, Aaron asked. Ted responded that he wanted his head razor shaved, and also to remove his beard, obviously just leaving the massive mustache, explaining exactly at what point the mustache started and the beard ended. Ted explained, in detail the borders of his mustache, and suggested that Aaron clip it out of the way. Aaron touched both of his shoulders and told him to relax, that he was a really a barber by trade, and he was in good hands.

Aaron suggested that they get the head shave out of the way first. He took a comb, and started to comb Ted’s fine blond hair forwards, he saw that the crown was almost totally bare, and he had just an island of hair in the front and had been rocking a basic combover. Aaron commented on the amount of baldness, and Ted mentioned that his barber had been cutting his hair since he was a kid, same style, and just moved the part further down, but that they had discussed a head shave, before the contest.

Aaron plugged in a set of big, red Oster clippers, and placed them at Ted’s hairline "you ready sport" Ted said "yes", and Aaron started quickly buzzing off the thinning locks from the top of Ted’s head’ leaving him with a perfect MPB horseshoe. Next, with the same clippers, he worked his way up the sides of Ted’s head, leaving him with perfect, inverse sideburns at the top of his ear. Aaron stopped, stepped into the bathroom, and got a small bowl of hot water, and a hot, damp towel, in which he wrapped Ted’s head. The warm towel made Ted relax even more, and Aaron picked up a brush and started to brush out the long beard. It was thick and shone. It was a pity Ted did not compete in a beard category, he would truly win. When he was done, the mustache dropped down below the bottom of the foot-long beard by about six inches, just amazing Aaron thought.

He took the towel off of Ted’s head and started to lather him up. The took out a straight razor, and with quick, short strokes, shaved Ted’s head smooth.

"What do you think, sport"? Ted reached up from under the cape and rubbed his head. It felt amazing. "I love it". At that point, Aaron started combing and sectioning the huge mustache and braided the long beard.

Ted found himself getting quite aroused. Kind of the same way that he did when Sam would groom him. It was especially intense when Sam would shave off Ted’s beard. It had never been this long before and was unhappy about missing Sam, and not fully understand the ramifications of what it meant to him on a sexual basis.

Ted lived at home and never had much of a social life beyond facial hair competitions. He was friendly, but the competitors were really mean to him, since he was so young, and won so many prizes. So it was basically his work, as an EMT, his dogs, and his family.

Aaron started playing with his mustache, and he found himself being aroused again. "I don’t want to shave off that beard, I am sorry, I just can’t bring myself to do it". Aaron put down the tools. "Aaron, I need to complete tonight", Ted was getting angry. "Compete in a long beard category", hell, shave off the mustache and compete in a freestyle".

Ted, normally, would have fought, but he was so aroused. "What will you do for me if I let you have my mustache". God, the thought, what was he saying? Aaron, not skipping a beat, grabbed the massive ends of the mustache and kissed Ted, deeply. Ted’s body was shaking, he had never felt this before. "There will be a lot of more that, in time for you to compete tonight". Not wanting to waste any time, Aaron took a small set of clippers and placed them at the top of Ted’s upper lip. And slowly moved downward. The mustache was very thick and did not give up to the blades, willingly. The heavy mustache made heavier with a couple of hair ties made a slick clump noise as it hit the sheet. Ted started to cry. Aaron, quickly did the second, putting the massive mustache pieces out of Ted’s eyesight. Next, he took the straight razor and cleaned off Ted’s upper lip.

Ted turned to stare at himself in the mirror. What a strange site. Totally bald, his lip exposed for the first time since he was twelve. And that huge beard. Aaron did not give him more than two seconds to contemplate his new look, before pulling him onto the bed and having sex with him. For Ted, it was amazing, after years of sexual ambiguity and tension. Feeling a man’s mustache on his bare lip, was unsettling.

When they were down, they showered and started grooming each other for the contest. "Maybe you could take my place in the Hungarian" Ted said to Aaron. Aaron was startled and instinctively grabbed his large dark, beard. "I have been growing this for three years, getting ready for this competition, and you want me to shave it". Ted responded, with a laugh "you just shaved off eighteen years of untouched mustache to get to f*** a virgin, I think it’s only fair.

Aaron awkwardly agreed. He had come to complete, by stumbling on to Ted was more than he had dreamed of. "OK, but I need you to do it, and quick we only have an hour".

Ted jumped to the task and quickly sectioned off Aaron’s massive, black mustache. The clippers clicked with a mighty thwack, and Aaron explained to him where to place them at his sideburn area, and work down. Now it was Aaron’s turn to cry, tears welled in his eyes as three years of massive beard piled up in his lap.

When the clipping was done, Ted unclipped the mustache, and started to spray and wax it into place, it was not as wide as Ted’s was, but it was still huge at 24" wide. A winner.

Aaron finished up Ted’s super-long Free-style beard, and they got dressed and went down to change categories.

The judges were stunned. They had seen guys shaving to switch categories depending on the competition, but never had a consistent winner to it from a slam dunk winner. As for the new-comer, he was stepping into a very fierce category.

The line-up was changed. When they announced the Hungarian Mustache category, the crowd started whispering as to what happened to Ted. However when Aaron stepped on the stage they cheered the newcomer, as his mustache was glorious, and it won him first place.

When the freestyle beard was announced, and Ted mounted the stage, the audience was shocked. To make it even more existing Ted had grabbed a paper mustache on a stick from one of the venders and hid his shaven lip.

When he stood up to show off his massive beard, he removed and the fake mustache, and the audience cheered and howled.

Ted won the category, and when the final results were announced, he was shocked to hear that he had won the best beard, and the overall winner of the show. Aaron wound up coming in second.

As he accepted the trophy, he announced that he was retiring, leaving the field open for up and coming beard and mustache growers, this leads the crowd to cheer even more.

After lots of partying, Aaron and Ted went back to Aarons room. They were exhausted but managed to make love again. The next morning, they showered, and Ted was staring at his stubbly upper lip. Aaron glanced over and grabbed the safety razor from off the counter. "Oh no, that was a one-time thing", you grow that f***er back". Ted laughed "OK, well same for you".

They had breakfast together and spent the rest of the weekend skipping the vendor mall, with its oils, creams, brushes, and vitamins. And explored the city. When the last night came, and they both needed to fly back to their expected cities, Ted was sullen. "I don’t want to leave you, you have changed my life". Aaron hugged him, tight, and gave him a kiss, right in the square". You need to come to LA. "But what about my family, my job, my dogs"? I have a house in Silverlake, with a nice yard. My salon is walking distance away, and LA is always looking for more paramedics, and you will make more money, and no snow. "You want me to move in with you, we have known in each for all of three days". Ted was surprised by the speed of all of it.

"Take a short leave of absence, come spend a month, and then make your decision," Aaron suggested. Ted said he would consider it, and the went back to the hotel, made their farewells and went to the airport to board their flights back home to their respective cities.

At the salon, Aaron’s co-workers gave him some huge ribbing about the beard but changed their tune when he showed them his trophy.

Back in Cleveland, Ted had a lot to explain. His parents and grandparents were shocked at the stubble that adorned his upper lip but were understanding of his decision, also pleased at his win, and retirement. The next conversation was not going to be easy. Ted explained about meeting Aaron, not delving into too much detail, and that he was going to take a month off, and fly to LA, could they watch the girls (twin Vizsla bitches). Ted was surprised how easily his parents took the news, and were more upset about his leaving, and less about the reason, as they had always known their son was probably gay.

The next stop was work. After ribbing from his co-workers about the mustache, his commander understood about LA and signed the paperwork to give him a month of leave, with the possibility of two more. The last stop was Sal. Ted’s arm was trembling when he opened the door of Sams’ shop. Sam greeted Ted with a big hug and a tug on the massive beard. "What’s with the stubble", he said sternly. Ted’s face suddenly flushed. "I saw it on the Internet, congratulations", at least you could have given me the honors. Ted handed him a package, in it were two, braided mustaches". For you. Sam laughed. Then Ted explained that he was leaving, and why. Sam smiled, and gave his friend a hug, and rubbed his bald head. "I knew, I knew since you were a kid", but you know, it’s not the thing people talk about. Steve, my husband will get a big kick about this, he always thought you were straight. "Steve", Ted was shocked. Sam’s business partner, for years. Big, burly, hairy and bearded, ex-football player. They both had a laugh, and they hugged goodbye.

Two days later, Aaron was waiting at BUR, with a huge bouquet of roses, dark glasses and a week of stubble on his handsome jaw, topped with that huge Hungarian style mustache. Intense barking suddenly forced him to look at the exit doors, and there was his love, pale-skinned from the mid-west winter, long blond beard, in a braid, and a thick slash of stubble across his upper lip. A pack on his back, and a jumping red dog in each hand. "Get the bags, will ya". Aaron rushed and gave him a hug an a kiss. And grabbed the suitcases. The dogs jumping all over him, he almost tripped on the way to the van he rented. The dogs settled in their crates (he had thought of everything), bags and flowers settled, they gave each other a deep kiss.

Of course, you know the rest of this story. Aaron and Ted settled down to a great life. Ted got a job working as an EMT for the LAFD, his huge beard (tied up during work) mustache being his trademark. Bill’s salon flourished, as his beard grew back and the dogs were happy in their new, warmer environment. The boys never competed again and had a happy life together.

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